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Tracfone-Not The Best Prepaid

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Don't waste your time with this prepaid cellular company. Their customer service is the worst anyone will ever encounter in the United States, should you ever have issues or problems with their phones. They will have you enter a series of mindless codes into your phone that usually dont work. Tracfone has lost 3 numbers I had puchased and attempted to port. On this last occation my phone went dead for no apparent reason as I had plenty of minutes left. When they finally got it working Tracfone did not give me the correct minutes or due date I had accumulated..simply stating they had "no proof" of what I had.

I highly recommend eith Virgin Mobile or Page Plus as a much more satisfying prepaid relationship.

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Tracfone needs to totally revamp their company. First they need to move their call centers to the United States and hire fully trained technical support people. Next they need to hire and retrain customer service people, and allow these reps to have the authority to transfer customer calls that is above their knowledge immediately to a technical support area of the company.
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Complete waste of time and MONEY! - 9/24/12 6:12 PM
Complete waste of time and MONEY!

Total frustration!!  I bought a twenty-five dollar card yesterday and still have not had the issue resolved.  I have spent over three hours "speaking" with cust. serv. reps. and they seem completely incompetent.  It seems that I literally just threw 25 dollars out the window as I still have not been credited with my mins.  How can this be legal?  I feel like I have been robbed with noone to point the finger at for responsibility!  I am soooo mad and it seems there is just nothing I can do about it.  This is completely unprofessional.  Something has to be done.  I am considering contacting an attorney to se if there is any possibility for a lawsuit.  I will update my comments in a weeks time to relay what info. I recieve from the lawyer.

worst customer service ever - 9/16/12 8:16 AM
worst customer service ever

I wasted 3 hours over 2 days talking to 6 non-English speaking reps, oncludidng a manager. Each requested the same information and no one solved my problem. I have 1100 minutes with them, but will not renew my contract. All refused to give me corporate's number, easily found with Google. I was a fool to try for so long- don't copy me!

The Parrot - 7/23/12 7:02 PM
The Parrot

Female service rep seems to be a parrot.  No matter my comment or question to her, she gives the same rote answer, which is meaningless.   Even more meaninless  because of her poor English.


Monday a message was sent from tracfone to add 200 minutes and get 20 bonus minutes w/promo code 41239. HURRY this affer ends in 2 weeks. 1 day later 200 minutes were added but the 20 bonus minutes were NOT. A call to tracfone used another 20 minutes listening to their recorded options and hard to understand agent that put me on hold several times. 20 bonus minutes were never added and the original 200 minutes were down to 180.

  This is a promotion for the benefit of tracfone- They entice you to buy a 200 minute card with the promise of additional minutes that you never get. The 200 minute  card actually ends up being 180 minutes, so you'll need to purchase another card because you were cheated out of 20 minutes plus the 20 bonus minutes.


I agree they have the wrost customer service ever !

learn another language - 2/10/12 5:01 PM
learn another language

I can't understand the overseas customer service reps while I waste my minutes saying things like, Huh, what, I can't understand you, please repeat that, ect.,. In the end, they don't do crap for you and won't give your minutes back that you wasted.

tracfone scam - 2/10/12 4:54 PM
tracfone scam

I have bought airtime cards, including the Double Minutes, only to have them take them away. I had 660 minutes left, WHICH I BOUGHT, and they took them even though I bought them. Then they had the nerve to try to tell me of the other offers they have -- like I would buy another minute from them. All they want you to do is give them your money so they can take what you paid for.

When it works,... - 1/26/12 1:38 PM
When it works,...

it's all fine and hunky dory, but oh boy wait until you have a real problem ... 'roaming' in home territory ?  Just call customer service (if u can find the number), and they'll have u enter many many 'codes' comprised of long strings of digits ... that does no good.

'Buy a new phone - yours is old." one 'tech' said to me.

Yeah, ok.

NOT ME - 1/1/12 7:35 AM

I don't know where these people are coming from - I have used tracfone for 5 years and have never had a proble. I recently lost my old phone and the coustermer service was very helpful canceling my old number and saving my over 1000 minuets left on the phone. Then when I bought a new phone they once again got me set up and transfered my minuets to the new phone this took all of about 10 minuets. No problem in understanding anyone I taked with. I know it is sad that we can not keep jobs here in the USA and compinies should really try harder to do that. 

Asleep at the Wheel - 12/24/11 10:34 AM
Asleep at the Wheel

This company has know concept of customer service, recovery processes or even the intent to do anything about it! I have been using tracfones for years and used to have a total of 5 of them for myself and family. I have been screwed soooo many times and their online purchasing is a joke. More times than not you'll have to depend upon a non-english speking person to complete your order (after spending copius amonts of time dicking around online) and still not be satisfied. This company only cares about one thing... YOUR $$ ... PERIOD!

I agree - 12/14/11 4:01 PM
I agree

There service stinks, can't understand service reps. and they don't care.

No Customer service, terrible waste of time and air minutes - 10/24/11 11:19 AM
No Customer service, terrible waste of time and air minutes

Tracfone just lost my business--thru no fault of my own, my credit card company back charged my racfonr account--then reversed the backcharge day after and now SEVEn Days later and 150 minutes of air time, they want to keep my phone de-activated for another Seven Days--they have my money and they refuse to reactivate the phone even tho credit card company and has faxed them twice and they have called and acknowledged the receipt of the fax first saying it would be 24- 72 hours to reactivate.  Since their customer service peole do not seem to document the earlier calls made to them, one has to start over with each agent--their supervisors report the same polite, if hackneyed and empty words.  Is this what business has come to--keep the customer on the phone in order to use up their prepaid minutes but don't resolve the problem

tracfone call centers - 9/3/11 2:45 PM
tracfone call centers

i have worked call centers for 17 years and tracfone probably has such lousy service since the out source their customer support to other companies, and some of those do not fully train their people, or have htme move from taking calls for one company doing customer support one hour and the next hour they might be doing sales for another company or collections for yet another

Terrible Customer Service - 6/30/11 4:32 PM
Terrible Customer Service

Tracfone does have the worst customer service ever!!!  It is the most frustrating thing I have ever dealt with.  They are like robots, they can't think through the issue and even when you ask for their supervisor, it doesn't do any good and your BP goes sky high.  I hope you can get service with other companies in your area...I would advise only using Tracfone if you have no other choice.  The phones and plans are good just as long as you never have to call customer service.  SAD

tracfone. bad outfit - 5/26/11 11:53 AM
tracfone. bad outfit

I have a tracfone..they have my $$ and I have 250 useless option available for a human person to talk to .

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