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Biet Me Net 10

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Unable to activate new phone after 7 days  working with tech support hundreds of hours on hold Go Verizon

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CRAZY - 12/20/12 8:16 AM

Almost a whole month and still have no service.  The wouldn't work day one called them they sent a FEDEX envelope that came 7 days later.  sent the phone another 7 days to receive the phone the damn phone still dont work after hours on the phone.  Now they got send a new SIM card. what the f854........I want my money and they are lucky I cant bust them in the face with the phone. PISSED OFF................

Why just 1 Boycott???? - 9/21/12 5:49 PM
Why just 1 Boycott????

If everyone is having so many problems such as I am why don't U "Boycott" ( since it is showing only 1 has decided to boycott NET10 then the meaning is as follows ) DICTIONARY MEANING-----Boycott- verb - To abstain from or act together in abstaining from using, buying, or dealing with as an expression of protest or disfavor or as a means of coercion... I mean isn't that what they are doing??? U cannot unite as "ONE" if you do not want a result so why are so many compalining.. As the saying goes If U don't stand for something, then you will fall for anything so either stand up or SHUT up

net 10 sucks - 7/7/12 7:42 PM
net 10 sucks

my phone keeps louseing my account an then goes off.they lost my number of 4 cant get it ported back to pageplus,witch is a good co.thos net got my 50 plus dollers an no phone ,i have spent hours on the phone with them an still no phone please help 

Anonymous - 3/17/12 3:36 AM

Got the phone & $50 unlimited talk,text,& web. Couldn't access web for 10 days after activation. Spent 2 hrs. on phone just to be told they'd send replacement. Next day couldn't access voicemail. Got replacement 4 days later.Now if I have the phone in my pocket I receive NO signal and don't get my calls/ messages untill 3-4 minutes AFTER I take the phone out of my pocket. STILL have no web access. Phones are RETARDED(way too many steps to access apps.),service sucks and the "help" I received was minimal and inconvenient, not to mention EXTREMELY time consuming. They sent me a large envelope to return the original phone. **** YOU net10! They have wasted enough of my time &energy. I WILL NOT spend another penny on their **** and IF I send ANYTHING back at all, it will be BOTH of their phones. IN A THOUSAND PIECES!


Absolutely not NET10 - 1/6/12 11:26 AM
Absolutely not NET10

Cannot get any resolution from Net 10 customer service.

Cliff Cole - 11/23/11 1:00 PM
Cliff Cole

I have been a net10 user for almost a whole year of 2011 . Net10 is very rude & hurtful people . They would hang up on me & refused to even help me . They took my remaining mins off my cell after I had bought a cell card that stated my remaining mins would stay on my cell , net10 said they don't have cell cards that states that . I bought my card at Wal-Mart & it stated at the top left handside that I would keep my remaining mins when I added my new ones . They called me a lier & would hang up on me .So I had to keep calling back dealing with thoses rude people for hours . Each person from net10 would act with the same rudeness .

NetSux - 7/11/11 8:06 PM

I've used Net10 since early '07 and up until now I've been satisfied. NO LONGER AM I SATISFIED! NetSux,TrackPhoney,spit the curry out and solve our problems! Spread the word. I will!



Anonymous - 6/26/11 10:08 AM

I want to know why I can't have a country song as my ringtone why do I have to use one of theirs that is already on the phone. NET10 you are no good.

What customer service? - 6/13/11 6:08 PM
What customer service?

I am currently on the phone with net ten (on hold of course) and have been for 53 plus minutes.  They hung up on me the first time after I tld them they didnot fix my problem.   I think they are screening there calls.

NET 10 - 6/13/11 4:10 PM
NET 10

What a horrilbe ,horrilbe good for nothing company...

Non-Responsiveness Is Their Trademark - 5/28/11 7:10 AM
Non-Responsiveness Is Their Trademark

Net 10's company logo needs to be updated to reflect their business mantra "Powered by Greed" instead of "Powered by You" or maybe to "Dont Care About You"

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