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I've been a Macy's customer for about 5 years and HAD a $1000.00 credit limit--UNTIL they recently changed their 'credit limit' policy on their charge accounts, without notifying the consumer of these changes. I found this out after speaking with a customer service agent after my $400.00 purchase was declined at the register (how embarrassing)! Mind you, I had a ZERO balance and a $1000.00 credit limit--therefore I had a $1000.00 available credit. 

Moving forward, the Macy's customer service rep informed me that Macy's was not 'legally obligated' to inform store credit card users of this policy change (went into affect Mar 30 2011) and therefore notices of this 'no credit limit' policy were never sent out! I then went on to inquire: how much can I spend? what is the formula for calculating the spending limit? and etc............... That was a waste! She told me to give her various amounts and she would input them into her system to see if I was approved to spend that amount--I threw a few numbers out there between $100 - $350--All UNAPPROVED! She then told me that if I wanted to spend $100.00 dollars on my Macy's card, that I would have to make a $30.00 payment--So I asked her, how can I make a payment on an account balance of ZERO, me making a $30.00 payment would only place a $30.00 credit on my account. She further stated that the purchase approval amounts and/or caps are determined by 'internal' payment history and external credit factors. I then stated, 'that's odd because my credit reports are locked and no one can view them unless I unlock them, AND that I pay my full balance on my Macy's credit account at the end of every month (to avoid interest fees). If my external credit reports cannot be ran and my Macy's payment history is excellent.... Who knows?

Whether under legal obligation or not, Macy's still has an ethical obligation to it's card holders. I should have never been embarrassed at the register because I should have been notified of this change regarding their credit limit policy. Then, they don't even have the decency to take responsibility for their 'faux-pas' and train their customer service agents to say that 'we're not legally obligated' to inform account holders! This is unacceptable and Macy's should not get away with treating consumers in such a callous fashion. Not only is Macy's unapologetic about this issue, but they offer no form of recourse or reparations for faithful account holders that have been 'embarrassed at the register', 'inconvenienced', and basically thrown to the wolves. UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I expect a formal apology, gift cards, lower interest on Macy's store cards, exlusive discounts, and event invitations.
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SIMILAR INCIDENT - 1/27/14 8:00 AM

Recently similar issue happened to me.  I have been a Macy's cardholder for 20+ years.  I had an unexpected job interview and ran to one of my favorite "I know I'll be able to find something quick" stores....Macy's.  I picked up a suit in 2 sizes since I didn't have time to try on.  I also had my little girl with me and had to get home to meet my sons bus.  I get to the register and the lady tells me my Macy's card was declined.  At this point I know I don't have a balance and in fact Macy's owed me money!  The woman at the register calls CS and a lady gets on the phone with me.  I explain I have no balance and in fact you owe me.  She tells me my credit limit was dropped to $100.00.  Mortified in front of other customers, not only do I tell this woman I dont have time for a lengthy conversation, that I'm in a hurry, but that other people are around. She couldn't tell me why my limit was dropped.  Fast forward 2-3 months, I call CS from home to ask same question.  Spoke with 2 people I could barely understand, 1 of which was so arrogant and rude I wished I could have slapped him through the phone!. AGAIN never told me why.  Then this As----- starts asking me for personal info to "update my profile".  With all kinds of ID theft going on I refused to give him any info over the phone. In a rude tone said well thats your perogotive! And could no longer help me. I don't know what kind of stunt Macy's is trying to pull, but they have now lost my business!  After all these years!!!!  I understand federal law process of increasing limits, but this crossed the line.  The arrogant cs fool said "well we've been trying to contact you since such and such a date to get this info"  AGAIN wouldn't tell me how.  I am on top of my communications and bill paying.  Never an additional letter, phone call, email, NOTHING!!!!  This is bulls--- and I hope others in this situation boycott as well.

has anyone filed a copmplaint with the BBB?? - 6/29/12 7:51 AM
has anyone filed a copmplaint with the BBB??

just wondering if anyone anywhere has ever filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about Macy's evil credit card practices?


According to the BBB website, there have been 0 complaints in the past 3 years... seems very odd.. i certainly intend to file one...

Macy's Sucks! - 3/31/12 6:04 AM
Macy's Sucks!

I have been working very hard at paying off my Macy's credit card so I would be able to close my account, which I have held for about ten years now.  When I opened the account it was actually a Meier & Frank store credit card.  M & F was a locally owned department store here in Portland, Oregon, until they were bought by Macys several years ago.  When Macy's took it over, the selection became more limited to higher priced items, the sale discounts got smaller, and the interest rates went up.  However, I still continued to shop there occassionally.  Over the past few years when my income declined (after losing several jobs), I began to shop there less often. 

Last fall after switching to online payments, I ended up changing my checking account number, and my payment didn't go through.  They cancelled my option to pay online and hit me with some hefty late/returned check fees.  While it was an oversight on my part, I didn't care for the way that I was notified or the amount of the fees.  Then a few months later, my sister-in-law informed me that right before Christmas (2011), Macy's fired all of the Santas that had been with the previous M & F store for many years.  This was the moment I decided the store was no longer for me.  Anyone familiar with M & F would recall that the store used to have a very sweet santaland monorail at the downdown Portland location.  The first year after taking over, Macy's ripped it all out.  Macy's fired all the Santas around the same time they were advertising their intention to hire a large number of seasonal workers.  Firing all the santas right before Christmas was a discustingly tactless business decision on their part.  So, I decided I was done with Macy's and began to really focus on paying my card balance off. 

