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EXPEDIA is a Scam

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EXPEDIA is a huge scam ( Alert all your friends and relatives before they become the next victims of EXPEDIA's unethical and criminal business practice

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Never again! - 7/21/14 6:10 PM
Never again!

Do NOT ever, *EVER*, use Expedia Hotels and Flights!

Not unless you look forward to dealing with bait-n-switch schemes where they offer you one price, but when it's time to book, either:
- the prices have gone up
- the flight times/stops have changed (adversely)
- the flights are simply "no longer available" (but if you go through the process all over again, the same flight options are still posted for selection)

Shouldn't a travel agency who relies on real-time data, you know, actually have real-time data?!

Or perhaps you'd like to experience the joy of "confirming" your travel itinerary, hand over payment information, and then be told "oh, there was a problem, those flights are no longer available", and in the meantime your funds are now being held hostage by pending transactions where you get to enjoy hours-long phone calls over a span of *days* to get them to release said funds.

Or perhaps you'd enjoy those long talks with "customer service" agents who just give you the run around with endless transfers, throw you back into the phone queue when you ask for a supervisor, or continually disconnect your call when you ask for a supervisor.

We were *literally* on the phone for over 5 hours during one of our grueling episodes. 5 hours! You'd think something could be accomplished in 5 hours... but not when you are dealing with incompetent employees working for a company run by incompetent "management".

Oh, did I mention I'm currently on a 1 hour 43 minute (and counting) phone call still trying to resolve this... (lovely hold music though).

Expedia Baggage Charge Rip Off - 7/11/14 12:33 PM
Expedia Baggage Charge Rip Off

Booked 2 BA flights with Expedia.

At no point did they say that checked in luggage was not included.

Got the confirmation email, again does not state that checked in baggage not included.


Two days later get an email from Expedia saying that baggage is not included.  Checked with BA and they confirmed that bagage is not included.

To add bagge to the flights is now more expensive than one return flight with baggage.  Mental.

Expedia have washed their hands of the whole thing.

Spoke to BA (they couldn't help, not their problem) and they told me that they get lots of calls every day with this issue.

Expedia.  Sort it out.  Clearly state the terms and conditions of the contract of carriage (you DO not).

BA.  Sort it out.  Expedia are giving your products a very bad name.  Talk to them and get them to clearly state the terms and conditions of the contract of carriage.

i hate expedia - 6/18/14 11:35 AM
i hate expedia

boked a flight on expedia, could not change it even though i was willing to pay for the change

Expedia is trying to steal my money - 6/12/14 2:38 PM
Expedia is trying to steal my money

Booked a hotel, canceled by phoning the hotel before the deadline, was told "Okay, it's all taken care of."  Waited for refund, finally called Expedia, then began a game where the hotel said only Expedia can authorize the refund, and Expedia says only the hotel can suthorize the refund. 

No one disputes that I canceled the reservation, but Expedia will not issue the refund.  The hotel manager keeps babbling nonsense that he can't "officially" cancel it, he doesn't have accesss to Expedia's computer system.

Thieves and liars, all.  I have disputed the charge with my credit card company and hope not to end up targeted by a collection agency and a bad report on my credit.

Price kept going up!! - 4/28/14 3:33 AM
Price kept going up!!

I was trying to book a holiday to turkey with expedia. The intial price was 1000 pounds for 3 days. After pressing the submit button, I got a message that the price had gone up by 400 pounds making it to a total of 1400 pounds. I tried again straightaway, and this time another message came up to say the price to a total of 1600 pounds. I gave up as it looks like a very cheap scam to luke people into booking and then hike the price. I WILL NEVER OPEN THE EXPEDIA WEBPAGE AGAIN  AND WASTE MY TIME!!!

Expedia's useless price guarantee - 3/7/14 7:10 AM
Expedia's useless price guarantee

When you book an airplane ticket with Expedia, they will inform you that they are the cheapest and that if you find a cheaper ticket somewhere else they will refund you the difference. If the price of the ticket is split into flight, seat and baggage Expedia does not inform you about their baggage charge until you have entered your credit card number. At that point you will not only find that their baggage price is higher than if you booked directly through the airline company - you will also find that it is too late for you to change your mind. Thus Expedia's price for the flight itself is usually all right, while the baggage charge is higher and you will end up paying more. If you complain to Expedia they will inform you that the baggage price that you have found on the airline company's own website probably is a special offer and in such a case their price guarantee does not apply. This is bogus. What the customer is interested in is the total price and nothing else. Save your money - don't book through Expedia.

