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Geico Pulling Advertising on Glenn Beck

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Geico has bent to the will of the leftist media and pulled its advertising from the Glenn Beck show. Geico should keep politics out of its advertising decision making and should not take sides in such debates.

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We are demanding that Geico reinstate its advertising support for the Glenn Beck show immeidately. If not we will move our policies and recommend to all of our friends to do the same.
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Rocky - 12/20/12 11:50 PM

Geico has integrity if they have pulled their advertising from the hate monger's show.

Boycott this boycott of Geico.

GEICO fails its customers - 12/16/12 9:09 AM
GEICO fails its customers

I have moved on from GEICO, they are a cheap and big money ins company who doesnt support the customers....good by to 4 years worth of wasted time.

Beck is a Fascist - 6/1/12 5:52 PM
Beck is a Fascist

Beck is a fascist who is totally opposed to real American values and principles inshrined in the Constitution. As all fascists do, he lies, twists history, makes up his own history, and hates freedom of speech for anyone who disagrees with him. Geico should be commended for pulling their advertising.

Mormans are like extreme Islam - 5/22/12 12:10 PM
Mormans are like extreme Islam

Becks a mormons and they are not Americians, they treat their women like extreme islamist do. No marraige no heaven.

JIM - 5/16/12 6:20 AM


Glenn Beck is an American Hero - 4/12/12 1:05 PM
Glenn Beck is an American Hero

Unless you have actually listened to Glenn Beck you have no idea what you're talking about. He actually exposed ACORN & the communist Van Jones. He has done more good for this country than Obama hands down. I will be switching insurance companies pronto! ANY company that chooses a side like Obama does needs to be boycotted as well. All Obama has done is divide us instead of uniting us. No one boycotts the likes of Bill Maher or Tina Fey for their attacks on women. Digusting people!

Good..maybe Beck will shut up - 4/2/12 7:52 AM
Good..maybe Beck will shut up

I did not know of this "boycott.  Well...I am moving my vehicle and home insurances accounts to GEICO if they are helping to keep this crazy off the air!

Kick the lizards can! - 12/26/11 8:22 AM
Kick the lizards can!

i wont do business with the lizard anymore for this!

GEICO SUCKS - 8/5/11 2:48 PM

I dont really care about Glen Beck, but in general GEICO is one crummy insurance company and I would rather pay more than go with them. Why support GEICO when they dont support there customers!

Hooray for GEICO - 7/31/11 6:11 AM
Hooray for GEICO

I'm proud of GEICO. Too bad they ever supported the Beck lunacy in the first place.

GEICO SUCKS - 6/14/11 5:12 AM

It does not matter what GEICO does with there money as long as they cover there claims first which in my case they are not doing. After 35 years with GEICO and watching all there commercials I now see they only advertise to get your money but when it comes time to pay a claim, they fight you tooth and nail. Because they put so much into there adds saying you can save with GEICO, they forgot to mention, If you have a claim, you will get what you paid for, NOTHING. I have been recommending GEICO to people for years, but now I see what a big mistake that was. Since I now have a claim, I found so many people with the same problem, meaning GEICO doing nothing about there claim. Also, your insurance company is supposed to be on your side and not against you like they are being to me. They also make it impossible to get in touch with any of the high officials at there corporate level. So bottom line, DONT go with GEICO, you will get exactly what you paid for, NOTHING!

Smart people at Geico - 5/14/11 10:46 PM
Smart people at Geico

Only the real wackos of America would join this boycott. Boycott this boycott!

Props to Geico - 5/12/11 10:53 AM
Props to Geico

Gotta say I am pretty far to right, but I gotta say Glenn Beck is a total loser.  It just goes to show how  stupid some Americans can be, too support that monger you gotta have some serious diminshed brain capacity.

A little thought - 5/6/11 7:05 PM
A little thought

Get a life.  Geico has a right to advertise when and where it chooses.  If Geico doesn't want to support shows with the bombastic Mr. Beck on them, so be it.

Geico boycott - 5/5/11 5:08 PM
Geico boycott

good for you; Glen Beck is a liar,a hate monger, & plays on peoples fear   GO GEICO!!

It Worked! - 4/19/11 11:08 AM
It Worked!

Kudos to Geico and the other sane companies that yanked their advertising from Beck's hateful and laughably false revisionism. His show is over now. Good riddance!

And no, there are NOT more Americans to the right of the podium than to the left. You think that by yelling louder and making a scene, we'll think there are more of you? Just check out the comments here; they are 10 to 1 AGAINST Beck, and FOR Geico.

It is reassuring to know that when fringe hate mongers start clamoring to hijack this great nation, there is a vast Center in this country that will rise up to shake off the tyranny of the few.

