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Walmart kills small town mainstreet

Boycott Description Support America, NOT Walmart! Stop shopping at all Super Walmarts. Walmart, when Sam was alive, was designed as a way to bring more to small town america. As it is now under the greedy children, board members etc... Super Walmart kills all the small mom and pop stores on small town Main street America. They reduce prices in the begining until others can't compete and close then raise prices. They start off offering the best employment wages and conditions until there is really no other place to work then the pay advantage stops, transfers to other stores can't be done. You have to quit, lose all seniority and benefits and re-apply at the store where you are moving. That way they get a fully trained, experienced employee at rock bottom beginners wages. They keep most employees just UNDER the hours needed to qualify for insurance benefits. They have become so large that they think they can do anything they want, just look at the number or law suites against them not to mention the fact that Germany is kicking out thier manufactoring plants and most of thier other manufacturing is done in asia. Many counties such as San Diego have drated rules keeping the super stores out. Spend the little bit extra at that little store on main street, support america, not Walmart

Boycott Demands

Walmart becomes part of the communities where they are located and stops trying to own/control those communities.

Walmart improves employee treatment significantly, benefits, wages and ability to transfer from one store to another.

Brings manufacturing back to America.

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Walmart policies regressive,unsustainable - 7/9/13 1:51 PM
Walmart policies regressive,unsustainable

If WalMart did not depart from our values and standards as Americans: i.e. substandard wages and benefits, off-shoring, procuring"dead peasant" policies on employees, wage theft, Union-busting, wrangling tax concessions...theree would be no WalMart

wal mart starting to kill my small business in small town - 4/10/13 10:10 AM
wal mart starting to kill my small business in small town

Wal mart starting kill my business now and many business in town been close out. What can we do to make them thinking for small business like us that we need to stay or Can walmart thinking about some other business and share not just they want to be the big one in USA so dont care if they have to kill small business.. Im sorry that my language may funny Im not very good with english writing just a asian store that will close soon because of walmart start to put a product on asian and mexican and put the price cut off to very low

I joined because.. - 9/13/12 7:57 AM
I joined because..

Walmart has killed my small town too. Most people don't care but I do. They have shut down every merchant in our town by proxy. It is very sad that people will settle for inferior products just for the convenience of one-stop shopping. It is an American tragedy in the highest order. Shop Local and save yourselves from the 100 billion dollar conglomerate that only wishes to control you even more.

Wal-Mart does more for a community than your local government - 8/24/11 2:45 PM
Wal-Mart does more for a community than your local government

Wal-Mart provides about 300 jobs per store located...Most of those jobs are full time, but part time are available too...Thats just what Wal-Mart pays.

Then, you have merchants who keep product on the shelves of Wal-Mart...You know them: Pepperidge Farms, Kraft Foods, Frito Lay, Coke, Pepsi, Silvan Ridge Winery, Sara Lee, Franz Bakery, etc...these companies keep their goods on the shelves for you to buy, in a one stop shopping environment.

The taxes and environmental impact reports also contribute to your city/county. Usually, WM pays to improve roads, install signal lights, and signs...Wal-Mart throws alot of money at opening a store, and then they keep throwing money to maintain it. 

anonymous - 7/30/11 12:23 PM

I joined this boycott mainly because my son, who worked for a Walmart out here in California unloading trucks for two years was fired after he injured his back. He was on Workman's Comp. AND in the hospital when Walmart fired him. They used the excuse for firing him a totally false claim that he did not call in when he was in the hospital. When he applied for unemployment benifits Walmart vigorously fought his claim and won. Now he has 0 income, an injured back, and that is what Walmart did to him. they are the most destructive, morally bankrupt corporation in America. Boycott them if you want rights for workers and decent jobs back in this country.

Abuse - 5/17/11 8:44 AM

I joined your boycott...and now I invite you to please join mine. If you look at my boycott, it has to do with the fact that my son is banned from Walmart in Wilkes Barre PA because he came to the aide of a child who was being abused. He was threatened with a harassment charge for remaining in the area of the abuser while he waited for police to arrive. the abuser apparently went to customer service to report my son, and she was able to have an escort to her car by three undercover security employees. She was protected and my son was treated like a criminal.  **Please join my boycott and submit your stories. The more attention we draw to such a rediculous organization, the better. thanks for your support!

The obvious has been overlooked... - 12/23/10 1:13 PM
The obvious has been overlooked...

If all ( or even a few ) of the claims about Wallmart's business practices are true, (and I happen to agree) then where in the hell are the attorney's general? What EVER happened to the Anti Trust laws???

and taxes too - 10/30/10 2:17 PM
and taxes too

Not only that but the scumbags negotiate better tax brakes for the promise of bringing jobs to your town . all of witch end up being part time low pay no benefits so their employees become a burden on your tax money by qualifing for medicaid, housing, and sometimes even food stamps . then all the real profits from the store are shipped out to walmart h.q. and taxed there not in your home town !

Wal-mart Stores - 10/12/10 7:12 AM
Wal-mart Stores

I live in a small town that Wal-mart has killed.  They kill all the other businesses and then raise alll the prices in the small town's Wal-mart.  I can buy things cheaper in a town 15 to 20 miles away than I can in the town I live in.

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