I will never book with Expedia again! - 3/4/14 10:04 PM
I will never book with Expedia again!

A dear friend of my wife's passed away suddenly. We had booked a weekend getaway thru Expedia but now could not make the reservation. I went to the email to get info to cancel the reservation and noticed the BIG red letters that said This reservation cannot be cancelled. I did not remember seeing that when I booked it. I called and asked for help and explained the situation and that I only wanted a credit not a refund but was told that it could not be cancelled, i asked for help and asked to speak to a supervisor, after waiting for 24 minutes the supervisor finally came on the phone with the same story. I told him I thought the webpage hid the fact about cancelling, if you look at it you only see it in a small box on the right hand side of the page before you book, mixed in with other text and an add. Not in big bold red letters, easy to pass by and not see. Then on the payment page, again no big red letters. If you happen to notice it, there is a small box at the very bottom, you see the big yellow button and click pay, but if you had noticed it beforehand there is a small line of text that says by clicking you have accepted the rules and restrictions. I went back and after clicking then it brings up a box that tells you what you are about to do in non-refundable. If they were not trying to hide the fact then why did they not have the BIG BOLD RED LETTERS just above the yellow button or in the bullet point box?????? I work with people who design webpages and in know this is by design and not a mistake. I was told the info was there and that they would not refund my $153, which I could not afford to lose. I asked them to please make me a happy customer and just give me a credit, I did want the money back just not to lose it. NO REFUNDS! I will never book anything thru Expedia again and I will tell all my friends, and share it on Facebook and anywhere else i can post it.

SHAME EXPEDIA - 1/16/14 3:42 AM

We booked a trip to Bali beginning of February coming ordinary trip.. A family one for myself and partner and 3 older kids.. The youngest who has not been well and gets out of hospital 2 days before we fly out. Everything booked ok they took our nearly $7000 all our confirmation etc have came through ( we booked in November ) we were looking forward to taking the kids to our favourite place and becoming a family again after 2 very difficult years with my youngests health.. Anyway then came the email Garuda has cancelled the flight but you can fly home the following day at the same time.. That was ok but that would mean an extra expense we did not have.. I asked expedia to approach Garuda to see if they would contribute a small amount to the additional cost but they came back with they will refund your fares (we would loose the accommodation as the trip was none refundable we weren't going to change our plans so non refundable was fine at the time) or we could be split up and put on all different flights or flown to another city with a connection to home hours later.. Non of the options were suitable in our families circumstances.. I have spent hours on the phone to Expedia mostly on hold. I have been snapped at and hung up on.. My booked return call from Expedia has never come through.. What's happening here... I know my numbers and to me it would make more sense for Garuda or Expedia to assist in some small way than to refund and loose $3000 in airfares. I know if I wanted to alter this trip it would have cost me thousands and if I wanted to change the dates and/or cancel I would loose everything. Expedia is disgraceful and need a fast hard lesson in customer relations. Excuses excuses, notes not recorded and/or recorded incorrectly.. Chasing the big bucks and not giving a hoot about people it's disgusting...hey Expedia you have not heard the last of this I promise that if you think that one of your call centre employees can speak to me the way they did and cut me off you had better think again. I will be hitting every review site I can as you have turned what should have been a well earned vacation by my family to rebound and reconnect into a slight nightmare because of your buck passing, disregarding unempathetic, shocking discussing attitude.

SCAM - 1/9/14 8:11 AM

I will never use expedia again!!!They stole my money too and they do hang up on you when you call with a problem!!Giant scam!!!!

Expedia hangs up when you say "Refund" - 1/6/14 9:28 AM
Expedia hangs up when you say "Refund"

If you don't like your hotel, YOU ARE TRAPPED! The hotel will say they cannot refund your reservation "because Expedia locks their computer", and if you try to call Expedia, they conveniently drop your call as soon as you talk about a refund! I called Expedia 8 times in a row, each time they hang up as soon as I say "refund". WTF

F R A U D !!!!!! - 12/24/13 6:22 PM
F R A U D !!!!!!

