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Facebook Deactivating Accounts Without Notice

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There are posts all over the Internet about Facebook banning people and their accounts with absolutely no notice and no way to contact them to learn why. This is totally unacceptable. I know they are a free service but so many people depend upon their Facebook pages for both personal and professional reasons that they should offer some type of customer service. Facebook must have so many users that they don't to care about upsetting so many people so let's see if we can join together to make our numbers even bigger!

Boycott Demands

My demands are simple and are shared by hundreds (if not thousands) of other people whose comments I have read all over the Internet:
  • Implement a system to notify us when Facebook deactivates accounts
  • Provide a clear reason why the account has been disabled
  • Tell us specifically what we need to do in order to reactivate our account
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What can be done? - 7/7/14 6:57 AM
What can be done?

The list of unfair disablement of facebook pages is massive. What can be do to make facebook accountable? global boycott? Ideas?? My personal and business page where disabed, purely because I complained about some sleaze using my logo on his facebook page. (had sleazy photos on there) also using my business name. They told he me was not in violation and proceeded to disable my account instead. I regret every dollar I spent advertising with them.. I'm very angry ! 

Business Site Deactivated - 7/5/13 6:24 PM
Business Site Deactivated

Is anyone here able to help with lawsuit against facebook? Our Business site was disabled because a third party (who we are in litigation with and were at the time) reported to facebook of trademark Infringement,of which we have a trademark on our name.Facebook did not notify us or ask for response to the allegation,they deactivated it and will not reactivate it without 'the complaining parties approval'? which would never happen as they COMPLAINED in the first place.Anyone who would like to help with this,please message.Thanks

Facebool account disable not in eligible for Facebook - 4/5/13 10:14 PM
Facebool account disable not in eligible for Facebook

  1. I had my Facebook account disable permanently before and was able To Get it back one time but now it Is permanently  disable again and facebook said that I am ineligible to used Facebook and I have so many friends and my whole life save on facebook that I can never recover back again and Facebook is not listening to me and wanting Get my account back again for me with everything recover back like before. And I really need my account back again to be able to stay on touch with all my friends and family many over sea sim I can't just get a new Facebook account since I had over 100 or more friend on my facebook accouand that I could never get them all back all in one day even if I could find everyonfarce book account again to re add them again.  Hope this boycott thing goes though to Facebook and that Facebook will let everyone get ther account recover back again and not disable anyone account ever again anymore!  And I hope that someday there is a law made that no social site is all be allow to disable anyone account for no mattWahhabi reason at all! I am very disapointed in Facebook on doing this to me for a 2nd time and I never violated and terms of service and nJaime has reported me at all for anything all my friends know me personally and would never do anythinlineman to me by reported me and I never friend anyone I don't know real well so I don't know why Facebook would have done this to me all I would like to come out of this is to get my account back again and have all my friends and daya recover back again and to not have this ever happen ever again to me then!
i've lost over 5 accounts - 3/11/13 2:57 PM
i've lost over 5 accounts

i'm officially tired of rthe c*ap that is being done by facebook. i need to have facebook for my school and job one of which is a requirement to have. if i cant keep in contact with employees and schoolmates i dont see the point of facebook. ive done every possible way to contact them and to no avail at all. ive beep part of facebook since 2007 had absolutely no trouble til 2013 now every time i make a new account its up for at most a week i send in every requirement and get the same crappy automated responce. seriously facebook man up and bring back undisable the account for f#cks sake.

TWICE NOW!!! - 2/1/13 7:55 PM

Twice now my account has been registered as Disabled - Ineligible, I have no clue why this is happening! If it has something to do with my past record then they still have no right to disable my account for no reason! Within a month, no two weeks both my accounts have been disabled, I tried customer support and got one option... Make a new one... I did that and now it's happened again! I have no way to contact facebook directly, only customer support... Which can't help! Until Facebook comes up with a reason why my account has been disbaled twice... I'm not using it, I may miss it, but I will not use it... EFF off facebook, just die... Wow, I hate to say this but I think I might try to get back on my myspace... Very sad to say...

Disable for fake name? OK - 1/7/13 5:29 AM
Disable for fake name? OK

On Christmas day, I got my account disabled. Reasoning was because ' We have suspected you are using a fake name and/or information.'

My name on my facebook was my LEGAL name.
My mother and I are constantly talking on there as well.
Well, I could only verify my account with my phone, which was recently cut off beforehand.
So, they give you the option to submit a photo copy of your government issued ID.
I sent one of just my photo ID that I copied with my photo printer.
I copied my school ID, my license, and my credit card.
I blacked out all the information that they DID NOT need.
Still nothing.
So , my mother reported it on her account as well.
I moved 2500 miles away, no phone.
I have NO other way to contact friends and family

It is now January 7th , 2013.
I have not heard anything.
With that being said, I submitted all three again.
I doubt I will get a response, but I'm to the point of making it known by contacting the news stations.