Last month, I sent them a check based on a previous statement's amount that I thought would cover the remaining balance.  Instead, they emailed me a bill for two dollars.  I thought it was ironic that they still continued to email my bills, even though they had cancelled my option to pay online.  I was irritated at the two dollar balance.  However, I forget to pay it and the due date passed.  I expected them to start calling and sending me letters to inform me I was late on my bill and would be charged a late fee.  However, when I recieved a bill in the snail mail there were no extra charges.  I am sending them the money before they decide to try to charge me interest on the two bucks, and plan to close my account.



HELLO EVERYONE,  I too have been a macy's customer for almost 20 years. Have paid my credit card on time, never late and didn't know about the no credit limit policy. I owe over 4k and i went in Dec to make a purchase and was denied, i was so embarrassed as so many people on here. I called customer service and they said they could not discuss why they had done this but I no longer had no credit available and wouldn't have any credit available until I paid the entire balance. Even then they stated they couldn't tell me what my new limit would be. What I say is goodbye Macy's i have done all my purchases for my entire family. Very disappointed just like others on here, it seems like our loyality means nothing to this big corporate company or maybe they are going into bankruptcy!!!

Locked reports - 3/14/12 4:53 AM
Locked reports

Since you already have an account with them they can look at your report. Locking reports only stops new creditors from looking at your reports. Existing creditors can look at it as much as they want.

Locking it also will not stop employers from looking at it. I think there are a few other people that can bypass a lock as well.

"Come back, we miss you" mailers... - 3/7/12 11:51 AM
"Come back, we miss you" mailers...

Same as everyone else here; I had combined 3K limits with their card and their line for large purchases. I shopped there monthly and bought most of my work clothing there.

Then I was humiliated trying to buy 70 dollars worth of makeup. The phone person said that I no longer had a credit limit and had to call and ask permission and I was over my authorized credit line. I had not exceeded 25 percent of my overall CL. Ever. They informed me I could use my Visa. I had them hold it, went to Sephora to make my purchases, then came back with my bag and told them to put it all back. 

I went to Nordstrom who happily doubled my CL and doesn't require me to call for permission to buy. I have not had a money daddy since I moved out of the parents' house and won't be starting now.

That was nearly a year ago. I have never shopped at Macys again. I keep getting "we miss you" emails and snail mails but nothing lures me back.

Closed my Macy's account - 2/19/12 12:50 PM
Closed my Macy's account

While trying to use my Macy’s card today I got denied at the register.  How humiliating. I paid for my purchases using my bank card and walked away. I called customer service to only hear that they are not obligated to give me notice of any credit line change. They told me that the limit was adjusted, in my case decreased, due to my activity and previous purchase order. This means that because I don’t shop there every month they adjusted my limit to what I normally spend when I do shop there.  I asked them to lower my interest rate because it was not fair to embarrass me that way and to lower my credit limit and they said that 24.99% was the lowest that they could go. To sum it up, I spent 30 minutes on the phone with the supervisor going back and forth to have nothing resolved so I just went ahead and closed the account and went up to a register and returned what I bought. What I find humorous in all this was that the closed my account instantly.

I receive notices, weather by mail or email, form my other credit card companies. Macy’s is out of control and they will end up really bad if they continue to do this to their customers. As for me, I closed my account and could care less.

Current Credit Card Holder - 2/13/12 3:40 AM
Current Credit Card Holder

Recently been reading a ton of negative things about Macy's Credit Card. I recently received the card (suckered into it) to receive the 15% for a purchase i made, later to find out about the No limit policy.Luckly, I only purchased less than 100 dollars worth of things.


I too called customer support only for them to give me the run around and not answer my question. I got disconnected 3 times. Honestly, I am very disappointed.

I just received my billing statement and paying it off right away and will be closing this account. **Recomend people doing research not to open an account with them**

Got hung up on - 2/11/12 9:48 PM
Got hung up on

I called the credit department and asked them to please explain thier policy and how they determine what you can spend.  Thier agent couldn't do it.  I asked to speak to a manager to explain how they determine what my "limit" is.  I was placed on hold for a minute then disconnected.  How Rude!

Credit is more profitable than retail - 1/6/12 9:18 PM

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Credit is more profitable than retail