Buyers Beware!! We ordered a package (hotel + Air ) from EXPEDIA last march , we also bought an insurance waiver so we wouldnt lose the plane tickets. But The trip had to be cancelled due to illness. The money for the hotel was refunded. We got  vouchers from Expedia for our cancelled flight which we could use within one year around $650 per person. So we go online to book our trip last night, we find a great package deal for the same price as last year in exactly the same resort. No problem so far, we try to book online, only our vouchers are no good online so we had to call a representative. This is where the fun began! Apparently the vouchers arent any good for package deals as we find out from the represenative who told us that we would have to buy Hotel/ Air  separately in order to use our vouchers which would mean an additional $600. We were quite shocked, the reason we bought the insurance waiver was to preserve the money we paid for plane tickets, not loose them. We then decided to just buy the tickets, unfortunately JETBLUE doesnt have as many destinations as we hoped so we were stuck with that particular Airline and through Expedia only. We called back the next day and another representative quoted us the price for the same package for $800 more. When we asked for the manager we got hung up on. We persisted, we called again and again until finally we spoke to a manager that explained to us that vouchers cant be used toward package deals and that we can either buy the package at $800 more or loose the money. Mind you nowhere in their insurance waiver did it say that vouchers CAN NOT BE APPLIED to future packages. This is a grand scam, and i shudder to think how many people have fallen into this trap. Basically you loose 60-80% of the cost of the credit when you try to purchase from Expedia .

bait and switch - 9/27/13 8:10 PM
bait and switch

Classic scam.  Advertise one price, and when customeer goes to pay, suddenly price increases 10%.  Just a simple case of price fluctuation right?  Wrong.  I logged out, and logged back in to find the same low price (about 2% less than competing websites for the hook).  Then when I go to pay, price increased again to the exact price as before.  Tried two more times just to confirm their mafioso tactics, and then went to orbitz for the lower advertised price.  Never again expedia.  Orbitz now has a loyal customer.

Scam - 9/3/13 2:06 PM

Booked flights on Expedia, verified everything was correct and booked.  after booking the expedia system "fixed" my name from what I had added to my old married name, because it happened after booking I did not notice until I was refused check in at the airport.  Tried to get it sorted out, which took about 5 hours and expedia charging me an extra almost $800 for their mistake, and having to change almost everything about the trip because of it.  When I recieved the new confirmation, after a lot of making sure my name was correct with them on the phone, their system had changed it to my old name AGAIN.  Called again, had it fixed again.  got an email confirmation of the tickets, in the correct name, with confirmation number, and went back into expedia to make certain, and once again wrong name.  I finally dealt with the airline directly, who werent happy the expedia kept screwing it up, only to discover that they had not even ticketed me, so that confirmation and email werent attached to actual tickets.  the nice lady at the airline helped get everything straightened out and made certain its the right name and will stay that way in their system.  But she told me she was really concerned for me, because they had given expedia a waiver so that it was a straight exchange of tickets with no fees, and expedia had then charged me $800 supposedly as fees from the airline.  Their own rules and regulations at Expedia say they charge no fees for chances, and only pass on the charges direct from the airline.  What a scam!

Never again - 8/20/13 1:33 PM
Never again

Less than 24 hours ago spent $1000 on a plane ticket that I was just told I can't upgrade. On the phone for 45 minutes out of my work day with every manager I could find to be told that they don't care about me as a customer, and would rather me refund the entire amount of the ticket than let me upgrade. Apparently your employees care more about putting people on hold/getting them to hang up than actually making money. I will be getting my refund and spending my $1000 elsewhere, thanks for nothing, what a disgrace

Expedia Best Price Guarantee is not true. - 6/12/13 6:25 AM
Expedia Best Price Guarantee is not true.

Just booked a flight from Expedia. With in 24 hr  I found on Travelocity the same Airline same flight number same class, same time, same everything  only $75 less  I tried to get Expedia's Best Price Guarantee.

 Expedia said that the booking code was not shown on Travalocity's screen shot so they would not honor the guarantee. I talked to them for a hour they told me to email them but they did not respond.