Go back to your dark corner where you belong. There are vastly more of us than you. We are taking back our country from the ignorant haters.



geico boycott - 4/7/11 8:55 AM
geico boycott

I have Geico Insurance which is due  in May however i will be changing my insurance.  just remember there are more right of the podium than left of the podium

boycott beck - 4/6/11 9:03 AM
boycott beck

I have to laugh when I read comments about Beck the idiot or Beck the Neo Nazi.  It is so sad to see so many people say such stupid things about something they know absolutely nothing about and don't even watch.  They read it somewhere or repeat it from someone they admire and just swallow it hook line and sinker.  Then they go show they're ignorance by making comments like these.  Why not read a book or here's an the show and see for yourselves what Beck is saying or doing.  Good grief.

Do you think they CARE? - 2/25/11 10:14 AM
Do you think they CARE?

Really people, does anyone out there actually think an insurance company of the size of Geico cares one whit what any of you think of its policies?  The ONLY thing insurance companies care about is your cash and how they can get their hands on it.

beck - 2/17/11 3:57 PM

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Beck is a idiot...the whole Fox network are for big business

to hell with the general poulation who are out of work, no health insurance, and a group in washington that said NO to everything Obama tried to do.

If you will look at the graphs of the debt in our history, the Reagan years and the years of BS Bush were the highest in getting this country into more debt. When Bush was in for those nighmarish 8 years our debt went up 85%....I believe we need a revolution in this country. The people need our country back not a bunch of corporations taking it over.

I'm ashamed of our politicians....we need term limits for both more than 8 the president. 

If the religious right want to get involved in politics...let them pat taxes like everyone else!

Isn't that the turtle mocking the armadillo's hard shell? - 2/17/11 1:32 PM
Isn't that the turtle mocking the armadillo's hard shell?

Hilarious that you think they should leave politics out of a business decision.  Isn't that exactly what your encouraging when you ask for support in your boycott?  I can't imagine blindly giving my business to any company - personal politics always factors in for me, as it does for you clearly, with your recommendation that Geico reinstate their ad spots on a neo-Nazi "news" show.  When you incite people with inflammatory and hate-based rhetoric, you pay the consequences that are dealt out by consumers or companies who have no patience with such crap.  I'm glad I stopped by Boycott Owl today.  I will be giving my business to Geico now, for two reasons:  First, to show support for the sensible and character rich who use their business to better the world and help drive the idiot and violent right wing crackpots into the pathetic dark corner which they deserve, and two, to show that when you start a campaign to boycott a company, it may backfire when intelligent and progressive minds are introduced to your backward ideology.  Thank you.  D. McGraw.

Michey in CT - 2/2/11 2:41 PM
Michey in CT

I hate the Geico ads, but I applaud Geico's decision to stop advertising on the show of this fraud, Glenn Beck.

His awareness of real historical data, as well as historical methodologies, is pitiful. 

It is sad that people spend hours listening to his bilge.

Educated Floridian - 1/31/11 11:31 PM
Educated Floridian

I can't believe all the uneducated people that have stated their comment. They follow along blindly and go with the flow, just like Geico. You are too ignorant to use you brain and understand what Beck is really saying. You have to have a brain and use it. I will not be using Geico or it's products.

Switching to GEICO - 1/20/11 2:37 PM
Switching to GEICO

I want to admire and support a company that stands up to the right-wing Coprorate Media, especially when they stand up against the lie merchant Beck. I am switching to GEICO. Long live freedom.

Viewer - 1/17/11 12:30 PM

I think it is prudent for companies to associate themselves with moderate, middle of the road entities and to avoid extreme content.

I am switching to GEICO! - 1/7/11 11:39 PM
I am switching to GEICO!

Glenn Beck is a poor excuse for a journalist...and for a human being...

My 2 Cents - 11/25/10 12:17 PM
My 2 Cents

Yea, I'm adding my 2 cents worth on this childish boycott. Seems as though people are no longer permitted to voice a comment without being called a "Communist" or a "Marxist" or some other inappropriate name.  This boycott shows me there are too many children playing on their parents' computer.  I'd say go ahead and cry, whine, and throw your temper tantrums and see what that'll do for you!  Grow up, accept life as it comes, and adjust. 

GEICO Supporter - 11/25/10 12:02 PM
GEICO Supporter

Has anyone - besides me - ever noticed that when a business decision is made, all the supposedly intelligent people suddenly start to whine and cry?  Obviously GEICO has a better place to spend their money than on a POS like Beck and Company!  I'd bet the top executives at GEICO won't lose a minutes sleep over their (excellent) decision to pull their financial support from FOX, the most biased news on the tube!

Fly Boy - 11/25/10 11:44 AM
Fly Boy

Beck is a hate spewing mongrel like his Alaskan sister Sarah.  It figures they'd work for Fox; a subsidiary of the Tea Party (formerly called the Obstructionist Party).