I’ve had a Macy’s card for 40 years. I was in good standing when I went to purchase a Christmas gift. The sales person asked for my driver’s license. No problem. Identify theft protection. Then I was asked to get on the phone — I was in Housewares during a one-day sale just days before Christmas — to answer security questions. It was so noisy and everyone could hear me give personal information. Then the test began. Security asked me my previous address and I told them. No, it was a multiple choice quiz. I had to listen to four different addresses and answer A B C or D. Except none of the addresses were correct and there was no E for none of the above. I got the date I purchased my house wrong too. How would they know that anyway? Most likely I didn’t send a change of address until the next month. Now I am getting nervous. Has my identity been stolen? I mean, come on, the most basic information isn’t matching up. I’m told my card is suspended and a security investigator will call me with two to three days. That night I call Macy’s and am told they have to call me. I tell them my concern about identify theft and ask if there has been any activity on the account and they refuse to talk to me. Six days later, after Christmas, I get a phone call. Very apologetic. All is right in the world. I am me. My card is reinstated. Three days after that I get a letter in the mail. My purchase was declined because of my credit score. And my Equifax credit score was printed in the letter. 803. Are they out of their minds????? Equifax only goes up to 850! The only thing they had to fear was that I would pay the bill. And perhaps that’s the reason. Selling credit is more profitable than selling retail. Late fees of $35 and an APR of 24.50% offset the discounts that come with my Macy’s Black card with its Elite Star Awards.  (A Macy’s card is issued by Department Stores National Bank, a subsidiary of Citibank NA, and a joint venture of Macy’s and Citibank.) And then there is their “Thanks for Sharing” holiday program. The customer pays $25 and the charitable donation is $10 — up to a max of $15 million. Once they meet the $15 million they don’t stop selling the program. They just stop donating $10 of the purchase price to charity. By declining my purchase, I won’t recoup the purchase price of my “donation.” Hmmm. Sounds more like theft by deception than sharing.

Account Cancelled - 12/29/11 8:45 AM
Account Cancelled

I actually just recently applied for a Macy's card not knowing the new policy being that I have never heard of anything that stupid in my life.  I was instantly approved but of course recieved no credit limit.  I called to get my credit limit and she told me she could not give me my credit limit but because it was a "variable credit limit".  Because I had never heard of that before I then asked if I would know my credit limit when the card was mailed to me.  She again said no because it was a "variable credit limit" again without explaining it.  Ok so what is a variable credit limit I asked?  She then explained it changes day to day and I'd have to call in while I was at the store once I decided what I wanted to purchase and see if I could buy it.  After letting her know how stupid that was and getting off the phone with her I researched and saw many stories like all of yours from long time holders getting screwed so I immediately called back to cancel.  I figured it was better to never deal with this and I would just not shop at Macy's.  So I cancelled my account after explaining why and said I don't ever want to recieve my card.  So then the part that pissed me off the most is that because I cancelled right away, they actually sent me a letter saying regrettfully I hadn't been approved for an account.  I had confirmed 3 times that I had an account so that was obviously not true.  So those scumbags decided to say I wasn't approved and have that put on my credit then put in that I cancelled my account.  I will never buy 1 single thing at Macy's again.  I hope they go out of business with the way they treated all you long time card holders.  I can't believe they ever thought that this card policy would just be accepted by everyone.

Dillards or Kohls - 12/24/11 4:37 AM
Dillards or Kohls

I have been a Macys customer for many years. I have not been declined YET. I did buy a few items just the other day, but did not call and get "permission" first, so I just held my breath for the $54.00 purchase I made. My brother warmed about the new policy regarding the credit limits. I did have a $1500.00 limit before this change. After the purchase went through, I decided not to pay the balance off and not use the card until they can give me a credit limit. I went to Kohls, applied for a card, and ended up saving 95% on a $220.00 sports coat. I have been with Dillards for years and have never had to hold my breath at the register. When you pay your bills on time, and keep your credit cards within their assigned limits, you should not be worrried about being embarrassed at the register..MACYS if you are reading the post, you are losing a lot of business and a lot of loyal customers.

They Got Me Too - 12/20/11 3:56 PM
They Got Me Too

I had a 1200 dollar credit limit with Macys. Let me repeat that. I THOUGHT I had a 1200 dollar credit limit with Macys. I was declined when making on online purchase today. I called customer service and got the same bull**** line all of you got. Up until today, I was customer of 20 YEARS. I told the supervisor if he doesn't want to fix the problem then he could go ahead and cancel my card. I too will not pay the remaining 200 dollar balance on my card. Kiss it, Macys!

further info - 12/12/11 3:58 PM
further info

I just posted a couple minutes ago... I decided to cancel my macy's credit account. Since I owed them nothing I figured their new policy is actually hurtful to my credit rating and decided to dump them since the card is effectively useless. Anywa, their recording which played as I waited for service indicated that they are planning to reinstitute new account limits in "early 2012". Sounds to me like they over-extended credit and took these absurd actions to get things in order before producing accurate credit limits. Dumb move and they've probably pissed off a lot of people - I know I won't shop there again.... too bad cuz they occasionally had good deals on men's clothes....

ditto - 12/12/11 3:39 PM

This happened to me about 6 months ago. I have always used my Macy's card for probably 12 years now and never had a problem. I'd run it up a bit, pay it off and repeat the cycle pretty much each Xmas season. Then that day with a $35 balance I tried to buy a $60 men's cologne only to be rejected and told I had to pay $50.... which was nuts... I paid $40 (and now have a $5 balance) to pay off the bill completely and have not used the card at all since nor have I shopped there. I have noticed that they still piss away money on billing so I'd suggest doing that - pay your bill down to a credit and let them waste there $ each month telling you that you do not owe them a dime... makes me smile each month...