Expedia Best Price Guarantee is a false designed to keep you there and make you pay extra for every stay. Expedia will bring you 100 reasons why they will not consider the price you found as a cheaper offer no matter what you tell them.

Expedia Elit Plus customer support is the worst support I have ever experienced in my life.

Don't give up - try to dispute bad Expedia charges with your credit-card company! - 5/29/13 6:39 PM
Don't give up - try to dispute bad Expedia charges with your credit-card company!

Here is our Expedia nightmare story.  In our case, it has a positive ending, but only thanks to American Express and our successful disputed-charge claim against Expedia:   Bought round-trip tickets for my partner and me to Portland from Detroit, two months in advance as part of plans to go to a dear friend's wedding. Tickets cost approx. $300 each for round-trip fares. The day before the trip, I log in to my Expedia account and see my flights are all in order, two connecting flights outbound and two returning, all on Frontier. When I try to check in online on Frontier, I receive a popup message that the confirmation code is not valid. Huh? I begin to investigate and find out that the outbound leg of the trip has been changed to a United flight, but that the return leg has been kept on a now-cancelled Frontier flight. Turns out that a United/Frontier cooperative agreement has been cancelled between the two companies, and so we are stuck with only one-way tickets. on United. When I called Expedia, they refused to help me or even apologize for the fact that my online account with them shows I inaccurately have all Frontier flights, as if all is fine. They tell me my only course of action is to buy my return flights again. -- the day before having to fly out!? Now they would cost us $950 each! Expedia got my money originally but kept passing the buck to say that Frontier got my money in the end, and so Frontier should help me. When I called Frontier, they said that Expedia had cancelled the flight and only Expedia could help me because they had created the mixed-ticket situation. They would not honor anything with United now, because their agreement with both United and Expedia had ended. I didn't care about any of this, but just wanted the rounds rip tickets to be made whole by someone! I was kept on the phone on hold between various Expedia reps and supervisors for a total of two hours. In the end, they started to say that ***I*** had cancelled the return flight, but then they clammed up when I said, "If I cancelled, then show me how I did that without being charged a cancellation fee?" They knew they couldn't explain that one, given how quickly we all get charged with cancellation fees! In any case, we missed our friend's wedding and Expedia is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Listen to our advice and refuse to use them again. It's only a matter of time before this type of thing happens to you. I will never use them again, and am disputing the entire charge with my credit card company. Wish us luck! We can never get back this special wedding event again.
Update:I just received a full refund from my credit card company for our spoiled trip through Expedia! "Merchandise not received." YAY!!!! No matter what rude Expedia reps say, my advice is to try to initiate a disputed-charge investigation with your credit card company if you did not get the tickets you paid for or if you feel that Expedia made mistakes. I've learned my lesson and only want to share it with others. Buy directly from the airlines and hotels. The so-called deals are NOT worth it. Sooner or later this will happen to you. I was a long-time Expedia customer, but no more. If it does happen to you, remember not to give up. Dispute it with your credit card and you might get lucky like me and get a full refund. Take THAT, Expedia! Eventually, a company that treats its customers like this will fall. You may be big and it will take a while, but it will happen!  

Hello, dis is Peggy - 4/21/13 11:41 AM
Hello, dis is Peggy

Watch these Discover commercials. Peggy is Expedia

I will never use Expedia again! - 4/4/13 9:14 PM
I will never use Expedia again!

Just booked a trip for a family of 4 with expedia. Got the email confirmation and the room descriptions read "two twin beds".......why the heck would I book a room with two twin beds when there's four of us!  They told  us we can either do an upgrade or rent a cot...WTF!!!....I have a feeling this is not going to be an easy fix. Wish me luck!

Expedia thieves and liars - 4/2/13 9:40 PM
Expedia thieves and liars

From my experiences and reading those of others, it seems rather plain. We need to realize that these corporations see no reason to hold themselves to their binding agreements or those of their agents. They make more money by defrauding their customers of their hard-earned money and then paying poor schmucks less than 10 USD per hour to absorb all the hatred and rage of the jilted consumer. It would require more money than what they owe to actually be refunded, not to mention wasted time. 

I don't want to get into to much of the details, but I will never use Expedia again. I'll use ANY reputable competitor.

