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Boycott of Georgia-Pacific

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Boycott the Koch Brothers

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   The Koch Brothers own Koch Industries, the second-largest privately-help company in America. Georgia-Pacific is perhaps the best-known of the companies that comprise the brothers' multi-billion dollar empire. Through their political action committee, Americans for Prosperity, the Koch brothers are funding efforts to strip American workers of their right to collective bargaining.

Boycott Demands

   The Koch brothers must stop their attacks on American workers, civil servants and teachers. Working people must join togther to stop billionaires from using their wealth to undermine the hard-fought rights of American workers.
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publicize who owns it - 11/12/13 9:23 AM
publicize who owns it

Put  stickers on Georgia Pacific products that say "Koch Brothers"

It's Brawny not Bounty - 11/17/12 6:52 AM
It's Brawny not Bounty

Koch owns Georgia -Pacific which makes Brawny paper towels.  Bounty is made by Kimberly Clark, so it's fine to buy.

Root of all Evil - 7/16/12 2:05 PM

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Root of all Evil

At the very start of their lives the Koch brothers already had more material  assets than they would ever, ever need or could ever, ever use.  Yet the record shows that they apparently were not satisfied with the overwhelming wealth that they possessed.  Here they are, nearing the ends of their lives, still rapaciously grabbing and grasping, taking and raking, wheeling and dealing,   for ... WHAT??  fame? glory? power? position? domination? control?  Greed is the root of all evil and the only thing the Koch’s will take with them at their deaths are memorie’s of their pathological greed. 

Kyle ... really ? - 4/1/12 11:39 PM
Kyle ... really ?

Kyle, please go back to Fox News. The Koch Brothers (and people like them) are destroying this country. Money and greed without conscience.


If you think thats a "good thing" you're delusional. Hope you like that $7/hr job. Thats probably all you'll ever have if they have their way. 


Unions SUCK - 3/5/12 8:41 PM
Unions SUCK

Please do NOT boycott this company!  Unions, and their partners, Organized crime, and Obama, are CRIMINALS!  Unions take your money and use it to elect people that take your jobs and destroy the economy.  Obama even WANTS gas prices to rise! (Google it, and also google the name Barry Soetoro).

Be proud of, and cheer for all the non-union companies out there.  They are where our real workforce is!



The whore answers when the pimp calls - 2/24/11 10:42 AM
The whore answers when the pimp calls

   Any doubt about the role the Koch Bros. are playing in the attack on labor unions was erased on Monday when Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker took a call from a prankster representing himself as David Koch. In a 20-minute conversation with the faux Koch, Walker laid out his plans to deprive public employees of their right to collective bargaining.

Walker might not have been so quick to answer the phone if the Koch Bros. hadn't contributed $43000 to his election campaign.

Koch Bros products - 2/23/11 9:06 AM

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Koch Bros products

   The Koch Brothers companies operated under a variety of aliases. Among the Georgia-Pacific products that union supporters should boycott are Angel Soft, Quilted Northern, Brawny, Sparkle, Soft N'Gentle, Mardi Gras. Vanity Fair and Dixie products. Georgia-Pacific also sells a wide variety of building products.

  Don't support a company that is waging class warfare against working people.

War on the working class - 2/23/11 8:20 AM

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War on the working class

The Koch brothers are a leading support of the Wisconsin governor and his effort to strip public employees of their rights to collective bargaining. They are funding efforts to deny basic rights to workers in other states as well. The fight of Wisconsin's teachers and other public employees is the fight of working people everywhere. Boycott all products produced by Koch Industries including Bounty paper towels, G-P building products and Stainmaster carpet. Don't support billionaires who are waging class warfare against working people.

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