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Doing My Own Math

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Paid H&R Block to do my taxes this year. The accountant that was to fill out my paperwork discredited me about the amount of medical deductions I had, and said it wouldn't make any difference. I showed him all of my receipts. I had about 75 pages of them. He added a few and told me I was correct. He gave me back all of my paperwork, told me to go home and add them up and return in two hours so he could fill in the information and I could sign everything.    I went home, added everything, went back and gave him an amount. He didn't double check. Just took my word. Then charged me $325. (He never included the previous years amount I paid for tax service on my return, either). He made me write a check, in which I didn't want to do. I wanted the amount included on my tax form.

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I paid for services that I could have done at home for free. I did this man's work for him and then had to pay him for it.   I want my money returned and this person repremended for it.   The location I went to was in Bellevue, Ohio.
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