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Please add my name to the Homedepot boycott list Im a contractor who been buying supplys from home depot for over 17 year up till this year when home depot started to take food off my plate in the Reos rehab program they want you to buy supplys from them and then be your competor at the same time .

No way All my crews are ban from shopping at any homedepot for any of our reo rehab needed.


Please forward to all the Reo rehab contractor you know or meet in the field this has to stop some where

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get out of our business and we will buy supplys from your business
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Sign up fees - 4/3/12 1:26 PM
Sign up fees

I'm a licensed Real Estate agent and service REOs.  We sign up for so many sites and fees to be able to perform REO.  $600 is nothing ompared to what we pay out yearly.  1 out of teh 3 platforms costs 700 yearly.  Another one is Yearly Certification of 500 PLUS $1 a month for every zip you service.

Boycott if you like, but if you ask me I would chalk it up to a marketing expense and pay the dang thing. 


I'm in - 2/24/12 9:22 PM
I'm in

Any material provider who competes with their own customers to take their work does not deserve to stay in business and no longer has mine. I bought through them for 15 years and they go in business as a general contractor and take our client. To make matters worse they try to hide the program so contractors do not know. Deceit on top of greed can be a poor combination.

How do we make this boycot work? - 6/23/11 7:33 AM
How do we make this boycot work?

I am a home improvement contractor from northern NJ. I've been at this for forty years. I would very much like to see a boycott of Home Depot get traction for all the same reasons as everyone else. I am particularly offended by Home Depot soliciting our business and then openly compete with us at much lower prices. Things are bad enough in this economy without having to cut our prices to compete with Home Depot. Then of course there is the horrible staff and defective products.

Unfortunately, small contractors do not have a large organization or the publicity to make a boycot work. It seems that most participants just want a forum to vent but it has no effect on resolving the issues.

I suppose my question is how do we get the contractor support and the media publicity we need?

Home Depot - 9/3/10 1:47 PM

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Home Depot

I've been in business over 20 years and use local companies for supplies. In a pinch I may have to use a store like HomeDepot but they have the most ill trained staff in all departments I've ever encountered. I'll stick with lowels in a heartbeat should I need a last minute item. The prices are priced lower and better quality. Not to mention I never had to return an item to the later. I have had to return some items as much as 3 times in a day because of inferior materials costing me time and money that I can't recover by overcharging a customer in good conscious.

So true... - 1/17/10 11:09 PM
So true...

So true.

On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 2:30 PM, <> wrote:

HOMER vs. HALTON (round 2)  Message sent to H.D.Ceo:    Wells Fargo bank has chosen to use contractors thru Home Depot services for its local foreclosure work (painting & repairs)There is no competitive bidding on these repairs.4 of the 5 real estate brokers that I have been working for,Now have no work for me . It cost close to 600.00 to sign up with home depot svs. and that does not guarantee any work.Combine that with Home Depots poor customer services and Its a lose ,lose situation for the little guy. I did the work before without complaints and YES I bought my supplies at H.D. & I was always ready for more. Why am I am losing work to a Hardware store (not a fellow legal contractor )The same store that I shop at faithfully for ALL my parts. This kind of practice is screwing the true small business and with the lack of competitive bidding It may be an Illegal practice too. The group of (ready to go) illegal worker's in your parking lots don't help the situation. Thank you,                                                                                                                                                                     

I will not be joining - 10/18/09 10:59 PM

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I will not be joining

I only join boycotts that are started by literate people.

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