Closed Accounts - 9/2/12 1:30 PM
Closed Accounts

It seems to me this is all in vain. If e have found no recourse to this problem for over 2 years, then they simply don't have a problem with this issue. Did any of you consider that those rogue applications, may be what's letting thos accounts get disabled? I have helped several people gain control of their accounts, after they have haphazardly/clicked on any link they get, only to have access cut off. This is more common than you realize. Facebook has no control over these apps, and cannot stop them. They would have to cut off sharing posts and the like, and we don't want that either. One account I helped recently, has 2 different settings for the security, saying that it is enabled when it clearly is not when the page is accessed. Think it over, people, watch what you click on, especially if you add someone you don't know, just because they asked to be added.

RIP OFF FOR GAMES - 7/24/12 11:59 AM

Zynga and EA can do nothing to help your facebook account if disabled! So if you play games like the many who do and have paid money to get items or help in game through facebook credits or any other form liek game cards so on it is a waste if your account is dissabled! Report Facebook and Zynga and EA to FTC as consumers are being ripped off when accounts are lokced or disabled for not reason and even if you provide all items facebook wants you do not get account back not even a reply back to personal documents facebook has asked of you? This should be Iilgeal! 

irrational - 6/5/12 4:08 PM

I just hope that another social networking will open like facebook because if it happens. I will never endorse facebook. i have thousands of friends and would spread the virus to deactivate their accounts. Facebook just deactivated my account without prior notice. i've been sending them messages asking why they disabled my account and pleasing them to enable it. However i came to no response at all. they are earning billions so it is so easy for them to disregard our requests but i know that one day facebook will just end up to hell nothin at all. their terms and policies even is subtle. facebook hear the voice of your customers!

Banned for adding freinds that I dont know but they requested the add - 5/22/12 7:13 PM
Banned for adding freinds that I dont know but they requested the add

I was banned for a period of 7 days for adding people i didn't know...really? How is that any of fb business anyway? People request an add and I added them. So mad at them I am disabling my account when I get back on....going somewhere customer service? Really? What gall. I think me smells a rat...going down with the ship. bye bye


I went to sign in to FB on my iPhone last week and I couldn't?  Some sort of error message then "try again later" so I went to my laptop to sign in and PRESTO my account was deactivated?  I searched everywhere for a contact number but NOTHING.  The Help section is virtually worthless.  I have a feeling it was because I sent a friend request? but I am not sure?  It gives you various reasons for being "in violation of the Facebook Code"  but I have no idea why it happened.  I had been warned about 6 months ago that I was friending too many people (regardless to them that I actually knew them or not) so for the past 5 months or so I was afraid to send ANY new friend requests..I mean?  what was I thinking of?  making new friends???  TERRIBLE!  I never understood what the problem with this was?  If someone sends me a friend request & I don't want to friend them - I say "not now"  ANYWAY my account status is now "Disabled"  It's been over a week.  I am still not sure why this all happened.  (I had only sent a friend request to one person who I had like 15 mutual friends with?)  No contact from Facebook.  I searched online for a Facebook Service number and found serveral...There was an Idian guy named Pete who said he could help me with my account deactivation (but I had to give him my cellphone number - NOT!)  I opened a new account and am trying to find all my old friends (over 600) but I feel like I am playing Russian Roulette here - waiting for Facebook to slam me with another "Friending/Harrassment Violation" Big Brother is definately watching our every move on Zuckerbook.  I keep hearing about the billions of net worth - yada yada...Maybe investing in a customer service department with LIVE PEOPLE who CAN TALK would be a nice novelty to have?  No?  If that is too mundane and not possible then maybe a staff who can actually return your email when the box says "we will email you shortly?"  

CGHU - 5/12/12 11:09 AM

When some 30 year old soon to be billionaire wants to renounce his citizenship to not give anything back to this country we in the US need to take a stand. Facebook does not think we have options. Prove them wrong.

Yahoo! Finally booted from facebook - 5/10/12 6:05 AM
Yahoo! Finally booted from facebook

facebook booted me. I love it. now I only wish I could find a way to capatalize off it like a suit. When you allow things to be done to the few it opens the door for it to be done to the many. Case in point, if you believe a person shouldn't be on facebook just because they have a felony in their past somewhere then you don't deserve to be on facebook either. Why do you say an X-felon can't own a firearm if he never even committed a crime with a firearm? Why do you say an X sex offender who got busted for prostitution one night can't live near a school or playground? It just shows you how stupid people really are with always wanting to force their opinions on everyone else but when it comes to someone else forcing thir opinions on them they want to cry and say why me, I'm different, I'm not like that....Just like you have thrown books at people so people have thrown books at you. The way our country is going, it's only going to get worse.

PHISHER? Really Facebook? - 1/25/12 12:24 PM
PHISHER? Really Facebook?