FL Gator - 11/25/10 11:33 AM
FL Gator

Way to go, GEICO!  Spend your money where folks will appreciate your product.  Why waste money where few people can understand what you're selling.  I read here the Repubs support FOX so one could expect their "reporting" to be slanted (biased) towards their Sugar Daddy and intentionally ignore the FACTS.  Don't have GEICO insurance; but support your management decision 110%!!!!! 

El Lobo - 11/25/10 11:25 AM
El Lobo

Glad to hear GEICO is no longer sponsoring the hate, lies, and the anti-American slander and biased comments over the air waves by FOX Noise.  Inasmuch as FOX Noise receives millions in support from the GOP, I'd say let the GOP continue supporting the likes of Beck, Palin, O'Reilly and the other hate mongers (Bush, Cheney, Rove, etc.).


Sit Down & Shut Up - 11/24/10 3:26 PM

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Sit Down & Shut Up

So GEICO has put their money where there mouth is and isn't sponsoring Glenn Beck. That is more of a pressuring from some special interests more than "freedom of speech". So it's their right to pull their ads. It's our right to boycott them if we wish. The progressives aren't happy with having 9/10ths of the networks spouting liberal crap. They want to muzzle the one remaining that is trying to present the other side, and everyone else as well.  Funny how rights are so one-sided If the USA sucks so bad that we have to change it, why not find a "better" place to live that's already that way! Don't let the door hit you on your way out.

Glenn Beck is an A-Hole - 11/17/10 1:43 PM
Glenn Beck is an A-Hole

He should be boycotted!

geico out beck in - 11/15/10 11:56 PM
geico out beck in

IM getting rid of my geico insurance. Im going with Beck on this one.

Good for Geico - 11/15/10 2:15 PM
Good for Geico

Im going with Geico now just bacause they dropped his show...

Boycott Glen Beck - 11/15/10 2:14 PM
Boycott Glen Beck

He is an idiot and deep down all of you know it. 15 minutes of fame and chances are he will be back to digging ditches for Karl Rove...

Glen Beck - 11/2/10 6:09 AM
Glen Beck

Give your business to people you feel support your political interests. Glen Beck does not support mine. Hats off to Geico!

I question the sanity of Beck supporters. My own brother included. He is an African American Republican,Living off of social programs created by the"Leftists" All that he has in life was given to him by parents who were involved in organized labor. Beck is against all that made America great

Boycott of hypocrites - 10/24/10 2:22 PM
Boycott of hypocrites

Let me just C & P the description: Boycott Description

Geico has bent to the will of the leftist media and pulled its advertising from the Glenn Beck show. Geico should keep politics out of its advertising decision making and should not take sides in such debates.


Let me re-type the sentence: Geico should keep out of politics out of its advertising decision making and should not take sides in such debates.


Uh, weren't they just on someone's side? So now you're boycotting because Geico has left your idol. I agree that big corporates should stay out of politics altogether. Politics is about the people and their ideas, not about money. Too bad though money wins.

Gueck or beicko? - 10/17/10 3:38 PM
Gueck or beicko?

I am not fond of Geico but have a sudden urge to vomit on truly ignoramus beings who act like 'knowitalls' who claim to 'speak' for 'the majority'. Which brings me to Glenn Beck = vomit. I am a free thinking ' informed' non-partisan human being and I don't approve this boycott. Burp!

Pity party - 10/15/10 1:27 PM
Pity party

Beck fans there is a difference between censorship and not paying the bills for stupid talk.  Glen Beck is still free to go out on the street or to the National Mall and say whatever he likes short of inciting crimes.  Deciding not to pay his bills is the definition of freedom.  Your free to disagree and I am free to continue thinking you are an idiot.

Shame on GEICO - 10/14/10 11:13 PM
Shame on GEICO

Shame on you GEICO! Glenn Beck is one of our heroes who is trying to get our country back from the communists.

Remember, GEICO stands for Government Employees Insurance Company.  If you don't believe me, look at Wikipedia.


wonderful. Loudmouthed no-nothing jerk disrves far worse, Thanjs, Gicoi - you'll keep my 4 - 10/12/10 7:33 AM
wonderful. Loudmouthed no-nothing jerk disrves far worse, Thanjs, Gicoi - you'll keep my 4

Thanks Geico. I can happily keep my policies there

To Whoever Wrote "GEICO IS MAKING A BIG MISTAKE!!!" - 10/5/10 8:19 PM

Just so you know, anyone who is not a member gets the title "anonymous" when they enter there post.  This is only one of many reason however, for why you most likely succeeded in convincing no one about the rightness of your stance on this issue (except for people who are even greater bigots than yourself of course!)