I had a legitimate reason to cancel my ticket(Visa wasn't issued in time from a country that required a return ticket) and was told, however, that the airline would refund the ticket in full so I didn't need to have Expedia refund it. I was promised multiple time to  be refunded, that it was only a matter of time.

I bought another ticket. 

In the end, I was told, rudely, after waiting for hours on hold, that if I could provide documentation stating that Expedia owed me a refund, I would could get one. They were fully aware, of course, that they had never provided such documentation and that, despite the verbal promises made by their representatives, I had no evidence of those promises.

I'll just live and learn on this one. And advise others to not make the same mistake. Spend your money with a company that values their customers and honors their agreements. In other words, boycott Expedia. 



Scam - 3/8/13 12:51 AM

Expedia showed one price, but upon clicking on the hotel to book the package the price is suddenly higher.  Waited until the next day to call a representative to hopefully book over the phone and avoid confusing price changes. However, the representative informed me that the price was even higher than the night before.  I called another booking company and was able to get everything taken care of, without the frustration of expedia's fluxuating prices.

e-mail to Campbell Live, an New Zealand current affairs programme - 2/8/13 11:26 PM
e-mail to Campbell Live, an New Zealand current affairs programme


Story idea - Expedia

We feel that everyone in New Zealand should be aware of the risks of booking with Expedia. This is our story:

On 15 January we booked flights from Auckland to Amsterdam via The name for this booking was shown correctly on the Expedia website as “Belinda Janneke Esther Kooiman” (see attachment). When we received the confirmation e-mail we noticed that the name was shown incorrectly as “Belinda Janneke Esthe Janneke Esther Kooiman”.

Because this is a KLM ticket we decided to check the booking on the KLM website. The name was shown incorrectly as “Belinda Janneke Esthe Kooiman” on the KLM website (see attachment). We phoned Expedia and were transferred to their call centre in India. We requested that they would correct the booking. Although the name is shown correctly on their website they were not prepared to correct the booking unless we would pay NZ$100 for a name change.

On 18 January we agreed to pay NZ$100 for a name change as long as they would investigate the issue and provide a refund after their investigation was completed. We were advised that the investigation would take between 7 - 10 days. Between 18 and 30 January we called Expedia multiple times to ask for an update in regards to the investigation and every time we were advised that it was still on-going. On 30 January we were again advised that it was still on-going however after insisting that the investigation should have been completed by now we were advised that the e-mail that was sent to the IT department on 18 January had bounced and that they would resend the e-mail. We were advised that the investigation would take 72 hours. We have not received another update.

Between 18 and 30 January we phoned Expedia multiple times and every time we were advised that the name change would be completed within 24 hours. On 26 January we phoned KLM in The Netherlands and they advised us that the name change had been approved by KLM 8 days earlier on 18 January and that Expedia should be able to complete the name change in only a few minutes. After phoning Expedia again multiple times insisting that they would complete the name change we were advised that they had a system problem which prevented them from completing the name change. We were promised multiple times that they would work on the name change and that the name change would be completed within 24 hours and that we would be called back however until 30 January this never happened. On 29 January we were advised that they had to create a new booking and that they could not use their own system for this! On 30 January we received new booking numbers over the phone.

On 1 February Expedia advised us that they were unable to send us an e-ticket. We would have to print an itinerary via However according to this website the itinerary is not an e-ticket and cannot be used as such. Expedia also advised us that they were unable to select seats on the new booking although seats were selected on the old booking. We phoned KLM in The Netherlands and they sent us an e-ticket and selected the seats for us which took less than a minute. KLM advised us that Expedia uses the same system as they do and that Expedia should have been able to send us an e-ticket.

Every time we phoned Expedia between 18 and 30 January a different travel consultant would answer the phone. Every time they would phone the airline keeping us on hold for approximately 30 minutes. Regularly they would keep us on hold for 30 minutes only to advise us that the airline was closed. They would then promise that the name change would be completed within 24 hours and that we would receive a confirmation e-mail however this never happened. A number of times the comments made by the travel consultants seemed incorrect, for example when they advised us that we could not speak to their manager as they did not have one or when they advised that the KLM office in The Netherlands was closed although it was 9:30 a.m. on a normal working day in The Netherlands. A number of times the call was disconnected and when we phoned again right away we were told that the travel consultant we had spoken to just before had left as their shift had ended.