My accOunt was deactived without warning! This really makes me mad and you can not get facebook to help you ! They have no phone number and when you address the problem like they ask I have heard nothing from them and I am going on a week! I have had my account for several years I don't swear or us any knid of abuse to anyone! I just talk with friends and play games. I WANT MY ACCOUNT REOPENED NOW!

Good-bye Facebook - 1/7/12 11:28 PM
Good-bye Facebook

I can't believe that Facebook would deactivate accounts with no reason.  I read everything they had and I have never violated anything.  I have been on for several years and have over 1700 friends.  I even recruited hundreds of those friends.  I am a bed ridden shut in and Facebook is my only lifeline to the outside world.  I can't believe they would do this to anyone unless their a convict, scamming people, or putting up porn.  I have never done any of these things.  I plan to take this to my local media and bring it to national attention.  All I can think is some new flunkie made a mistake.  And pray that someone will review the mistake and bring me back online.  It is very hurtful to someone like me.  Thankfully I run my husband's account.  Funny thing is they made me change the password on my husband's account because they said they feared his account would be compromised living with me.  What they didn't know is I run my husband's account and changed his password for him.  I've had lots of friends and family say they would share their account with me but I have so many friends in my industry and will lose lots of job opportunities with my acting and singing gigs.  I will sue if I have too.  This is ridiculous!

Another Person Banned On Facebook - 12/31/11 1:48 AM
Another Person Banned On Facebook

I was banned from Facebook recently with no warning. Harrasment was the reason stated, and the only thing I figured that remotely applied to me was befriending people I didn't know. I had abut 420 family and friends on Facebook and just like that I was cut off without a warning. I tried to appeal and finally received a letter saying that my account was permantly disabled. I now understand that I was really punished for too much activity on many pages and having to many friend confirmations in a 24 hour period. This sucks so bad because I was really able to connect with a lot of old friends and really meet some cool people. I thought that was what Facebook was really all about. Not!

Successful? - 10/23/11 9:36 AM

I am doing a project on Boycotts that are occuring to this day. I decided to do Facebook as one of my boycotts. I had read the description and demands and all of the other stuff that goes along with the boycott. But I have one question that was not on here. Was this boycott successful? Whoever established this boycott, did you get your goal taken care of? Please anyone respond to this qustion. I really need the information. 

Thank-you and please respond if you know anything...

REAL Reason Accounts are pulled - 10/20/11 4:51 PM
REAL Reason Accounts are pulled

DO NOT try to fool yourself for a second. facehole is TOTALLY political! Yepper, you say ANYthing that isn't PC or some pc slimeball whines, the facehole gestapo just pull your account. People do NOT realize how much sites like facehole ruins their lives! Some day people will wake up and figure out how far facehole is under their skin! They already know waaaaaay too much! Good luck....

Al - 5/8/11 4:21 AM

facebook is creating scams by activating mobile accounts even though activation codes are not entered. you should be glad your account is deactivated. i will be as soon as i finish with legal action against facebook and Zuckerburg ( or is that Suckerburg). facebook should be shut down. there are much safer sites to communicate on and they are easier to use as well as more secure.

Facebook disabled my account! - 5/3/11 10:20 AM
Facebook disabled my account!

Facebook disabled my account without any notice. So, I created another one and guess what, they won't allow me to send friend requests. I lost hundreds of pictures very special to me and over 1000 friends. So far, I have recovered only 200 friends and I have been blocked by facebook for 7 days to not send requests. Total days of blockage 15. They keep blocking me saying I'm spam. What the hell is going on? They can't be courteous enough to give you a warning. I didn't do anything that would violate policy. I am so pissed!

UNDERAGED USE OF FB - 3/29/11 1:08 PM

My daughter Hayley Alix Pappas is on facebook for several hours each day. This results in her basically not living a normal life of a 14 year old. She is exchanging profanity filled messages with other children and is becoming increasingly morally corrupted by  Facebook. This organization is doing all of humankind an unforgivable disservice and should be banned. Certainly by use of children. I am requesting that my daughter ALIX PAPPAS: [email protected] be banned from this disgraceful organization immediately. I will be forwarding a letter requesting a formal investigation into this corruption of minors to the appropriate US and international organizations. Alexander Pappas

Facebook needs accountability - 3/11/11 4:44 PM
Facebook needs accountability

I decided to upgrade the security on my Facebook account by setting my account to login through a secure connection whenever possible. Then later, when I tried to access my Graffiti app, I got a message saying I needed to disable the https secure connection in order to access the app. I clicked OK, and suddenly Facebook logged me out and displayed a message saying the security of my account was compromised because it did not recognize the computer I was using. 

