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Dont shop at Target

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Target has the worst Return Policy ever. They have NO Customer Service at all, they are all Drones.

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Shop elsewhere. There customer ratings are some of the lowest around. So why would people continue to support this Co.?
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My reason for joining this boycott - 4/8/13 12:50 PM
My reason for joining this boycott

Up until april 3rd 2013 I was a happy and content cashier for Target. Then they instituted a policy of a QUOTA of red-card applications for their cashiers, wich would give the comapny the right to take "corrective action up to and including termination" against cashiers who did not meet this. The policy is unfair, and the goal is unreasonable. NOW I come to find out the company has other skeletons in the closet and I'm glad I walked out of the place! I'm NEVER going back!

They don't care about their customers. - 12/14/12 9:53 PM
They don't care about their customers.

I wanted to exchange--NOT return--an unopened Nintendo DS that I bought as a Christmas gift 60 days ago. Their policy is to not accept returns on electronics that were bought more than 45 days ago. I made my purchase a mere 15 days past the 45-day limit. I was going to spend $70 more on the 3DS and they would not budge on their 45 day limit policy. There are plenty of other places to shop where they actually care about giving decent customer service. I will not shop at Target ever again, for electronics or anything. There's no need to give my hard-earned money to a place who cares so little for its customers.

Boycott Target - 12/13/12 3:09 PM
Boycott Target

I ordered a vanity, got a baby swing. The attached paperwork was correct but the item was not.  I called and tried with much difficulty to speak with a non-english speaking person.  Here is Targets resolution: They will email me a UPS shipping lable, I have to attach it and take the baby swing to the closest UPS office to return it, when the warehouse receives, processes the return, completes the paperwork, THEN I WILL GET MY MONEY BACK!!!  They will not ship the vanity and actually told me to go back to and re-order it!!!  I almost laughed outloud.  I will not use a Target store or EVER again.  It was the worst customer service experience I have ever had AND I'M OLD. 

Target dissappoints me. - 11/27/12 9:33 AM
Target dissappoints me.

I choose to boycott Target for the simple reason Target does not support our military in any way shape or form.  I love our troops and wish them all the best, but Target can do much more , they DON'T.

Check Writing Policies - 7/26/12 10:12 AM
Check Writing Policies

We had over $900 of items in our cart and were not allowed to purchase with a check because we had no check writing history with the store. They even called our bank to verify we had the money and were told the check was good. They didn't want our business so we took it elsewhere. Never going back!

NEVER Shopping TARGET again - 6/13/12 9:25 AM
NEVER Shopping TARGET again

Just left a message on another area of this site, "complaint" about C.S. (LOL), and "refund policy" of Target stores. I mentioned the local Target where I shopped and purchased an electronics item LAST year. IN SPITE of Target's "supposed 90 day return policy", I was UNABLE to do so when the item FAILED in under 90 days. I was told that "because the manfacturer also has a one year have to contact them for your refund...", etc. UNbelieveable! I DID purchase a 2 year extended warranty at the time I also purchased the electronics item. Still, had to WAIT OVER A YEAR to USE the extended warranty, AND was told THIS MORNING that I would be getting a "gift card in the amount of the item purchased ONLY..." instead of my FULL, CASH refund (and what I paid originally with - CASH, NOT a credit card). Really! Don't they TRUSTS in American currency? Makes you THINK doesn't it!? C.S. thought I would "feel better" because "you don't have to pay for return shipping...". Well, GUESS AGAIN! I will NOT "rest" until I get my MONEY back! This is NOT over! I had already cancelled my very high limit TARGET credit card, as they DO NOT allow Veterans or ANY OTHER charitable group to stand outside their doors to collect for what I consider worthwhile causes (my husband was a U.S. Marine). Since this "electronics" incident, I have informed ALL my friends of my treatment, Target's "return policy", etc. They too have now "pulled" their credit cards, AND no longer shop there! Keep up the Boycott!

