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Melaleuca founder and owner Frank VanderSloot espouses his political viewpoints very publicly through billboards and campaign financing--particularly those about not teaching homosexuality in the classroom. He has also publicly condemned same sex relationships, and has launched several high-profile campaigns against same-sex marriage, the presence of homosexuals on television, and against certain homosexual journalists.

His wife Belinda also donated $100,000 to support Proposition 8 on October 28, 2008.

It's one thing for the VanderSloots to be personally opposed to gay rights and same-sex marriage; it's another for them to give money and support to organizations that seek to subjugate a group of people and deny them equal rights and freedom to express who they are.

Boycott Demands

1. Revise all company brochures and policies to include that Melaleuca does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.

2. Extend the same employee benefits to same-sex couples that heterosexual couples receive.

3. Donate equal or more financial support to organizations that support gay issues and same-sex marriage that the VanderSloots have already donated to those in opposition.

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Melaleuca is a BAD company - 1/14/14 10:16 PM
Melaleuca is a BAD company

Like the page Melaleuca: The Toxic Truth on Facebook to share your Melaleuca horror stories! The public needs to know.

Jcharleb - 11/15/13 8:24 PM

I had a gay friend talk me into buying Melalueca products. They are fine, the food bars and shakes aren't the best tasting nor are they that nutritous. The cleaning product are good.

I was first tipped off to aproblem when they would let me include my same sex spouse on my account. They said the federal government doesn't recognize "thees relationships" in all 50 states. 

First of all this is not trues. An IRS interpretation if th sypreme court ruliong recognizes same in relationship in ALL 50 states, regardless of state law. 

They were dismissive of me once I brought this to their attention and refused to adress the issue and never returned my call nor was the proper person available when i called them.


Needless to say we both quit using the products.

i already boycot Melaleuca... - 12/28/12 6:54 PM
i already boycot Melaleuca...

Melaleuca IS also against educators and teachers in the state of Idaho and would do anything to see teachers are paid nothing. I already boycot them for this.

No Boycott - 11/27/12 1:07 PM
No Boycott

I hope that while you are boycotting Melaleuca for this, you will also include Hobby Lobby, Chik-fil-A, Home Depot and many others that may have CEO's that are against a differing political view. This will, of course include companies who support gay marriage, not because it is the right thing to do, but simply because it is good for business. Being 'good for business' does not mean they voted that way. Gays and Lesbians should be allowed to marry. Period. But I will not change my shopping habits because someone else does not agree with my position.

Cancelled Membership - 5/14/12 12:48 PM
Cancelled Membership

I cancelled my Melaleuca membership today after I found out about this and the $1million in super pac money that was donated to the Romney super pac.

Shop Your Politics - 2/24/12 7:38 AM
Shop Your Politics

Here is a website where you can see if companies tend to donate to Republican or Democrat causes.

There are a few companies I can still shop at. I also was just reading Mary Kay Ashes' biography where she said that she never wanted to take a political side and *tell her members how to think.* Maybe Frank VanderSloot could learn from that! We don't need to be told how to think just because we buy your products.

Disgusted - 2/24/12 6:54 AM

It's really too bad that I like Melaleuca products.

Frank VanderSloot posted a long response to the TRMS show, and Greenwald's article. He included a link to the community page that he writes. It seems by using Melaleuca funds. I was disgusted!

Just read his post-election "endorsement" of Obama. It is a little better than say, Rush Limbaugh, who wanted Obama to fail, but not by much. He basically says the only good thing about Obama is that he is smart, his election will help race relations, and since the hateful liberal media likes him maybe it won't bash America from abroad.

He is entitled to his opinion, he is entitled to purchase advertising with HIS salary, but using company funds directly to endorse his really extreme right-wing views is something else. Although, he only has his community page in probably a hot bed of conservatism, where he is likely the majority view ... it still turned my stomache.