I tried to log back in and it said I had to complete a series of security verifications first. One of which was to answer the security question on my account. It asked me who my third grade teacher was. Well, I couldn't remember her name, and I didn't even recall setting this as my security question when I first set up my Facebook account years ago. After thinking for a while, I think I remembered my third grade teacher's name but couldn't recall the correct spelling, or what punctuation/capitalization/abbreviations I had used when setting the question up (mrs. mrs ms. ms miss Mrs. Mrs Ms Ms. Miss -- which one had I used?) Anyway, I wasn't able to enter the security question properly, and I can't keep trying because the system locks me out for 24 hrs. after only a few tries. The automated account recovery system only provides me the option to reset my password, which I did, but then the system still requires me to answer the same security question, so resetting the password is not helpful. I am not given the option that supposedly exists to "use a friend to recover your account", so that is not helpful either. Furthermore, Facebook offers ABSOLUTELY NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Their "Help System" consists of a bunch of pre-scripted answers to generic questions that do not offer actual solutions, but instead refer through a loop of related questions without actually addressing your problem. There is no actual help provided by a live person when you have a legitimate problem like mine. Indeed, there is no way whatsoever to contact an actual Facebook staff member to provide support with using their service. So basically, I am screwed in ever regaining access to my account. My account was declared as "compromised" through no fault of my own by a bug in the Facebook system. And because I can't remember exactly how I punctuated the answer to some obscure security question that I entered years ago, I can't recover my account through the automated system. And there is no customers support whatsoever to help me with this problem. Facebook really has a terrible security system in place. Aside from the obvious bug I discovered, the system is further flawed because I am only given a single security question to answer. Any legitimate websites that I have used before (secure government sites, etc.) provide the user with a number of different security questions; in case the user forgets the answer to a couple of them, at least if they get one right, they can still access their information.  Furthermore, Facebook needs to offer some kind of customer support. It is ridiculous that a company as large as Facebook thinks they can get away with offering absolutely no real customer support. They have millions of people using their heavily flawed software (not to mention a hoard of untested third-party apps), and they are dodging the responsibility that comes with supporting such a large customer base. They are happy to leech dollars off a naive and unsuspecting populace while not wanting to pony up the dough needed to run a customer support center. Such irresponsible practices only show how little Facebook values their customers. If they don't clean up their business practices, once the wave they are riding of people trying out the latest fad dries up, they will quickly find themselves in a downsizing situation.

Facebook Account Deletion Lawsuit - 3/6/11 11:49 AM
Arizona Eaglefeather - 3/4/11 9:16 PM
Arizona Eaglefeather

My Facebook account was disabled the end of February 2011. I have been a facebook user for over two years and have done nothing wrong. My account was disabled without notification and even a raeson why. I have attempted thru various avenues to get this problem resolved but too no avail. Their so-called 'Help Center' is a farce. I was sent a verification email and responded hoping that it would resolve the problem. I have email them several time and still have not had the courtesy of a response. I have therefore decided to boycott ALL Facebook Advertisers and will not spend money at their businesses until Facebook decides to address their unethical practices. I hope many more Facebook users will join in my fight with them. The best way to get their attention is to hit them where it counts - in their pocket books. So Advertisers take heed - Facebooks unethical practices will cost you money and customers.

MY ACCOUNT BANNED! - 3/4/11 12:46 PM

I use my Facebook for one purpose: Laugh if you must but it's basically just for Farmville.  I do use it to connect with Family and Friends, and most of which I can contact via other means...

So over the past 7 months I have been playing Farmville I have spent REAL MONEY on this game upwards of $700...  I know... I know.... I should have listened to all of my friends telling me I was an idiot.  But i don't play WOW, I don't have any other Gambling problem, I don't spend any of my money anywhere... so it doesn't really matter to me....

I come home from work (where I was JUST ON FACEBOOK) and try to login.  ACCOUNT DISABLED!  Are you serious!? I have done NOTHING WRONG AT ALL.  I would understand if there were illegal pornographic pictures, or slander, or any other questionable content.... but NOTHING LIKE THAT HAPPENED.  Unless I was literally HACKED in the 30 minute drive home and something was found and they have that kind of turn-around, it's all a mistake.  And i DOUBT that they have that kind of quick turn-around on that kind of stuff, because they don't even have a damn CUSTOMER SERVICE PHONE NUMBER OR EMAIL!? I AM BOYCOTTING FACEBOOK FOREVER.  I WILL ENCOURAGE ALL TO DO SO!!!!!!