Credit Card Purhase - 5/2/12 1:04 PM
Credit Card Purhase

Target does not require a signature when using a credit card. Anyone can use a card even if it belongs to someone else because the do not check. There is no lemit as to how much you can charge. Their only comment is "Don't loose your credit card".

Boycott Target's sponsorship of ABC's "Good Christian Bit----" - 3/10/12 11:36 AM
Boycott Target's sponsorship of ABC's "Good Christian Bit----"

It has come to my attention that Target is sponsoring the Disney/ABC series "Good Christian Bit----." This series is an insult to the majority of Christian America and to your Christian customers. Being a Christian woman, I am personally insulted by this affront to Christ and Christian women.

I have been a faithful customer to Target, but if Target does not withdraw its sponsorship of "Good Christian Bit----," I will withdraw my patronage to Target. I will ensure that my friends and family do the same.


Marianne P.

Customer Service Terrible - 2/14/12 8:45 AM
Customer Service Terrible

I just wanted to write in about my disdain for the customer service provided by your organization. I had a terrible exchange experience in the past and vowed never to shop in your stores again, however I continue to receive e-mails as I am a redcard holder. I saw an item I was interested in over the weekend and liked it enough to give your company another try. I jumped online to purchase the item today and the sale price had ended. Since it only ended a day ago, I thought it would be easy enough to keep a customer happy and honor the sale price. I called online customer service and was told that would not be so. Your company would not honor the sale price even though it only changed yesterday. I will now purchase the item in another store and give them my money instead of giving it to you. This is definitely the last straw and you can bet that this news of my disappointing but expected experience will reach others in my family and circle of friends, as well as social media sites. 



Renton Boeing personel boycott Target.

HORRIBLE experience with - 1/17/12 11:46 AM
HORRIBLE experience with

I just had an ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE experience with online store. Target Online mistake #1 that I had to take up time and money resolving: I order a couch, and in the CART it says "free shipping applied." When we go to ring up, it doesn't apply, so we call up and ask about this. She just says, "Oh that item is not eligible." And I say "Well, why should I pay for your mistake? We are buying this in part because it is free shipping." She -- in a thick accent I could hardly understand -- just says "I'm sorry sir." in a way that indicated she could not care less about customer service. She was following the lousy script that is supposed to make me feel better... we ended up ordering it anyway, paying the shipping, But the fun is only just beginning. It is a 700 lb. couch, and we need it delivered up to our apartment way above the street. We call back, and they say that this will only go to the "door." I said, of course you mean our *apartment* door, correct (that is the way we understood delivery "to your door." on the website) Again, "I'm sorry sir, you have to get someone to help you bring it up to your apartment." So Target online mistake #2 that is not my fault that I have to pay time and energy fixing.

After all of that, the online customer service is horrible. Half of the time, the operators had such a thick accent that I could not understand them. Also, there was a huge amount of noise in the background. Could hardle hear anything half of the time. They simply could not CARE LESS about how frustrated you are. They probably put you on hold while you voice your frustration. I AM SO SICK OF COMPANIES LIKE THIS THAT EXPECT ME TO PAY FOR BEING TREATED POORLY.


Really surprised that this is Target -- after all, the store experience is always great, and I will continue to go there... the online operation is clearly run by a separate group of dumbheads who don't know what they are doing, and do not realize they are trashing the whole entire TARGET brand experience..... this completely tarnishes the whole brand experience for me!! Never again though...