We checked our credit card statements on 5 February and noticed that Expedia had charged us $2280.50 on 15 January, $100 on 22 January, $100 on 26 January (note that the name change was only completed on 30 January!) and again $2280.50 on 30 January (see attachment). We phoned Expedia about this issue multiple times however they are unwilling to refund the money they double charged us. We were advised that they are unable to find these charges in their system! We were also advised that they would investigate the issue and that the investigation would take 2 – 3 days. This means that the investigation should have been completed by now. We called Expedia yesterday and were promised that we would be called back within 2 hours. When this did not happen we called Expedia again however the travel consultant who answered the call kept us on hold for 60 minutes after which we gave up.

We have recorded most of the phone calls and will be able to provide details like number of phone calls, duration of phone calls, dates called, travel consultants spoken to, estimate of number of times disconnected, number of times promised to be called back, number of times actually called back, number of e-mails sent and number of e-mails replied to.

Expedia took for money and won't give it back - 1/22/13 4:52 PM
Expedia took for money and won't give it back

I paid for and booked a hotel for a week through The next day I was e-mailed from saying that even though I paid for the week that the hotel was over booked they couldn't honor my reservation for the entire week. So, I went and stayed at my expedia reservation for 2 days. When I got back I phoned expedia looking for a refund. They said I couldn't get a refund because I didn't call them. Even though it is not my fault, the blood suckers at expedia are keeping my money. I hope they die!

Expedia doesn't have lowest price - 1/19/13 9:37 PM
Expedia doesn't have lowest price

I am a manager at a hotel. The price Expedia charges the guest is our full price, but what Expedia pays the hotel is almost $20 less than what they charged the guest. Lowest price on Expedia..... What a joke..... Folks , always call a hotel direct to get the best price.

Do Not Use Expedia - 12/25/12 10:04 AM
Do Not Use Expedia

I am a General Manager at a hotel.  I deal with Expedia and it's customers every day.  I am always suprised why people seem to believe what they hear on TV.  The biggest problem I have with Expedia is when a guest wants to cancel thier reservation.  The hotel has no control over any reservations made through OTA's (On-Line Travel Agencies) eg. expedia, priceline, etc..  OTA's charge the guests credit cards directly so even if the hotel wanted to cancell the reservation the hotel cannot gurantee that Expedia will refund the credit card.  I have  had guests wait on hold for hours trying to change or cancel their reservations in my hotel lobby.  I have even seen Expedia customer service tell the guest they are going to call the hotel to see if the hotel will cancel the reservation.  Mind you the guest is standing at the front desk with me.  The guest is placed on hold while Expedia calls the hotel.  They in reality do not even call the hotel in many cases.  Then the customer is taken off of hold and told that the hotel will not cancel their reservation.  As far as I am concerned Expdia is very shady in terms of the way they conduct their business.  Expedia is good to see what hotels are in the area you want to visit and what rates they are offering.  I know for a fact that you will save more money by contacting the hotel directly.  Guest only need to be honest with the hotel and ask them if they can match or beat the rate available on Expedia.  Majority of the time you will find that the hotel does have a lower rate.  Also please do not call the 1-800 number you find on Expedia for the hotel.  This number is for Expedia.  Google the hotel directly.

  Two things to remember here.  One is that it is easier for a hotel to cancel a reservation that is booked directly from them or their website.  The second important fact is that most hotels do not charge your credit card at the time of the reservation.  Expedia will charge your card at the time of booking your reservation.

  Good luck trying to get your money back.  In all fairness to Expedia I have seen some guests get their money back.  I am not sure why only some guests are able to recieve refunds while others are not.  I am sure it has to with their cancellation policy and how much commission they are making.  If I figure this out I will post it here.

  The hotels also loose revenue when guest's book through OTA's like Expedia.  It is money they can use on staff, customer service, training and making the customer's stay more enjoyable.

  I hope this helps anyone who needs to book a room.