Disabled Account - 3/4/11 9:12 AM
Disabled Account

On Tuesday 3-2-11 I came home from work logged into my account was chatting with my sister and in themiddle of typing the message Account Disabled Due to an Investagatin you are ineligable to use Facebook!!WTF I work in a nursing home and a KFC I did nothing wrong and they took all my credits I just bought last week and did not use.. Is that not theft I paid for it and they did not refund my money and now i have to start all over again.They even disabled my phone number so I can't use it to start a new account. No way to verify my account and stupid security boxes when i go into or like something. And no customer service Nothing a world wide website Billions of users and no one can answer the phones!! Fred

"NO" Customer Service on Facebook - 2/19/11 8:41 AM
"NO" Customer Service on Facebook


This morning Facebook sent me a long list of potential Friends & Family.  I started to scroll through the list.  It was quiet long.  I did add Family that I have not seen in a while and was able to send request of those Friends -Facebook provided to me.  I suddenly recieved a message that "BLOCKED?DENIED" any further request and was directed by Facebook to DELETE the responses that I had already asked for (Family/Friendship).  I have never had a problem with Facebook until now!  I am extremely dissappointed in their action on my Facebook.  After all, they initiated the list to me.  There again is no Customer Support @ anytime, 24hrs/7days/week.  The Genious that created Facebook just simply forgot one "Key Component". Mr. CEO, perhaps a few customer service representatives could boost your business to the next level.  Not, that you need the money, every business will need the direction to thrive, think outside the box, use your creativity,make the customer feel they are at utmost concern and priority at that moment. Make Facebook even more "Interactive, & most of create happier customers.  People really do like to talk, get advice when they need it, and a resolution!". I have spent 2 hours trying to Navigate and locate a way to contact you.  I hope that you can resolve this obstacle.  It is in your "Best Interest !".  Respectfully Shawn ; [email protected]

Young v. Facebook, Inc. - 2/12/11 8:51 AM
Young v. Facebook, Inc.

There is a blog with more case management information at Facebook Account Deletion


Facebook Lawsuit - 2/12/11 8:46 AM
Facebook Lawsuit

There is currently a lawsuit against Facebook, Inc. in Santa Clara County, California.  It is in District Court - Young v. Facebook, Inc.  An amended complaint has been filed and a ruling is scheduled for March 18th, 2011.  There is more information at [email protected].



I Have just stop going to FB - 1/17/11 7:03 PM
I Have just stop going to FB

Recently this Year My FB pages have been getting Disabled for No Reason & without any Warning , I think within the pass 2-3 months I have had 4 Accounts Disabled & Received A E-mail that my Accounts are Fake when Their not even Fake I'm using my own Name Yet for some strange reason my accounts keep coming up Disabled .


So I have went back to Myspace , Twitter , & I Created my own Ning Social Network for my Family & Friends to Join , I however will never Join Facebook again  I'll Just wait until the Next Social Network Comes along & I'm 100% Sure they'll be Another Social Network within A few Months or Years that Everyone will be Once again Crazy about & driven too So Facebook Will be like Myspace is Today Just Another social Network that No one Talks about Or goes to anymore  Until then Facebook will not be A place were I connect with Family & Friends I can create My own Site & Tell my Friends & Family to Join it & just keep in Touch with them Through it .


Hopefully A New & better Social Network will come along Soon Thats easier Contact & with A Better Customer Service 

[email protected] - 1/10/11 1:20 PM
[email protected]

she is a 16 year old girl and if she has deleted me from seeing what she is doing on here then she shouldnt be on here i am her father and facebook isnt!!!!!

i am responcible for my child so can i be a parent w/o someone telling me how to be?she i - 1/10/11 1:18 PM
i am responcible for my child so can i be a parent w/o someone telling me how to be?she i

she is a 16 year old girl and if she has deleted me from seeing what she is doing on here then she shouldnt be on here i am her father and facebook isnt!!!!! where is my rights its like she can be behind a locked door and i cant come in

How About Some Real Names? - 12/18/10 11:05 PM
How About Some Real Names?

I'm not taking issue with any of the complaints in this boycott Facebook thread. However, nearly every submission is "anonymous". What's up with that? At best it appears specious. Certainly they not afraid that the Facebook Mafia is on their way to brake their knee caps. If not that, what? The only other notion that comes to mind is so many "anonymous" submissions is the lowest odds coincidence ever. Ashley Wilkes -

accident - 11/23/10 4:00 PM

I accidently signed up for a different schhol with the same initials and got band with no notice they should at least tell you to delete it off your facebook and if you dont then take it off for them

Let's all get together... - 11/17/10 2:13 PM
Let's all get together...

I think we all have a class-action lawsuit against Facebook. Anyone on here a lawyer?

Same old story... - 11/17/10 2:09 PM
Same old story...

" Hi,

Fake accounts are a violation of our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.
Facebook requires users to provide their real first and last names.
Impersonating anyone or anything is prohibited, as is maintaining multiple
profiles on the site. Unfortunately, we will not be able to reactivate this
account for any reason. This decision is final.

Thanks for your understanding,

The Facebook Team"

Does this sound familiar to everyone? This is the response I got after my account was cancelled and I sent in a complaint with the proper documentation.
I emailed them back threatening legal action. For some reason, this worked (I was very surprised). My account was reactivated less than a half hour later.