Dont shop on line at target - 10/12/11 9:35 PM
Dont shop on line at target

Target online is suck. I try to use there on line on 9/28 to purchase a fan. on that they price was only $29.99. i try to send my order wont get thrugh. so, i call customer service and i told him i try last night but it doesnt work. he order for me and it works but the price went up to $37.79. he told me he will adjusted the price and i will receive the item within 2 to 3 days and he will email to me my order no. So, i received the email and when i look at the price was not adjusted still$37.79. i call them back and explain the amount need to change and they said they will. it been 3 days my item was not send yet. i call them again the person i spoke to said that item never been order. but i told to that person that my credit card was charge. he told me need to re orde again. i ask that person to connect me to there supervisor and he told me hold he will transffer me. and for more than 20 mins someon answer the phon. I ask if m talking to a supervisor and she told me no another rep. she ask me my name, order no. everthing. the same thing sge wants m to reorder again. i told he transfer me to a supervisor. she put me hold agai something somebody answer the phone another rep. something asking me everything. it takes four rep. before i spoke to a supervisor and takes 1 hr before i spoke to him. something he reorder the item to me and still the price not ajusted. i wait for 2 wks until now my item never been receive. i call back again and i spoke to a diff. supervisor. she told me that she will investigate why my item is not ship out yet. she told me i will receive an email from her but, i never got any email until now. i call today the person i talk to he said that i will recive next 10/20. if i dont receive i need to call again. all this people answering phone they dont know what they doing and there rude. they hav no education on who to talk to a customer. something with supervisor they dont to there job. they should learn more on how to make the customer happy not o make them mad.

Items paid for and never received with no resolution from customer service. - 9/26/11 6:15 PM
Items paid for and never received with no resolution from customer service.

I placed an order on Sept. 9th for a glider and matching ottoman for my nursery. The expected delivery date was 9/21-23. On the 21st I noticed the glider had not yet shipped, but I also received an e-mail that the ottoman had shipped on 9/16. However, the UPS did not have any record of the tracking number Target provided.

I called 9/21 to inquire why the glider hadn't shipped and to get the correct tracking number for the ottoman. After being automatically disconnected from customer service 3 times and sitting on hold for 30 minutes I finally got a person on the phone. They said there was a delay on my order because of the Missoni issues (although I ordered the week before that happened, and my items should've already shipped) and it caused a problem with the system, delaying my glider order and causing the tracking number not to be transferred to the UPS system. The customer service agent informed me that it the correct tracking number would appear in 1-2 days at the latest and my glider would be shipped the following day.

On 9/22 I received an e-mail saying there was a delay on my order and it would now be shipped on 10/12. More than one month after ordering. And the item is shown as "in stock" online. And on 9/23 UPS still does not have a record of the ottoman tracking number. I sent an e-mail to Target using the online contact form and received no response.

As of 9/26, I have not received the ottoman, UPS has no record of it shipping, though Target says it shipped on 9/16. I'm also trying to find out why it is taking so long for the glider to ship when it is in stock. I called Target four times today and keep being placed on hold. On my third attempt, I finally connected with someone who placed me on hold while she checked my order. She said I would need to talk to someone else about it (gave no specifics as to who this other person was/ title, etc.) and gave me a reference number. Then proceeded to place me on hold for 50 minutes.

I finally hung up. I tried to call again this evening and have been on hold for 30 minutes (I am still on hold as I type this).

I've gotten no resolution at all from Target customer service. I have no idea if my ottoman is indeed on it's way or if it'll ever get here, and I was already charged for it. I also don't know when/if my glider will ship. I couldn't even cancel the order if I wanted to, since I cannot get a hold of anyone.

This is the second time I've had issues with customer service and will NEVER order from them again.

Target online is a mess! - 9/12/11 7:57 AM
Target online is a mess!

I will never shop at Target again over a simple online order my daughter placed. She registered for an account, but somehow it never "took" and she could not view her account.

She placed an order and payed for express shipping. The item never showed up, so she emailed customer service. They replied stating UPS had been trying to reach us. That was a complete lie because UPS never had the package.

I called to cancel the order and was given the runaround that it will take 3 - 5 business days to "research" the order.

Whoever took over the online business from does not have a clue how to write a website or how to run a business!!!!

They do not know their inventory, they do not ship product, and as compared to other competitors with great online services and customer support, Target offers none at all!!!!!

There are way too many quality competitors out there so I will never shop Target stores or online again!!!!!

credit card practices - 4/9/11 10:29 AM
credit card practices

there are some other sites addressing their onerous credit practices.  As the economy was tanking they jacked up their interest rates to the maximum allowed by law because they knew the consumer protections were being developed.  So their goals was to raise rates as high as possible regardless of how it impacted their customers duirng a major economic downturn.

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