To the reader, it is evident that you attack the other commenter's character because you do not have any actual arguments.  Moreover, I am curious to know when you say, "Maybe you should go live in one of those [communist] countries for a while," are you advocating to us to go and live in Communist Russia?  Of course, I can try, but my time machine isn't working too well; can I use yours?

 I also find it amusing that you tell the other commenter to, "go back to school" even though it appears that your response was constructed by someone with the grammar skills of a fifth grader.

Finally, I just wanted to praise your argument on Glenn Beck.  Essentially, in your entire rant, you are trying to prove that Glenn Beck is a good guy.  How do you go about achieving this?  Well, by saying Glenn Beck is good guy!  If the reader can't understand that, they just must be retarded right?

If you actually support conservatives and the free market like your claim too, you would be in support of Gieco's move.  Clearly, if Gieco is advertising more heavily towards the liberal audience, they believe they will earn a higher revenue for whatever reasons.  It is because companies are making decisions like this constantly, about where the demand is, how to optimize revenue, etc., that the free market works so beautifully; this is Adam Smith's "invisible hand" at work.

Overall, I really hope that people in this country are able to express themselves better than you can.  Otherwise, zero intellectual or cultural progress will occur, and we will end up with people resorting to rude and abrasive language,  just to tear other people down.

Censorship is UnAmerican - 10/5/10 1:28 PM

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Censorship is UnAmerican

I will be cancelling my policies with Geico as I don't agree with censorship of the 5th estate as egregious as most of it is.

Big AZ Bob - 10/1/10 9:29 PM
Big AZ Bob

I got "ANONYMOUS" when I keyed the previsous response. I am not afraid of telling you all who I am. I am retired Law Enforcement, and a US Marine. It is shameful that such a person would publish such post. I wrote the First, Second, Third, and the narrative. I read a few of the other posts. They too seem to think your off base.....


First, I have been a customer of Geico for over 14 yrs. I have never seen the Co. take a position in politics.

Second, "Anonymous" you don't have the balls to Identify yourself so you have no say.

Thirdly, and most importantly, you are ignoant. You should not reproduce or vote. You must be mentally challenged.

Glenn Beck is one of the nations hero's to stand up to the people trying to destory this country. Like Harry Reid, and Pelosi. You would mostlly likely vote for Chee Shavaris,[I know I spelled it wrong] He too was a communist and killed off 10s of thousands and is praised by nuts like you. You need to go back to school and or read about history, communists like Stalin, Marx, and one of today Kim Ill Jun. Maybe you should go live in one of those countries for a while. If you think Beck is wrong DO THE RESEARCH. You will discover how right he is. If you are not the answer you are clearly part of the problem.

I have been to war, no one wins. This country was built on GOD, Guns, and Glory. You should learn to be an AMERICAN. Learn the U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights, and only in AMERICA, could you publish such trash.

Good for Geico - 9/23/10 2:38 PM
Good for Geico

I will buy my insurance from them from now on. Thanks for the heads up. Glen Beck is a disease.

Yes - 9/21/10 5:26 PM

My boycott has nothing to do with Beck.  My reason is the double sucker punch of: 1) terrible premiums and 2) worst annoying commercials.

Ever hear of free speech? - 9/19/10 9:50 AM

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Ever hear of free speech?

Geico has every right to select who they want to sponsor/advertise with.  But if they do because they do not like what the man has to say then they are being discriminate.  So if I don't like what the Red cross, NAACP oe WETA stand for then I can drop them or exculde them from advertising on my popular show or network...right?  RIGHT! but then I'd have Al sharpton and the ACLU trying to sue me over racialy intolerance and even being a racist.

Good Riddance - 9/17/10 8:21 AM
Good Riddance

Let Geico remove their advertising from Fox News all together. Fox News only has about three of top ten most watch cable news programs on television, one of whisch IS the most watched cable news program. They're only hurting themselves if they're hurting at all. Beside, its a free country and they can do whatever they please with their business.

Truth - 9/8/10 11:48 AM

Beck tells the truth and the Liberal Nut Cases only comeback is I hate Bush. Beck has come real close to the higher ups in Giaco who are open Athiests and all of the are Liberal Cowards. Beckt tells the usefull idiots the truth and they have no responce or comback except it's Bush's fault. All you liberal freaks join Warren Buffet and while head on over to AARP another Liber haven. Giaco and AARP and the NAACP will

Good for Geico - 8/26/10 9:55 AM
Good for Geico

I'm proud of Geico and their decision to avoid Glenn Beck. He and other "personalities" are the reason the world looks at the US and laughs.

Glen Beck and Geico - 8/22/10 3:28 PM
Glen Beck and Geico

Good for Geico. I am not a customer, but may send them a donation!