I want to know what it is causing random people to become scapegoated and banned for absolutely no reason. I can prove I NEVER, EVER violated any terms of FB service. And I can also prove I am who I say I am.
What they CANNOT prove is who I am NOT.

pissed off - 11/17/10 1:20 PM
pissed off

My Facebook Account was canceled yesterday without any notice to me.  I appealed their actions and got a email today that they were still cancelling my account.  They claimed I was using a fake name even tough me and my relatives on Facebook all had the same last name.  I can't believe they would just cancel my account without checking me out first. I have lost a way to keep in touch with my relatives and old school friends. 

Deactivated too - 11/17/10 10:35 AM
Deactivated too

I am another very angry ex-facebook user.  Got the same treatment as Anonymous entry just before mine.  Fortunately I had next to no personal information on the site, but did have several pictures.  Very frustrated with not being able to contact anyone at facebook about this.  WILL NEVER USE FACEBOOK AGAIN!

Anonymous - 11/17/10 6:36 AM

I'm another discontent FB user who was disabled for using a fake name. At first I thought anoter person who was mean and evil must have done something by making false statements about abuse. But after seeing how many people are in the same boat, I'm praying this isn't some Hacker getting 1000's of e-mail addresses and personal info. These items can open doors in computers. Am also very concerned by hearing you can not contact and talk to a real person. Hope someone can resolve this soon.

anonymous - 11/17/10 5:01 AM

Facebook deactivated me with no real explanation, no warning, nothing.  I appealed and got an answer that this was final, they could not reactivate me for any reason.  I can live without facebook, no problem, but it leaves me wondering what it going on.  They have personal information about me, although thankfully I didn't put in much.  I also had lots of photos on there.  What happens to all that?  You're right, it does suck.

this sucks - 11/16/10 2:28 PM
this sucks

has anyone heard back from facebook about this problem?

ANONYMOUS - 11/16/10 1:29 PM

I was just banned from facebook for no good reason. I assume they do this just for fun. If you are realy from facebook you should be banned from the internet with no notice

wow - 11/15/10 2:13 PM

this is quite a rediculous attempt.  Facebook's yearly revenue as of June 18, 2010 was as high as 800 Million. Yeah, thats through the roof for an industry of its kind. Infact thats an amazing feat for any industry in operation for only 13 years. The fact is, it's ingenious! If it makes you FEEL better, you can just keep choppin that cottonwood with your plastic knife.

from all us at facebook

Acct suspended without notice! - 11/10/10 5:33 PM
Acct suspended without notice!

My account has been disabled without notice. I'm also very upset about it. I doubt that FB is worth the effort to get if functionable, again.

Chamuca Hola - 10/20/10 3:19 PM
Chamuca Hola

My account has been disabled without notice. I'm very upset about it. I hope we can solve this problem soon.



Numerous bannings going on now - 9/11/10 2:36 PM
Numerous bannings going on now

My letter to facebook via email sent to 15 different emails there -

[5:13:03 PM] Susie K: Yesterday Facebook terminated the account of our "GODFATHER" FB Name: Mxxxxxxxxxx
because he posted too much and added too many friends.
I have tried to understand this issue since yesterday and I can not.  Facebook is a social networking site that encourages us to interact with each other and yet you have banned this persons account for that  exact reason.
We (over 1000) are trying to email Facebook to ask for reinstallment of his account.  We are not doing this because we are bored or to simply hit a send button to spam Facebook.  We are doing this because so many see a great injustice being done and want to have it corrected.
Auto responses are being ignored by me as I will not stop my emails to FB or others till I can see a fair and reasonable conclusion.  Yes I have a real life, but I also have many friends that are connected to Facebook that are not happy with what is going on.  It seems that just today, that I can see, FIVE FACEBOOK/ZYGNA MW players accounts have been banned for this reason.  But I have also seen stalkers, and fake profiles playing away or posting.
Where does it say in your TOS what is the magical number, or to be exact, what does there have to be a number, its social, we can not be social when we can not interact with each other.  Remember one thing, you have brough together brothers and sisters from around the world, regardless of race, religion, creed or thoughts and that is a great platform.  But now you are stopping us from continuing this effort - if only the world could get along and have the joy of knowing people for what they are - human beings.
Please for the sake of justice, rethink this issue and reinstate his account and many others that only want to play on your site. 
I am at wits end here with trying to reason with automation, cant someone with emotion please answer me, or at least a human being?

wtf - 8/5/10 10:17 AM

i just got my facebok up and giong to keep up with my family and today i try to log in and it says my account was disabled wtf i didnt do anything wrong!!! screw facebook

Facebook Lawsuit... - 7/15/10 9:21 AM
Facebook Lawsuit...

I am looking into sueing these people, due my recent deletion... they accused me of being 13 when infact I am 31... I use facebook to keep in contact with my student and other instructors from my dojo... they deleted my facebook page, so I sent them a reply and they deleted my email account with yahoo... now I can't even use my email... My business and my well being has been compromised, and is becoming a hardship... not to mention all the money I spent playing their apps from zynga... I am completely frustrated, and am exploring my options for a civil law suit....

