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Lenovo has terrible service with regards to customers and a total lack of technical expertise. I have experienced this personally and through the testimonies of others I have read who have had problems with them.

For my own part, I placed an order over a month ago and had numerous problems with the order going through. I never recieved an initial email that my order even went through and I had to actually call to confirm this. After two weeks I had to actually go down to my bank to work out a problem Lenovo said they had with my bank and it was Lenovo's own fault for the error. My laptop still did not come for two more weeks and after trying to call for 4 days to cancel my order, I finally reached someone else who told me my order shipped that day and it was too late to cancel.

Furthermore, if I wanted to return said product they would charge a restocking fee of around $120. Now I'll gladly pay that sum just to be rid of them and their terrible service, but it's the principle of the matter and how they treat their customers that should be addressed. There is no empathy at this company and they treat their customers with an attitude of well, "It's not personal, it's business." It was how the situation was handled and how they made themselves unavailable and how one of their call center employees told me flat out when I, rudely, said that I am going to fight this and he said in his Indian accent, "You'll have to come all the way to India to fight me over this sir,"and then he hung up.

Unprofessional and not they way a company as global as Lenovo should be doing business. This is just my story and I know their are many stories much worse, but if I can prevent just 5 people from not buying from Lenovo and saving them the headache, I will be satisfied.

Boycott Demands

Personally, I don't want anything because it is too late for me to get retribution. What I do want is for them to be more courteous to their customers and change their return policy. If customers, like myself, are having their orders back logged for more than three weeks and they want to cancel it despite it already being shipped, then they should either waive their restocking fee or cancel the order outright. At the very least work with the customer instead of dismissing them and having the attitude that there is nothing they can do because we're Lenovo and we don't take that crap.
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BIOS Hardware Whitelists - 4/22/13 1:20 PM
BIOS Hardware Whitelists

Another, far better, reason to boycott Lenovo is their BIOS hardware whitelist stupidity. If you replace your wireless card, or hard drive, or whatever - your system won't even boot.  They deserve to be put out of business.

Change your boycott reason - 10/26/12 11:18 AM
Change your boycott reason

Your boycott would be really popular right now if it was aimed at boycotting China opening factories in America.


To all who are considering ordering from Lenovo directly --- DO NOT!! You have been warned. I originally ordered a Z570 i5 on June 18th. It wasn't until July 10th (after many phone calls, emails and LIES FROM LENOVO REPS) that I finally found out that the configuration I ordered had sold out and they wouldn't be making any more of them. I was then offered two substitute laptops (both with inferior specs -- one even had "Better graphics" where the graphics card information should have been). I refused both offers and finally said that I would like to upgrade to the U400 i7 for the same cost or I was going to cancel the order. I was told that would be fine and that it would be put on "the priority list". The back and forth with the foreign reps ate up another few days. By this time the ship date on the website for the U400 said July 18th. I said fine and was given a new order number. Checking the order status a couple days later showed a ship date of the 19th. One more day, no big deal. The 19th comes and goes, then the ship date changes to the 23rd. Now I am being told the 3rd of August due to LCD supply issues. So almost 2 months to even get a laptop to ship. Its not worth the hassle having to deal with Lenovo directly. I have loved their products for many years (starting back when they were IBM products) and have been a loyal customer. No longer. Sad for them. I own a technical services/consulting company and have also recommended their products to my clients, family and friends. I can easily account for hundreds if not thousands of sales through my company and my customers. All that good faith gone in a matter of weeks. I am going to wait until the 3rd of August to see if my laptop actually ships. But only because I am getting it for about 60% off. If it ships then MAYBE Lenovo could still retain a portion of my business (but only through other 3rd party suppliers).

Alternative - 7/16/11 12:25 PM

I tried replacing my Thinkpad with another Lenovo, and had both hardware and Lenovo built in software quality problems, And Lenovo support nowadays has a bad attitude. Instead I bought a Toshiba Satelite A665 which is working great. The Toshiba has a crisp keyboard, great graphics and harman/kardon audio, as well as a professional appearance.

Really? - 3/22/10 3:37 PM

I was a little concerned when IBM sold off the Thinkpad line to Lenovo, but I've been extremely happy with my laptop.  Quality still seems great and customer service was very happy to send me a replacement for a CD-RW I thought was defective (it was actually some bad CDs).

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