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Bad window regulators

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Jeep liberty window problems

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fix the problem. I was listening to a discussion which I had no part in, about getting around in the snow that we have had for the last month. Some lady commented that she wished that she had her Liberty back when the snow was flying. However she went on that she traded it because her windows kept falling into the doors and she got rid of it because of the persistent problem.........................

I have heard of the same problem from several other Liberty owners...... I wouldn't have a problem if IT DIDN'T COST $500 plus to fix the problem that they manufactured into this piece of junk. $100 ok, since it has 40,000 miles on it but $500+ dollars..... please....


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if that was the only problem - 10/30/10 2:08 PM
if that was the only problem

I am a professonal mechanic , I have owned my own shop and currently run a shpo for a major aftermarket repair chain and I am here to tell yopu that the window thing is only one problem chrysler knows about and refuses to fix . virtually every long term customer of mine for the past 10 years who drives a jepp, dodge truck, or chrysler mini van has had their a.c. evaporator core fail at a high repair cost and requiring removal of their entire dash ! junk !

Common Problem - 9/10/10 4:05 PM
Common Problem

I'm glad that they fixed your jeep. I have a 2005 and this has been happening since the first summer that I owned the Jeep. I have had the regulators fixed in three of my four windows multiple times. Now, I am no longer under warranty and the two rear windows fell in to the doors within 15 minutes of each other the other day. I have called Jeep before and they have blamed it on the Arizona summer. I am waiting to hear back from them to see if they are going to help me this time or not. If not, I will be trading my Jeep in for a non Jeep/Chrysler/Dodge vehicle.

problem fixed - 3/14/10 6:38 PM

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problem fixed



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