NO LONGER A CUSTOMER - 12/1/11 10:41 AM

Simply put, Macy's just lowered by $2500 credit limit to exactly the amount I have charged and had the audacity to access an over the limit credit fee. If there is no set limit, how the hell did I get an over the limit fee? They never called, emailed, sent a letter, texted, sent up a flare or anything to inform me of that change. And you want to know why? Not because I am not in excellent standing with them, but because I acquired new debt last month when I purchased a vehicle. What I do outside of Macys is none of their dayum business. This is not a relationship, it is business. Ive been a customer for years and I spend so much money with them and this is how Im treated? I bet had I ever missed a payment they would call. Well guess what. They will call now. The $900 balance is all theirs! This to me is worth a few lowered points to my excellent credit score. I hope many others follow suit!


Unacceptable credit policy - 11/16/11 10:52 AM
Unacceptable credit policy

Dear Macy's:  BYE, BYE


A former customer

New Customer tho not for long - 11/14/11 2:25 PM
New Customer tho not for long

I just opened an account with Macy's to take advantage of the 20% discount offerred-same story, I received my card and them when I contacted customer service as to what the limit would be, I was told the same thing.  I need to call in and ask if i am going to be allowed to purchase items on my credit card?  I don't think so.  I do not ask permission from anyone to shop having reached the age of majority long ago.  My credit score is >800 and I am quite able to pay my bills in full each month as is my habit.  This is a silly practice and I will not tolerate the requirements so i will be cancelling the card-How incredibly stupid in this economy for macy's to treat consumers as if we are children.  If you do not want me to use the card, them do not give it in the first place.  I wonder how long Macy's will last?

Twice Now Declined - 11/8/11 11:44 PM
Twice Now Declined

So in September 2011 I went to Macy's knowing my account of 12 years had hardly anything on it, maybe $200 and I had a $2000 credit limit. First I bought about $100 in women's clothing without problem, then went to the Home Store and purchased the new cookware I really came to buy that day. $350 worth. The card gets flagged and declined. The first CSR says what everyone here is saying - I have to make a payment or allow then to pull my credit report. I say what are you talking about?? They want me to pay my account in full,  then I can charge the next $350. I take it up a level and that Manager says she's so sorry, it was a mistake, I am fine to make the purchase. It was only because I was shopping using only my social security number rather than my card and they needed to double check it was me and the first rep just didn't read his red flag correctly. Mollified by that I accepted the apology and took the cokkware home. Two months later, tonight actually Nov 8 2011, I go shopping and buy some kitchen gadgets for about $70. The charge goes through fine. Then the register sales rep pretty much talks me into buying the Vitamix that's on sale for $350 - a great price, nearly $100 off. I debate about it a while, not 100% sure I should reallt by the thing, but finally decide, well, what with using the credit card, I can pay it off in a few months, so okay sure I'll get it. And guess what? The card is declined now. The sales associate calls customer service for me and I get the same story as last time only this time they want me to pay my full balance + another $30 on top of what I even owe! Then I can charge it! I take it up a level and the supervisor sounds very ignorant and then tells me the first time it had not been a mistake that was the new policy and then she said goodbye and hung up on me. So the associate calls back, talks to level one, he then talks to me and still same answer. I have to pay my full balance plus $30 ($835) and then I can charge. So I hung up, did not make the purchase and plan to never shop Macy's again. Like others on this site, I have been a loyal customer, had the card for over 10 years, always pay on time, often maintain a zero balance - what the hell do they want from me? From us? Maybe they are about to go into bankruptcy? After this treatment - I wouldn't be shocked.

What to Do Now??? - 10/29/11 11:39 AM
What to Do Now???

I called Macy's yesterday just to see what my credit limit was.  I wanted to know what my credit to debt ratio was and when i called i was not so pleasantly surprised with the new no credit limit they have put in effect.   My question is how can a company of thier size not under some type of legal obligation have to inform us, (the cardholders) of this massive change.  We are all in a tough spot knowing if the card is used our credit will be pulled and therefore lowered, but if cancelled and closed our credit will have a negative report from that also.

  Who do we take this up with?  I do not understand what Macys is getting from this new change?  From what i understand it is only hurting their business from the loyal customers and card holders.  What do I do now?  Cut up and never use again or cancel my card and close my account.  Either way a negative impact on my credit history!!  Who do i call, or write to regarding this that will actually give a s#!@ about what i am saying???  Anyone that has input would help !!!!!!

Macy's BS....... - 10/26/11 8:35 AM
Macy's BS.......

I came accross this site trying to figure out WTF is going on with Macy's not giving me info on my credit limit. Since it's a brand new card I just opened in August & haven't used it I want to know what I can spend. I decided to chat with a Macy's rep & this is what happened: 

Please wait while we find an agent to assist you...

You have been connected to CSC Courtney G.

CSC Courtney G:  Welcome to Macy's live chat service.

CSC Courtney G:  Hello, I see your question and would be happy to help. May I have your account number please?

Joyce:  Yes. ##########41

CSC Courtney G:  Thank you, can you please verify the last 4 digits of your social security number and your date of birth?

Joyce:  ####

Joyce:  ##/##/19##

CSC Courtney G:  Thank you for verifying your information. Please hold one moment while I review your account.