Worst Customer service - 12/16/12 9:09 AM
Worst Customer service

Booked hotel through Expedia then found the same room at a cheaper price on hotel website. Expedia would not refund the price as it was a non-refundable booking. I called the hotel to confirm my reservation and room, that is when I checked the hotel's price, which was lower. Expedia did not stand behind their best price guarantee. Instead told me that the room that the hotel told me I would be staying in was not listed on the expedia booking, but there was no room listed on the expedia booking at all.  I explained this to Expedia and they told me they have rules and regulations to follow and that I should understand that -___- Never Again!

Ripped off on car - 11/28/12 4:38 PM
Ripped off on car

They charged me $232.56 for a standard sized Hertz car. When I got to my destination, Hertz only had an economy car, which they (I found out later) charged me $170.00 for. Expedia says I need to contact Hertz to resolve this situation. I did and they told me they only charged Expedia $170 for the economy car. It only makes sense that since I got an economy car instead of a standard, I would be paying less. I won't ever use them again to book anything. Never.

BIG SURPRISE - 9/25/12 2:14 PM

If you use Expedia you will be in for a BIG SURPRISE!!!! They do not stand behind their service!  If you need help or have valid request for a refund you will be totally on your own.  Expedia will do nothing but pass the buck.  Very unprofessional!

NO REFUND - POOR SERVICE - 9/25/12 2:04 PM

Never use!  Booked airfare through Expedia on Aug 10th. On Aug 12th Expedia contacted us saying the airlines had change our connecting flight through Los Angeles; however, the connecting flight would not get us to our destination on time. Expedia said they could cancel the flight and we would receive a full refund. Now Sept 25th and still do not have our refund.  Everytime contact Expedia cannot get an answer on when or if we will actually receive a refund. If you use Expedia for any service YOU WILL BE SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO REFUND : its been 2.5 months - 8/23/12 10:11 AM
NO REFUND : its been 2.5 months

I cancelled my international return flight tickets booked through expedia. I do have a confirmation no for the cancellation. Everytime I call them, they keep me on hold for 1 hour saying that they are solving it through airlines.

Many times they just make false promises that the refund will be processed in 3 weeks and so forth. However, its been 2.5 months and they havent provided me any refund.

I have booked many flight tickets through expedia in past and this was my first experience related to cancellation. I will never ever book through expedia again and I have already warned my friends and relatives to not to use this scam website. 

Such a pathetic and unprofessional people. The company should be taken in court for playing around with the customer's time and money.

Price Promise NOPE!!! - 8/22/12 8:16 AM
Price Promise NOPE!!!

Booked hotel through Expedia then found it a few days later at a cheaper price on another site. Booking was like for like as they requested but they won't refund it. They made so many excuses it was comical. Have always used them before but never again. There are much cheaper and better sites out there who stick by their word and offer customer service.

Gimmicks & Lies - 8/3/12 12:57 PM
Gimmicks & Lies

I made a purchaased and the airline changed flight. I called airlines and was told Expedia approved the change. Called Expedia and asked why would they do that  without my knowledge. Now they refuse to give me a refund.

i hae been on hold and bounced around for 1 hour.. They are totral jerks.

KK - 6/14/12 5:31 AM

Booked Air Tran flight through Expedia. Two weeks later price dropped. If booked directely with airlines they would adjust but Expedia will not. So is Expedia getting my refund? I am being ripped off!!! Don't let this happen to you. I am trying my best to get the word out there. There is NO, read my words, NO customer service with this company!!!!

cruise - 6/12/12 10:40 AM

went to expedia to check out a cruise price. it gave me the price and it was good . it asked for all my information and when it entered it the price had increased by 450 persent. when i phoned them to see why the price was different they said they get thier prices from the supplier. not thier problem. what crokked company beware beware beware.

Expedia Best Price Guarantee is a bullsh*t - 5/22/12 12:26 AM
Expedia Best Price Guarantee is a bullsh*t

Just booked a hotel from Expedia. Total stay costs USD402 with Expedia Best Price Guarantee. Then decided to have a look at exactly the same hotel a Chosen the same room, smae number of people and same dates and the price was USD 322!

Called Expedia Elit Plus line to claim the difference and after 15 mins of waiting operator told me that Expedia does not count taxes (ok, those are the same at Expedia and but also the Extra guest fee of USD80. 