As a military spouse, I was most offended by his opinion on the Iraq war. From his Bio, I don't see where he ever served a DAY in uniform. Are any of his kids serving? Grandkids? If you support war mongering - put up or shut up. Having a fireworks show is nice, but unless you are either willing to pay large sums of taxes to cover the entire cost of war (both the bombs and caring for our veterans) OR raise your right hand and serve ... then I don't want to hear what your opinion is. Not surprisingly, he hates taxes. Sorry Buddy, but bombs are not free and neither is the prostetic limbs we have to pay for for IED victims.

I hope he realizes that outside of Idaho, most of the people who would be interested in his products are *liberals.*

:-( - 2/21/12 5:37 AM

I have to say, I was very demoralized after watching TRMS and reading subsequent press coverage regarding the CEO's political activities. I was unemployed in 2008, but donated as much as I could to anti-Prop 8 causes and walked pricincts trying to get the vote out. I also attended several protests, and organized a few myself. My best friend from college is a gay guy, and he is going to be my "man of honor" at my wedding.  Some of the extreme language used is unexcusable, but at least as far as I can tell they haven't used company funds or resources for their political activities. I also read on an AP story that he has donated to both Republican and Democratic groups in the past.

That said, I love Melaleuca products. I have really sensative skin, and their products are the only thing that don't make me miserable. And, really it seems like most CEO's of major companies are arch-conservatives. I'm sure everyone remembers the hubbub about Target executives a while ago because they donated company funds to anti gay candidates. Or, when the CEO of Whole Foods was railing against health reform and donated big dollars to try to defeat health reform legislation.

It seems like if you want to be a liberal who only purchases from ethical companies, you should start your very own sustainable farm and make everything from scratch yourself. Perhaps join a hippy version of an Amish commune. Otherwise, every time we spend money on anything ... it ultimately goes to conservative causes. Really rich people tend to vote Republican, and put their money where their mouth is.

Boycott - 2/20/12 8:06 PM

Tonights edition of The Rachel Maddow show exposed some of Melaleuca and Frank Vandersloot's tactics and intimination to those who dare to oppose him. Vandersloot is also the chief to Romney's super pac. How is it that a handful of billionairs can not only buy the politicians but the policies too. The same day this happened to break, another story is David Koch is flooding money into Wisconsin to reelect Scott walker. Hurt them where we can. That would be in the pocket book.

Illogical - 10/12/11 11:12 AM

So, it's okay to personally oppose something, but not okay to put funding and efforts into supporting one's own personal beliefs? You have funded this boycott with your time (and possibly more). According to your own reasoning, there is something wrong with that.

It's excellent that you are exercising your right to boycott, but your philosophy on how one should support his/her own beliefs is flawed.

Disgusted - 6/16/11 9:44 AM

I was involved with Melaleuca from fall of 2010 until March 2011 when I found out who Frank Vandersloot really is.  Check out :

Here you will see how Frank tried to silence a local newspaper and vilify it's gay reporter for exposing the Idaho Grand Teton Boy Scout Council for hiding pedophiles in their midst.  They had hired a known pedophile and had had a couple of attorney's bury his conviction.  There is more, lots more that they did and many boy were abused and some brutally raped by not only this man but several others.

Read the article.  It is quite eye opening as to how black and white Frank's thinking is and what a sheer closed minded bigot he is.  In a previous article about this, it was stated that the journalist received death threats after Frank's full page tirads began.

This is not a person to protect or support.  There are many great companies out there making green, non-animal tested products.  Research them and then switch.  Let's not support this hate-filled man. 

stupid is as stupid does - 2/23/11 11:43 AM
stupid is as stupid does

that doesn't surprise me....people who oppress one group usually oppress others as well....very sad...

Teachers - 2/18/11 7:15 PM

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I was not aware of the gay issue and the campaign contributions.

I was seaching for sites looking to boycott Melaleuca because of the ceo's stance recently against teachers in idaho. it seems he feels they are over paid and do not desevre the right to collective bargain, and join a union. This was a full page add against the Idaho Education Assoication on Super Bowl Sunday appearing in the Idaho Statesman.

It seems Homophobia is not his only problem, it there a phobia name for those who fear teachers.

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