Beck is an idiot - 8/20/10 12:07 PM
Beck is an idiot

Glen Beck is not only a fascist, he is an idiot. Right on Geico and may others follow.

political - 8/12/10 1:39 PM

for all of you who are unaware, Warren Buffett owns GEICO. If you pay attention to his leanings and where he uses his influence when it comes to politics, you will see that it was a political move.

Geico v. Beck - 8/3/10 2:34 PM
Geico v. Beck

Refusing to run Glenn Beck advertisements does not suggest that Geico is run by a leftist agenda, but rather that they might aversion to fanaticism. Good for Geico.

TxRepLady - 7/27/10 2:04 PM

Thank God Geico has the good sense to pull their advertising from this fanatic, he does NOT represent main stream Republican voters.

How can people make comments in favor of Beck who uses them & makes millions from them - 7/19/10 9:18 PM
How can people make comments in favor of Beck who uses them & makes millions from them

we should all be concerned when corporations get into politics

My guess is that who ever wrote this works for Haliburton, I mean - Cheney, $50 toilet seat covers, I told a Republican about Haliburton, he didn't believe me. Six months later after see an expose on Haliburton, he said that he was no longer going to vote Repblican. A true story unlike others on here.

 "Those people cheering Geico probably have something else to say about Haliburton, eh?  Don't be political idiots. Think for yourselves, left nuts!" - Who at Haliburton wrote this?

Also I would think that this boycott was written by someone from Beck's show. Or someone that is really clueless. Geico should be commended for taking a stand against mean spirited multi millionaire commentators, like Beck & Rush, (or rather as their co-horts call them - entertainers). What is sad is that the uneducated are being used.

Glen Beck - 7/9/10 7:58 AM
Glen Beck

Right Wing Nut? You are all out of touch like the government "public servants to their own ends and pockets". Do you not know about the proposed MOSQUE at the 9-11 ground zero sight? Educate yourself and got to snoops and type it in.....THEN tell me who the nuts are. Not to mention the proliferation of the border by undocumented democrates..............


Geico supports free market - 6/24/10 7:58 AM
Geico supports free market

Thanks Geico for not supporting hate speech. Exercize your rights in a free market economy and sponsor whom you choose!

Wat to Go, GEICKO - 6/22/10 1:47 PM
Wat to Go, GEICKO

Someone is finally paying attention to all the hatred and fear mongering littering the FOX Channels!

i love glen - 6/14/10 10:28 PM
i love glen

I love Beck, Geico, you SUCK!

Good for you, Geico! - 6/11/10 4:13 AM
Good for you, Geico!

Glenn Beck is a dangerous, uninformed, hateful person who is able to sway the opinion of the uneducated. Fortunately, the percentage of these "right-wing" lunatics is very small, compared to the rest of the US consumer base. They seem "larger than life" because they whine loudly and try to manipulate public opinion without educating themselves with the facts. Funny also how so many of the postings of these extremists have incomplete sentences and misspellings in their posts...very telling. Voting with your dollar is important, but be sure to get the facts and educate yourselves. We live in a society that supports the 1st Amendment. Beck and his ilk want to take that right away from us all.

Bravo, Geico - 6/8/10 11:23 AM
Bravo, Geico

I'm happy to see some corporate social responsibility. Pulling ads from Beck's show is a good move. Whether Geico and other corporations are actually "persons" under US law, it's gratifying to see signs of moral conscience. (Yes, I know. They're making a bottom line decision, but it's a good one.)

Go Geico!! - 6/5/10 8:38 PM
Go Geico!!

I'm glad that Geico pulled it's advertising from the Glenn Beck show.  Glenn Beck is a hate-filled, xenophobic little man and companies should stay clear of bigots/idiots like him. 

we should all be concerned when corporations get into politics - 4/19/10 1:58 PM
we should all be concerned when corporations get into politics

I left geico right after i heard about this. They seemed very concerned, one of the executives actually called me to try and bring me back. I think they lost a lot of business because of their little foray into politics. Ironically, they never chose to advertise on Beck's show. They just paid a bulk fee for random slots. They could have said this and left well enough alone but Geico decided to become politically active.

Left or right, we should all be concerned when corporations are becoming the driving force behind our politics. In fact, I would think the LEFT would be particularly concerned, considering the wealth in this country seems to be mostly in the hands of those on the right. Those people cheering Geico probably have something else to say about Haliburton, eh?  Don't be political idiots. Think for yourselves, left nuts!


I'm nor will I be a Geigo customer--they are neither afforadable or that competitive for drivers with excellent records--but I applaud them for disassociating themselves with the likes of GlennBeck and the garbage he expouses and his attempt at nothing less than white supremacy.  He and Rush are typical examples of promoting violence through mod-mentality thinking and complete distortion of the truth--not at all unlike Hitler and those Arian Race Brothers. Scumbags indeed!