I was disabled too - 6/24/10 9:41 AM
I was disabled too

Hi. I have created a petition called for better way of treating facebook users. It's very fast, easy and safe to sign and every signature counts so please, if you agree with that petition, please sign. 
Since html is not permitted, I can't give you the straight link but go to petitionspot(dot)com and you'll find it.
Thank you.

Disabled Accounts - Process Flawed - Users Unite - Tell Media! - 6/19/10 11:57 PM
Disabled Accounts - Process Flawed - Users Unite - Tell Media!

Disabling Accounts without Warning needs to be addressed in the media! Why, because FB processes are woefully inadequate with little recourse. Their automated message loops, unanswered: emails, blogs, discussions, Groups and Pages exemplify this.

wow - 6/18/10 12:34 AM

I got disabled!! shocked never saw it coming is this right. I get facebook wants everyone to go back to myspace. lol this sucks. I hope i get my account back i did nothing wrong. 

DISABLED - 6/12/10 5:37 PM


Another disabled Account - 5/21/10 10:37 AM
Another disabled Account

I was away visiting a friend when in the midst of sending a message on a small private FB group I was signed out of my account. Upon attempt to sign back in I got the message that my facebook account was disabled. Harsh enough that in my reality I am physically disabled but to have my account taken away when it is almost the only way I communicate with family and friends. Adding injury to insult I was also extremely ill at the time of my account being taken away. Being an avid APP user of paid for games that I invested time, money, and energy. I immedietly contacted Facebook and continued to do so with no response whatsoever except for two automated messages. Id receieved no warning and no reason. It has now been 32 days since my account was disabled on April 19th. Is there any reason to believe I will ever get it back and is there anything I can do regarding the Games and what I have invested in them. This all feels like banging my head against a brick wall. As much as I didnt want anything to do with Facebook it became my tool for communication as I am also a person with Aspergers and FB was a tool to deal with these limitations. All 35 people on my list were either Family, close friends, and really good people I met through games and became friends with. I can find no legitimate reason for facebook to disable my account. But by disabling my account it literally disabled me further. I am at a loss as to what to do besides perhaps resign myself to the fact that I wont have FB or friends.

Another Victim - 5/10/10 3:43 PM
Another Victim

I'm yet another victim of the facebook sting, I will be sending a formal letter along with this in the letter as well.

Facebook Deactivated with NO warning - 4/12/10 12:00 AM
Facebook Deactivated with NO warning

I was on my account on Saturday morning, updated my status, went back 2 hours later and my account had been deactivated!  There was NO warning! I then emailed them asking why they had done it. I have ALL my family photos on there, some on there that I lost when my previous laptop crashed so those are all I have. I have all my overseas friends from school on there!  I have had no warnings, they just deactivated the account! And no one bothers to get back to me!!!! I have just under 2000 contacts! I do charity work through Facebook as well as run my ladies events as well. This is not right!

Regaining HACKED Facebook Account - 3/10/10 9:54 PM
Regaining HACKED Facebook Account

My account was recently Hacked. Someone requested a EMAIL CHANGE on my account and Facebook allowed this to happen. Now my account is in total suspension. Seems they want to place the responsibility on me for Malicious Software on my workstation. They even went as far as to suggest my EMAIL ACCOUNT was compromised. NOT! I reported this incident withing 45 minutes after my wife sent me an email stating that someone was on chat asking for money to get me back from LONDON! I was asked by Facebook to send an email with a scanned ID ( in this case a drivers license ) and answer a few questions regarding my DOB and residence. DONE. A week later and I am nowhere with Facebook after COUNTLESS EMAIL and sending all correspondence that has taken place with each of my attempts for some answers..but all I get is a reference BACK to the link from which I submitted the initial HACK. Geese...somebody must have removed all pages except 1-4 of their TECHNICAL SERVICES MANUAL used by the Facebook Team ( of losers ).

Customer Service? What a JOKE! - 3/9/10 12:14 PM
Customer Service? What a JOKE!

2 weeks ago Facebook disabled my account with NO warning. I went thru every step possible in the "help" section. I have never received an email concerning the issue. I had an old account that was unused for 2 years I had cancelled. I was able to go back to the old account which was STILL active and start using it again but I have lost everything on my main account and Facebook could obviously care less.

facebook is crap! - 2/28/10 11:05 AM
facebook is crap!

Hello all,

My facebook account was hacked into this past week and the hacker not only changed my password, so that I no longer was able to acces my account, but they were also using my account to contact all of my friends/family and requesting money to help get "me" out of a foreign country. I went to the help and support page, which was a waste of my time. You can't even ask for help without either paying for it, or fitting into a pre-selected very very vague catagory. I didn't even get an e-mail response sending me the link to reset my password when I clicked on the forgot password link. Due to the overwhelming amount of complaints that have NOT heard a response, I was afraid to validate payment wondering if they would collect the money and still not respond. Now my account has totally vanished into thin cyber space, and there is nothing I can do about it.