Joyce:  Thanks

CSC Courtney G:  Thank you for holding. Because our card does not have a credit limit, I cannot provide you with a specific dollar amount that can be approved. If you would like to shop and then call us with an amount you would like to purchase before you go to the register, we can let you know if the amount would be available on your account. Is there a specific purchase that you wanted to make in Macy's today?

Joyce:  Yes

Joyce:  $600

CSC Courtney G:  If you make a payment to your account for $300.00, then we could authorize the full amount of the transaction.

Joyce:  Why would I have to make a $300 payment to a card that has a $0 balance?

Joyce:  That would only mean that I have $300 available... Thanks for the info.

CSC Courtney G:  Instead of issuing a set credit limit for your account, we prefer to be as flexible as possible to meet your purchasing needs based on factors such as your Macy's account history and/or your external credit record. Since these factors change, we determine what amount can be charged to your Macy's account at the time of the transaction. I do apologize for any inconvenience this matter may be causing you today as this is not our intention.

Joyce:  I don't think that could be accurate since my credit score & report is better than when I actually pplied for this card

CSC Courtney G:  This is our current policy and I do apologize for this.

Joyce:  Why would you apologize? It's not your fault Macy's has an absurd policy.

Joyce:  You have a great day!


WTF - 10/25/11 5:11 AM

My wife and I have our own Macy's account's. We have been account holders for over 5 years. Neither one of us have never been late on our payments and each had a credit limit of 5,000. In the past we have purchased living room furniture costing over 2000 dollars as well as bedroom furniture. We have always paid off total balances in less than 4 months. We both have credit scores above 750 with all 3 agencies. My wife went in to purchase some crystal wear and a coffee maker for 400 dollars and the transaction was declined. The sales associate called credit service deparment. Upon speaking to them they informed us that we have to call prior to make a purchase. We found it extremely unprofessional to one not notify us of the change and two come up with such a policy! We were told that they base it on your current credit score and past payment history. We both have locks on our credit and never been late on any payments. How they declined a 400 dollar purchase is unbelievable! Rather than cancel the cards we both cut them up and refuse to shop at Macy's. I'm so glad to know that people are standing up and voicing there opinions and stories. Macy's should and will pay for the embarrassment and unprofessionalism to card holds!

No Appreciation - 10/18/11 1:48 PM
No Appreciation

I was a Macys cardholder for 12 years and never had any defaults or late payments.  I walk in the store with , what I thought was, a $2000 credit limit.  I try to buy a watch for my fiance for our wedding day gift for about $150 and was declined while there were 3 people standing behind me.  I have never been more embarrassed.  I call customer service and am basically told that it does not matter that I have been a loyal customer in good standings for 12 years and that every time a try to make a purchase, my credit score is going to be instantly pulled.  To hell with that and to hell with Macys.  If I ever run into any Macys executive, it is going to be ugly.  This should be illegal.

Extremely angry customer - 9/24/11 11:24 AM
Extremely angry customer

I was in Macys Yesterday and wanted to treat my boyfriend to a few Ralph Lauren shirts. I initially was approved for 600.00 than increased to 1000.00. I had over 700.00 available to spend. I make my way to the counter to pay my bill and it was declined. The young woman at the register called the credit company and they stated that if I pay 32.00 I will be able to purchase one shirt from ralph lauren. But I just paid Macy's 100.00 so where did the rest of my money go. I'm extremely upset and want some answers. So I feel your pain I was extremely angry and embarrassed.

Account Approved then cancelled - 9/23/11 4:27 PM
Account Approved then cancelled

bunch of bull! - 9/18/11 10:15 AM
bunch of bull!

Ive been a customer since 2007, even says so on my card. I have a zero balance and decided I want something nice for myself, so I went to Macy's. I remembered that I have a $250.00 credit limit. So I bought about $80.00. The sales rep said "sorry your not approved, how else do you want to pay?". I called the 1-800 customer service number right there in the store. Ok first, I get a lady who can barely speak english. Then I ask her what is my credit balance is. She then told me that she can't tell me that and for me to tell her what I want to spend and she'll see if she can approve that for me. I said ok and just randomly said that I want to spend $100.00, she then told me "um no, I dont think so, I can approve you for $9.00"! What the hell? $9.00???? Really??? $9.00??? What can you buy at Macy's for $9.00??? I then asked her for her manager or supervisor and she told me "um no, I am as high as you go on this call, ok good day"...then hung up on me! Ive call a few times more and I swer I get that same lady everytime! I dont know whats going on with Macy's but im cutting up my card and never looking back.

I don't get it. - 9/11/11 7:04 PM
I don't get it.

I got a Macy's card only 2-3 months ago.   I've made a couple purchases, always made more than the minimum payment, never missed or been late with a payment.  

My balance is $135, last payment was 2 weeks ago. Yesterday, I went to make a $100 purchase at the store and my card was declined.  The associate said "the computer never tells us why it's declined" and my only option was another method of payment.  It caught me completely off guard. I've emailed their customer service twice with no response.  I'll be making a call to them soon to find out.  I really hate this whole no credit limit thing.  I thought my credit with Macy's was in good standing, but if this is how I'm going to be treated I will be cancelling my account.  This is ridiculous.