DONE WITH GEICO! - 4/7/10 3:18 PM

I will cancel my policy and tell all my friends to do the same----arent you in the business to make money----can you the hear us----FREE MARKET!

You have caved and by doing so, I have to assume that your company will soon be in the "share the wealth" program----good for you and all your "equal" customers!


I Agree - 4/2/10 6:38 AM
I Agree

First, Geigo is a company and as such when a contract is up can make any business moves it wishes.

Beck supporters are a small but loud group, just like Palin supporters.  But that doesn't stop either group from whinning and trying to reload, now does it? 

Geico has done the right thing! - 3/30/10 4:17 AM
Geico has done the right thing!

Glen and his fellow wing-nuts advocate violence. I'm proud of Geico for doing the right thing and removing they money from his cause.

LOVE FOR GEICO - 3/23/10 6:35 AM


ISUPPORT YOU 100%  geico!!!!!!!!

WAY TO GO GEICO! - 2/10/10 7:02 PM


GEICO's as Stupid as a Caveman! - 1/26/10 12:14 PM
GEICO's as Stupid as a Caveman!

Way to go GEICO!  "Caving" to the left.  Figures you're as stupid as a caveman!  Glenn Beck rocks...  Hmmmm  Maybe he should throw a few stones your way and knock a little sense into you.  A caveman would understand that, right?

Good Job Geico - 1/25/10 11:56 AM
Good Job Geico

To stay affiliated with Glenn "hate-monger" Beck in any way, shape, or form is definitely bad for business. Though his supporters are a loud bunch, they are thankfully also a small one. Their maniacal bark is much worse than their actual bite. Good riddance I say. Soon there will be another global tragedy like Haiti for them to spit on, and Geico will be far from their feeble little minds. 

Go Geico!! Go USA!!! - 1/7/10 6:44 PM
Go Geico!! Go USA!!!

Glad to hear so many people switching to Gieco because of this anti-boycott. There may be hope for this country after all.

Glenn Beck not losing much - 12/24/09 1:25 PM
Glenn Beck not losing much

Glenn Beck should be glad Geico is not going to advertise on his show.  Geico does not have the integrity to be good enough to be a sponsor.  Pray you are never the victim of one of their policy holders.  You will end up having to use your own insurance for damages then sue them for restitution. 

Goodbye, Geico! - 10/26/09 8:08 AM
Goodbye, Geico!

Goodbye, Geico!  Our auto insurance with you expires October 31 & we're switching to Met Life.  Better coverage at a cheaper price & we refuse to support companies that cave into political pressure.  There are a lot of consumers out there who drive cars and support Glenn Beck.  You just lost another one!

Consumer Consciousness - 10/25/09 5:53 PM
Consumer Consciousness

The American customer is a powerful voice (hence the power of boycotts) and Geico is a customer of Glenn Beck's advertising services.  Why in the world shouldn't Geico have the right to pull their business from a provider for political reasons? FURTHERmore even if Geico were acting apolitically, then chosing to advertise with someone else might simply reflect their understanding that many of their own customers might be turned off by their association with Beck- a smart business move, wouldn't you say?

I Was Unaware of This Boycott - 10/14/09 12:30 PM
I Was Unaware of This Boycott

But now that I am I'll be sure to give Geico my business.


Anyway why would you want to punish Geico?  By allowing Geico to do as it sees fit and pull its advertising from Beck's show Beck will have yet another opportunity to blubber like a five-year-old on national TV.  My God how proud all you Beck Kool-Aid drinkers must be every time the nutty alcoholic Mormon turns on the waterworks and begins crying.

Glen Beck is... - 10/13/09 8:46 PM
Glen Beck is...

an overly emotional actor. He is NOT a newsman. He should be on NBC with Friends. Or better yet a tele-novela.

left of eden - 10/9/09 4:47 PM
left of eden

Go Geico!  I can't think of any good reason to have Beck in any speaking role for the purposes of good capitalist advertising.  He is best served as an ignored dish:  Much like arugala in an untouched salad.

GEICO SUCKS - 9/18/09 9:51 PM

GEICO screws over its customers and employees all the time. Get a quote from Allstate or State Farm for those wanting to leave GEICO.

Free Market - 9/17/09 9:59 AM
Free Market

I dont see why conservatives would have a problem with this. Isn't this the perfect example of the free market. If a company does something improper or supports an agenda that is not yours you have every right to let them know that you will stop using their product or service.

My father was a true libertarian (before it was Republicans started saying they were) and he always defended the free market by saying we need no government control of companies because if a company does something the people don't approve of the people will stop buying from them.


Or is this one of those "it's ok when WE do it but don't you dare do it" things. Like accusing people of giving aid and comfort to our enemies by speaking ill of the president when we have troops in the field.