AGREE WITH "WHAT A MESS" - 2/5/10 11:25 AM


facebook account Disabled - 12/22/09 1:50 PM
facebook account Disabled

my facebook account has been disabled. I can not get any help at all!! I have put alot of time and effort into my account, having played mafia wars for along time now, and all my 2000 friends are gone. I got no warning or reason to why my account was shut down. I would like my account back before I lose my mafia wars game altogether, and if I have to start again I will NOT. use FB, thats for sure.

Ticked at FACECROOK - 12/9/09 7:12 PM

I say somebody who has time to set-up a youtube video about facebook not getting back to us all would send a message to users of F.B. and to the MORONS that aren't helping us. The dude is a billionare and can't even set up HELP for us users that MADE him rich!!! Bull frogs!! I am a victim of this as well and I am NOT happy but I don't have the time to youtube, plus I am not that talented. Or, you can email fox cable news to expose those incompetent no good caring jerks!!!! I just want to get in my account delete everything and then tell them to go fly a kite somewhere crappy. Hopefully someone reading this who is creative and talented could come up with a youtube video that will spark interest in this matter and get a fire under their tushes to get this resolved last year!! Thanks! p.s. they are holding "our" information hostage.......

Facebook ... - 11/7/09 11:38 AM
Facebook ...

I've had many problems with FB, haven't had my account shut down (yet!). Just wish I could get a response from customer support about application issues. They just refer me to the message boards.  It took me about a month to get pics to post.The other person that posted is correct... it won't be long before they fall and they'll be nothing. Hopefully, someone else will develope a new  social network for us to use and it will be better than FB.

Site Maintenance - 10/22/09 10:54 AM
Site Maintenance

Please please please enable my Facebook account.  My Farmville is waiting.  I have not been able to sign in all day.  Can someone please fix??

Account - 10/20/09 11:15 AM

Cab someone please get my account abled instead of disabled..I turn in a report of not being able to get to my inbox and profile page and now my account is disabled...For What?

What a mess! - 10/6/09 8:31 PM
What a mess!

What a mess these 5 days trying to log in my facebook account. I think I will not continue with this horrible service. What I miss most is my 45 photo albums. I trusted you badly. I placed personal and family pictures. Are you maintaining (spying) my account? Are you paranoic or what? Why don't you tell the customers you're trying to see if there's something wrong with their profiles? You know what? Cancel my account if you want. I don't care! This service is the same as some others that start offering cool things but when they (you) realize  the link has millions of customers you start charging some fees. Another scam Sure! Remember that you could be an empire today but tomorrow you could fall also. BE HUMBLE.

please enable my account - 9/10/09 10:25 AM
please enable my account

please enable my account don't block it becouse I can't add a friend I'm sorry if I make any mistake during activ as a user of facebook but I don't know which mistake i made. Please forgive me and enable my account back. please enable my account don't block it becouse I can't add a friend I'm sorry if I make any mistake during activ as a user of facebook but I don't know which mistake i made. Please forgive me and enable my account back.

IT'S JUST NOT RIGHT - 8/30/09 11:01 PM

I don't know what is going on unable to reach facebookI can't see any of my inbox messagesI can't write on my wall nor my friendsI can't send messagesadd friendsinvite peopleplay gamescan't see my notifactions I really can't do anything and it is upsetting because facebook wont even return an email as to what you can do to fix the problem I think that they really don't care they have thousand of people so need to schooled on customer service if it's not for the people joining they wouldn't have a website they need to take better care of the people that are on there site

My account disabled as well???? - 8/18/09 11:32 AM
My account disabled as well????

Not sure what is going on with Facebook!  My account too was disbled and the only thing I can think of based on what they wrote was playing the game bejeweled blitz which was shut down several times due to high number of people playing.  But if this is true then it is a Facebook issue and NOT our problems.

My account deactivated on 8/14 - 8/17/09 11:09 AM
My account deactivated on 8/14

I don't know what I did wrong but FB deactivated my account.  I can't get ahold of them and they won't respond to my heartfelt appeals and apologies for whatever it was I did to deserve being deactivated. 

Facebook Bannings - Do Something about them! - 8/11/09 2:04 PM
Facebook Bannings - Do Something about them!

Many people use Applications that are unique to Facebook that are relied upon to communicate information members of all types of organizations; whether it be Non-Profit a Corporation or even just Personal use Facebook Account bannings interfere with their operations. For Example One application that is very popular is called King Of The World.  The Developer of this Application Don Lee had a Group Discussion Forum in order to recieve feedback from those members using the application so that he could address any issues/bugs and receive customer feedback to improve the application.  He was almost banned from Facebook from replying to his Customer Base too often on his own Application Discussion Board and Many users of this application are banned everyday.  They lose the ability to safe-guard whatever they need to in order to prevent losing what they have spent many hours creating. We call the facebook bannings the Red Boxes of Death!

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