Macy's is just the start - 9/11/11 11:37 AM
Macy's is just the start

Yesterday, September 10th 2011, I purchased 300 dollars of merchandise at Macy's and made a payment of 70 to cover for double of the minimum I usually pay every month to maintain my account in good standing. This morning I checked my account to see my payments, my new balance and my credit limit. To my surprise, I couldn't find my credit limit anywhere on the website. I like to pay my credit cards so I never go beyond 40% of my credit limit, so it is important to me to know how much credit I have left.

I contacted Customer Service, just to find out about this new policy: They are not obligued in any way to provide me with my credit limit. That is not Customer Service, it is just an information line that is telling their clients "You are only important to US if you have a big balance and WE can charge a large amount of interest. If you don't use your card in an amount we find acceptable, or if you pay your balance in full every month and we can't charge you any interest, you are just not good enough for us".

Bottom line: Macy's just came up with a wonderful idea, that I am sure other stores and credit companies will soon adopt if we don't do something about it. If you are a good consumer and you pay your amount in full every month, they can't charge you interest and you are no good for them. After all, most of the profits come from the interest rates of those debts. More than that: If you don't have a juicy balance to charge more interest rate, you are not good enough either.

Credit card companies may not give you your credit balance, but they are obligued to report to the credit bureaus Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. How are the credit bureaus going to rate our credit if they don't know what is the usage we have based on our credit limit? This is illegal, and I will get to the bottom of this matter.

In the meantime, we must show Macy's they don't rule: send written complaints at Macy's PO Box 8118 Mason, Ohio 45040.

If they receive millions of letters calling them thieves and telling them to go to hell with their new policies that allow them not to provide us with information that is entitled to us, they will have to listen. Lets prove them the consumer has the last word.

May 18, 2011 - Anonymous - 9/7/11 6:47 PM
May 18, 2011 - Anonymous

Anonymous from May, you are an idiot. This person is most certainly not lying, nor are the others who had the same thing happen.  I had a $2,500 limit, received a letter stating such in Nov. 2010, shopped for Christmas, etc. and ended with a balance of around $2,200.  I don't pay my account off monthly, but I pay $200-400 per month. I paid my balance down to around $1,200, went in to a Macy's to grab some items for a beach vacation (it was April), and had the SAME THING happen where I was DECLINED at the counter. Completely humiliated. "Our credit terms have changed, we no longer have set limits, you call and request a certain amount of credit and we approve or decline".  WHAT KIND OF RETARDEDNESS IS THAT????  Then, "based on your credit worthiness and payment history".  Let's see... I have a 720 FICO and have never missed a payment... YOU DO THE MATH. I've called every month since this happened... but I have NOT been paying $200-$400/month, more like $70.  :)  And each month, "once your payment posts, you would have that amount available to spend".  Seriously... it's the most ridiculous practice I've EVER heard of and being in the FINANCIAL INDUSTRY, I can promise you it isn't because of the Card Reform Act or requirements placed on Macy's.  The last customer service rep I spoke with said that I did indeed have a credit limit, she was just not allowed to tell me what it was.  Fabulous... so, if I can spend $73, that would indicate that my credit limit went from $2,500 to $773 in 10 months, however, that will go down again next month after my payment posts.  She said "it could".  :) She also stated that the decision was made by Executives at Macy's not to release consumer's credit limits, and once communication was received stating otherwise, they would again start up.  So, contradictory information, uninformed customer services agents basically told to keep your credit limit a secret, and just general BS all the way around.  Macy's credit card is being paid off and cancelled this month with letters to the Attorney General as well.

Jelaine - 8/23/11 7:21 PM

The only thing that might actually grab Macy's attention, is if everyone actually writes them letters. Not phone calls, not emails, put a stamp on it and mail it. Corporations count phone calls about complaints as "50 people feel the same way you do" as for letters which actually take time and thought, they treat them as if "100 people feel the same way you do." Although a good way to get the word out, Macy's isn't going to read these posts. Write a well worded, (grammatically correct), complaint letter in a business outline. If they get a lot of these they may pay attention to how much business they are really losing due to this policy change. They have lost mine. I'm starting my letter.

Mrs. Smith - 8/19/11 3:11 PM
Mrs. Smith

I just added this to my Facebook page....i suggest everyone that has joined or commented to do the same.  that will bring numbers and may get some results....But we wont know about the results because Macy's doesn't inform the consumer....

Mrs. Smith - 8/19/11 3:05 PM
Mrs. Smith

Have you ever in life heard of having a credit card with a no set limit credit line???? Well not until i noticed on my bill that it did not give me a remaining balance or limit.  when i called and spoke with a representative she apologized the entire conversation without answering a simple question.  They did not inform anyone of this change then they want you to contact them anytime you want to make a purchase. This is extremely time consuming.  Not to mention they want you to give them a limit as if this is a barter system.  This has got to be the worst way ever to handle business.  Who thought of this and how did it pass any type of vote.  Macy's you have really gone down hill.  You have now made it a hassle to purchase items from your store.  Ugh i am just so frustrated.  But oh well i guess i will make a purchase at another store.  I refuse to ask permission to shop!!!!!

Same thing just happened to me - 8/13/11 2:13 PM
Same thing just happened to me

I just had the same thing today. I had a $1000 credit limit with about a $100 balance. I went to make a purchase and it was "declined". The purchase was for $250 and I was told I needed to make a payment of $170.