Glenn Beck - 9/13/09 6:35 AM
Glenn Beck

I am glad that I don't use Geico -- if I did I would change my insurance

Hypocrites - 9/12/09 6:27 PM

The Geico Marketing Department is full of double-speaking Hypocrites... they have stated that their official position is that "Gieco does not necessarily agree-with or endorse the programs on which it advertises"... and yet that is PRECISELY the reason that that cowered to the radicals at "" and have chosen to attempt to sensor the voice of conversatives. They made this decision solely because they do not agree with the “opinions expressed” on Glen Beck’s show.

Notice that they do not yank their advertising off of the David Letterman Show (even if he refers to a well-liked Conservative Governor as a "slutty flight-attendant" and makes sexually degrading comments about her children). They do not yank their advertising off of the Jay Leno Conan O'Brien Jimmy Fallon The View The Opera Show MSNBC CNN or any other program based on "opinions expressed".... only Glen Beck as a Conservative!

As a long-standing customer with Geico (over 25 years) I am saddened that this company (after taking over $30000.00 of premiums from me) is choosing to "play politics" and "sensor opinions".

It's time to encourage EVERYONE to leave Geico... because WE DON'T AGREE WITH THEIR "OPINION" either.

Bye Bye Stupid Lizard Guy!!!

Wrong messgae - 8/30/09 10:31 AM
Wrong messgae

One of Geico's current commercial's has the gecko stealing a man's dollar and using it to buy chips. This is the wrong message to send to kids. You do not steal from others.

shame on you - 8/25/09 11:55 AM
shame on you

while you bow to the boycott of some wind up offending the rest of americans who are faithful fox news watchers... I for one am glad to see you go..Geico...

Teeth - 8/24/09 12:02 PM

Thank you for the information of the boycott. Just like these companies (GEICO P& G Progressive- the CEO of Prgressive is very good friends with G. Soros and his ilk.) can block advertising on shows they don't consider politically in line with I can refuse to purchase from these companies.  I won't go to see movies with S. Pean S. Sarandon and her live-in actor partner G. Clooney Jane Fonda etc.

It IS STill A Free Country

All these commies become capitalists when they fear losing $$$.

Logic? - 8/21/09 1:28 AM

Y'all pulled your support of Glenn Beck but still contribute to Michael Vick's salary? Seriously?

GEICO - 8/20/09 11:51 AM

I work for GEICO and to sit here and listen to you all rant and rave about how we pulled our advertising because we side with one polictal party or another is wrong.  We believe in our right to free speech just as Glen Beck has his right to say what ever the hell he wants.  To read the things that people say about us as a collective unit is wrong.  We each have a right to believe what we want that is why we live in the US.  I just wish people would understand that being in the center of a political debate is not where we wanted to be.  We are neither for not against Glen Beck we are indifferent.  Each one of us has that right to be neutral.  So you boycot my company we lose money we lose jobs we go on unemployment and we lose everything...God I am proud to be an American

I'm Sure They're Shaking - 8/19/09 7:05 AM
I'm Sure They're Shaking

You guys are all total Neo-Con Radical Facists.  Why don't you take your Uzi's your satelite TV in a Trailer and move into the hills of West Virgina Where you can shoot your hollow points while cheering on the uneducated non-journalistic "talk show hosts" on Fixed News while munching your freedom fries.  The rest of normal civlized society will be down here talking about issues instead of radicalized slanderous mudslinging 

anonyme - 8/18/09 7:41 PM

Congratulations to Geico for not supporting this self serving lying social reporter.

Tami - 8/17/09 7:47 PM

I have just changed from GEICO to Allstates after 3 years of giving them my business.  They will be sorry because we are the customers the people making them money.   I guarantee most of this radical group are unemployed and uninsured.  They have nothing to do but harass these companies.  Companies should never get involved in politics.  Very bad business decision. 

Smart Move, NOT!!!! - 8/17/09 11:18 AM
Smart Move, NOT!!!!

Thank you for your continued support of the Glen Beck Show and not caving into the radical left attack machine.

Just posted my comments on a BUY CONSERVATIVE forum.

“Did you all see the heavy Radio Shack NASCAR advertising Sunday they even ran back to back ads for “THE SHACK”. How unfortunate as  I see today they been placed on alert  as a new radical left supporter. Just as I replaced  my GIECO auto insurance finding better insurance for a lesser price I feel it is best to shop elsewhere.  In the Metro Phoenix area I suggest looking at Walmart for toys Alltel or Verizon for phones and Best Buy Fry’s Electronics or Walmart for computers TV’s and other consumer electronics.” 