@Anonymous - You are an @SSHOLE, saying that the minimum line of credit was $100 and calling the original poster a liar. She's not a liar becuase the same just happened to me. YOU ARE A F**KING RETARD. You think you know, but you clearly have no clue.

I will call later today to cancel my card and will never go back there. I will go to Nordstrom instead.

Macy's BS - 8/13/11 10:13 AM
Macy's BS

Same here!! I had a $2000 credit limit, only owed $76.00, tried to buy my godson an outfit $57.00 and was declined! What an outrage!! they told me I needed to pay $27.00 to make the purchase! B***S*** PS. Hammy card for 3 years, really used to like them...

Ridiculous! - 8/8/11 1:08 PM

I just spoke to someone from Macy's because I too have been having trouble using my card. I was told of this "No Limit" policy. Mind you, I have had the account for 3 years and had my limit raised prior to March 2011. I have never missed a payment, never been late. I have not used the card since December 2010. I have tried 3 times to use it, in store and online, and have been declined each time. So I called to find out what was going on. I am extremely disappointed in this new policy change and I am canceling my card. What a major mistake in customer service!

Canceled Card - Will Do No Business With Them - 8/5/11 10:01 AM
Canceled Card - Will Do No Business With Them

I just made my final payment for a zero balance, waited for the statement to come in to confirm a zero balance and then I called to cancel the account.  They cared nothing about me canceling, but offered a $15 coupon to stay.  SCREW your coupon, I am not a child who needs permission to come in YOUR store.

They need to rememeber it is the customer who comes to them by CHOICE to spend THEIR money, we are not priviledged or honored to be allowed in to the Macy's store.  You will not only have a closed account you will NEVER see a single penny of mine, my kids, or anyone I know because EVERYONE will hear how Macy's treats the people who purchase products from them.  DON'T forget Macy's, we, the consumers, are the ones who give you a job, pay your bills, and allow you to have a business.

Side note...

Because my balance was zero when my invoice was printed they placed a $2.00 charge for just having the account.  This MUST be paid within a certain time frame after closing the account or it will go to collections.

worst thing. - 8/1/11 12:34 AM
worst thing.

They are the worst, tried to buy something for my son for 40 and they asked to pay 35 what? I had 1000 credit on it and has balance left of 200…. Will cancel and got dillads. … will never buy from macys… 

Macy's dumb policy - 7/26/11 4:03 AM
Macy's dumb policy

I don't shop at Macy's often but I have a credit card with them. I wanted to shop on the website and went to look at my statement to see what my available balance was. To my surprise it wasn't on there. I then checked my account on their site and it wasn't on there either. I immediately called them and they explained their "no credit limit" policy, which I think is RIDICULOUS! It seems so shady! I cancelled my card with them!

I'm dropping Macy's... - 7/11/11 8:27 AM
I'm dropping Macy's...

Since they dropped the ball! I was at the store yesterday ready to make a purchase of $42.17 when the cashier said "sorry it's not approved would you like to use another method of payment?" I was so confused because I have an excellent payment history with them and been with them for about three years now. I paid with my debit card and walked away to call their 800 number. I spoke to the lady who was not giving me any answers and got switched to a supervisor who tried to more clearly explain the situation now - the same crap everyone else has heard by now. 

MY BIG CONCERN: if they're using "external factors" that means you're constantly checking my credit report/score, right? We all know the more checks on your score the more your score goes down so are they destroying my credit every time I want to make a purchase that requires "pre-approval?"

Needless to say, however, I will NOT be shopping there ever again. I'll keep the card until I pay off the balance but they are never getting my business again. I even go out of my way to make sure I pay them, above all others, more than the minimum payment so I can always be sure I have open spending money with them. Not anymore, I'll send just the minimum payments and send the extra money to a company who respects my business. (Yes, I know this means longer time to pay off Macy's and more interest on my end but I only cared about paying more to Macy's because I always wanted money on the card to spend there).

No info about credit limit - 6/19/11 7:30 AM
No info about credit limit

Ok, this is absolutely ridiculous. How do Macy expect me to use their credit card if I do not know what my credit limit is? I tried calling customer services but they are not open on weekends. So, the only thing I could do would be try paying and see if it goes through. It is going to be waste of everybody's time. I wonder what 'genius' came up with such absurd policy.

Macy's? Seriously? - 6/11/11 8:12 AM
Macy's? Seriously?

Opened a Macy's account and couldn't find a credit limit set anywhere. Called and received the same crazy BS being described below.

Was never a customer of Macy's and was initially interested because of the discount offer. Will never shop there now. Seems kind of shady to me.

Just happened to me. - 6/3/11 2:29 PM
Just happened to me.

I have a $1200 limit on my Macy's card, I've had it for over a year. I have bought kitchen appliances, glassware, clothes and an HDTV. I make in store payments between $50 and $100 every month at least 5 days before the due date, Macy's collects interest from me. My current balance is $633.61. Today I tried to make a purchase of $98.60 and was declined at the regsiter. The salesperson put me on the phone with a Macy's credit rep who informed that even though my Macy's account is current and in good standing, it was beyond Macy's control now that they use outside sources to determine my eligibility - there are no more credit limits on Macy's accounts. If I wanted to use my Macy's account, I would need to make a payment of $89.00 right there at the register and then I could put the $98.60 on my Macy's card. I never received a letter or email or any notification regarding this significant change to my account. None of the employees at the register heard of anything like this, so Macy's hasn't even told their people. I have just closed my account and will not shop at Macy's or any of their affiliates. I do not want compensation, I do not want gift cards. There are plenty of other stores to shop at. I hope Macy's is not "too big to fail", because they deserve to fail. I was a VERY good customer, and they chose the treat me like a piece of garbage.