Geico - 8/17/09 9:50 AM

I would love to see Fox news refuse to accept any advertisers who don't want their ads aired during Glen Beck's show. Fox is the top rated news channel so screw Geico Et Al let them advertise on one of the Obamabot channels where nobody will see them.

robin - 8/17/09 8:59 AM

I am saddened and embarassed for Geico and know that the only thing I can do to affect change is to stop giving them by business.  I know many others who will be doing the same.

I choose Geico - 8/17/09 5:58 AM
I choose Geico

I plan to switch to Geico simply because the company chose to pull its support from that bigoted moron.

Linda - 8/17/09 5:40 AM

Geico certainly has a right to align itself with people who do not understand freedom of speech and those who think it was wrong for them to do so have a right to let them know. Yes in the USA we do still have freedom of speech and so do you who don't agree. As for me I choose to BOYCOTT!!!! Go Mr. Beck!

Time to change companies - 8/16/09 3:54 PM
Time to change companies

We don't need our insurance company playing politics.. they don't pull ads off of other shows when they say hateful things do they?

I pledge to encourage 25 people to drop GEICO or to not use them when looking for insurance.

I pledge to encourage those 25 people to encourage 25 others to drop Geico or not use them. 


No More Geico for Me. - 8/16/09 2:39 PM
No More Geico for Me.

I am pulling my auto insurance from your company as of tomorrow.  Most of us who watch Glenn Beck and FOX NEWS are the hardworking tax payers who buy your insurance and/or products and invest in your companies.   I am writing to all the other advertisers as well.


Another lost customer - 8/16/09 5:50 AM
Another lost customer

Consider another customer that has walked away. Pay attention do not play sides. It will come back to bite you Geico!

Freedom lover - 8/16/09 2:47 AM
Freedom lover

Mr. Buffett;s extreme left Liberism is showing

Support Glenn Beck - 8/15/09 9:16 PM
Support Glenn Beck

I am not going to give one cent to Geico. I am ashamed of this cowardly move and will urge all freedom loving americans to make sure their money does not go to furthering the Liberal cause anymore. Take back the POWER of the purse from these leftists.


God Bless America!

HAHAHA - 8/15/09 8:12 PM

So to categorize a company who pulls advertising from a talk show as socialists is wrong.  Considering they are owned by the richest man in the worl next to Bill gates.  I am a conservative to the core but to boycott companies over this nonsense is anti-capitalism in its own right.

Boycott - 8/15/09 8:03 PM

I was looking to replace my AAA insurance but using those vendors that are willing to follow the whims of those working to hurt America is not where I choose to spend my money.  Companies that are willing to submit themselves to a socialist viewpoint will feel the financial sting from those who want to protect this great country from that kind of damage.

YES -- BOYCOTT GEICO - 8/15/09 9:41 AM


My analysis:  Don't support GEICO's products or their liberal funding projects.   "Productive fulfilled people determine where to put their efforts choosing to wisely utilize precious time…to build up. 

GLEN BECK SHOW IS GOOD FOR AMERICA.  NOW GEIGO REPRESENTATIVE STATES "It is of little benefit to us if a program gets so much attention that our message is drowned out. "

BECK RATINGS ARE:  Fox News Beck 2417000


boycott of geico - 8/15/09 7:43 AM
boycott of geico

Wonderful idea. 

The Leftists are Rising Again - 8/15/09 6:13 AM
The Leftists are Rising Again

Boycotting Glen Eeck is the work of one of Obama's "Czars".  we're watching totalitarians attempt a takeover the Shining Beacon.

nerd - 8/14/09 11:14 PM

And Boycott guy do you have 9.8 million friends to move out of geico??  Didnt think so.  Get a life nerd.

Who Cares - 8/14/09 11:12 PM
Who Cares


Let me boycott your company - 8/14/09 11:11 PM
Let me boycott your company

Hey idiot boycotting can hurt people and their families.  I dont come steal food off your table.  Geico pulled because beck made a negative comment big deal.

Nobody cares about your boycott - 8/14/09 9:10 PM
Nobody cares about your boycott

People don't be fooled by this Boycott creator. He probably just works for a competitor of GEICO and is just trying to spread negativity. Take it easy man.

Not a Customer - 8/14/09 9:02 PM
Not a Customer

You choose to pull your advertising from Glenn Beck however continue to advertise on Rachel Maddow Ed Schultz and Keith Olberman.  You choose to support hate speech over liberty and although you have the right to do so should be ashamed.

Thank you, Geico! - 8/14/09 7:48 PM
Thank you, Geico!

THANK YOU for dropping your sponsorship of Glen Beck's show!! His rants and raves are his right - but he (and his "network" ) also needs to know his "hate speech" has financial consequences. Also - compare his "rants" about the "state of the U.S. health care system" in January 2008 (when he had just had a MINOR health scare) to what he is saying now. He is either a liar very confused or just insane. . .or all of the above????

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