Youtube Video - 5/30/11 4:08 PM
Youtube Video

It would be a good idea if everyone make a youtube video exposing them as you are being declined. Send a copt to all the major news networks.

i have had it with Macy's - 5/26/11 8:02 AM

Member since:

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i have had it with Macy's

I can't stand Macy's. I wish people would see how ruthless they are there and stop supporting them

MAOCPAC - 5/26/11 7:58 AM

Had the same experience several weeks ago. Cancelled my Macy;s card and all future business with them.

Wow, you expect what!! - 5/18/11 2:49 AM
Wow, you expect what!!

LOL! first, Let me say, I do agree Macy's new policy is BULL!! (Being an account holder myself.) But it looks like since the NEW CREDIT CARD ACT in FEB 2010, Macy's is forced to change some of their practices. But let me get to "your" story..So you were approved for $1000, with a $0 balance....then the CS Rep told you in order to pay $30 towards a $100 purchase???...lets do the math're saying your LIMIT was lowered to $70 dollars.....I don't like to call people liars, but if that's your story. You're full of sh**(yeah, you know) Because the minimum Guideline on a Macy's card is $100, (I know because I READ the Terms and Conditions before I sign MY name on ANY contract.) I totally believe the people's comments below me because for their examples are actually logical, but frankly, since I know you lied about that part, I have to chalk your whole story as a lie. Especially because you end your rant with a PLETHORA of demands for free Gift Cards, Exclusive discounts, and Event Invitations. I spend $1500+ a per month, balances paid IMMEDIATELY, you sound like you only shop when you see a Macy's is "giving" a special sale....If you use your card regularly, PAY off what you charged, and your outside credit is really good, you shouldn't have a problem...anyway good luck getting your free stuff, sorry for being an A-Hole, I don't like bullsh!ters...THAT IS ALL

macy's policy is a dud - 5/15/11 6:39 PM
macy's policy is a dud

I went to buy something online. (I thought) I had about 200 available on my account. The purchase was for 70. Customer service said if I made a payment of 60 they would let me purchase the 70 dollar item. What?? I thought this was a credit card not a prepaid gift card. Boycott: I'm in.  

New Business Practice-Ha! - 5/12/11 4:26 PM
New Business Practice-Ha!

The same thing happened to me today!!! I was so embarrassed because I knew that I had credit available without any late payments. Customer service did not even try to help me. MACY REALLY SUCKS!!

Absurd! - 5/9/11 9:07 AM

I recently opened a Macy's charge, and when I received my card in the mail, it was an "American Express" Macy's card. I called the customer service number to activate my card and find out my credit limit.  As I spoke with the representative, who informed me that I had an $8000 limit on the Amex, then she stated that the limit did not apply to the Macy's charge (how odd!), they are two seperate lines of credit.  When I asked about the limit on just my "Macy's line of credit" she informed me that Macy's "has no limit".  I asked her how I would know what purchases will be approved or not, and expressed concern about not having a set credit limit, the solution she offered was that I can  "call into customer service before any purchase to make to be sure it will be approved."  Really??  That's their answer to this??  Every time i want to buy something at Macy's, i have to call them to "get permission"?  How inconvenient and ridiculous!!  I have a credit score in the 800's, this is the most absurd thing I have ever heard of a creditor doing.  Will be closing this silly account today.  

Mother's Day Gift Purchase Declined - 5/8/11 5:50 PM
Mother's Day Gift Purchase Declined

Same situation here.  I'm paying off my balance and will not set foot in the store ever again (Won't shop their website either.).  It's ok, we're not forced to buy there, when there are so many options available.  Macy's you can stick your card and merchandise wherever it fits you better.

bill - 5/6/11 1:09 PM

I called Macy's credit customer service to determine my available credit, as I have done for years.  To my surprise, the information was not provided by the automated system.  So, I spoke with a representative who informed me that there was a "policy change" and credit card holders will not be provided with any information about credit limit or available credit.  She proceeded to inform me that I could tell her what I wanted to spend, and she could then let me know if it would be approved.  I politely declined her gracious offer.  This is absurd.  After 10-plus years of buying 90% of our clothing and home goods at Macy's, I am cancelling the account and will not buy another item from them.  I hope others do the same, as there must be a consequence to poor customer treatment or there is no incentive to do the right thing. 

MACY'S BOYCOTT - 5/4/11 9:48 AM

The same thing happened to me on Sunday!! How embarassing!!!! It is absolutely outrageous! I was told the same things as you...I had enough available, but in order to use it, I would have to make a $21.00 payment?? WTH?? I WILL NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM MACYS, as a matter of fact, I told the girl to take my purchase and shove it where the sun doesnt shine when she asked me if I had a credible payment!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!! MACY'S SUCKS!!

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