Now Expedia charges me extra guest fee of USD80, somehow does not count it in the calculation and claims that USD402 is still cheaper than USD322 offered by

Expedia Best Price Guarantee is a false designed to keep you there and make you pay extra for every stay. Expedia will bring you 100 reasons why they will not consider the price you found as a cheaper offer no matter what you tell them.

Expedia Elit Plus customer support is the worst support I have ever experienced in my life.

Expedia bad service - 4/22/12 11:43 PM
Expedia bad service

Be advised that if you are going to use Expedia in other country than USA, you wont know but when you type you will automatically be transfered to the local webpage and offer english option, but if you want to make the cancellation or changes to your reservation, flight etc.. you won't be able to do it, you try to contact the expedia customer service and they even wont find your confirmation or itinerary number, and that is when the problem begins. You try to get in contact with the hotel/airline you book though expedia, and they will tell you they cannot do anything because expedia is a sales agent and you have to do your cancellation/ modification in expedia, so you are practically doomed. I think expedia after sales service is very bad and it is supposed you use anywhere you are in the planet because it is realiable, but beware, it is not.

Anonymous - 4/22/12 12:18 PM

Look. . . Expedia is just a broker. Someone between you, the customer, and the service you actually want to use. Expedia makes no money out of you, and so its investment in your care is, well, zero.

Nowadays, there's no need to use a broker. . . For anything. The marketplace is ultra competitive and the Internet has entirely abolished the need to walk into the equivalent of a shop of office where well-paid brokers dine out on the chunks of commission they earn at your expense.

Expedia, as a business model, is pure 19th Century. Using it is likely to get pure q19th Century results, too -- an era when the customer was never right, and when consumer protection didn't exist at all.

We stopped using Expedia years ago -- in 1999, as I recall. Ever since then, we have consistently found that when, for example, TripAdvisor flags up hotel rates at a particular destination, we need only to contact the hotel direct, cut out the Expedia middle-man, and get a cheaper deal.

And if things do go wrong -- which they can -- then there are only two parties to the contract: the customer, and the service provider.

Inviting a third party into that contract is not only unnecessary nowadays, it's an obvious invitation to disaster. Best thing, in the interests of all consumers everywhere, is to let all brokers wither on the vine: the money they make is because of your business, but you're the last person they're interested in.

Unpublsihed Rates Scam - 4/15/12 1:47 PM
Unpublsihed Rates Scam

Do not take the bait for unpublsihed rates. Rates may actually be higher. And the way they get around not honoring their best price guarantee, is to tell you that Room Type was not mentioned in your reservation, so we can not do "apple to apple" comparison. Do not fall for it. I did.

Fare Changes - 1/9/12 4:24 PM
Fare Changes

The final fare is NEVER what was initially displayed. On a trip to Europe the difference was $200 to $300 each. I flip over to travelocity and get the same fare as initially displayed at Expedia. Looking more and more like a bait and switch.

Customer (non) "service" - 12/1/11 5:49 PM
Customer (non) "service"

Expedia double-booked my wife and I, different planes at the same place to the same destination, double-charged, of course. Spent six hours on the phone with them -- multiple calls, got cut off at least five times, with three or four different supervisors and a "manager" who ultimately said they were sending it to corporate to look back at the original calls during the billing process (the online got screwed up, got "completed" by an agent) so they can find a way to blame it on me ... because, clearly I must have wanted to spend a bunch more money on tickets that would and could never be used. Expedia ... not synonymous with customer service.

When something goes wrong... - 10/25/11 6:30 PM
When something goes wrong...

... you are on your own.


Travel plans always change, but good luck if you use expedia.

Obviously NOT interested in us. - 10/25/11 6:29 PM
Obviously NOT interested in us.

It's very obvious how much the company values the customer when there is ZERO avenue for feedback.

My booking receipt couldn't be generated online and I was told to wait 3 business days TEN consecutive times to be exact.

When I asked and looked, there was NO way to give feedback! The people manning the phones would only give you the email [email protected] which was the problem in the first place.

Buyer be aware - 10/24/11 1:45 PM
Buyer be aware

Lousy customer service. Never buy "Special Rate" tickets because they are a scum. Refunds take a year. and all that Supervisors are good at is "NO" "Sorry" "Can't Do" "I Understand but NO"

It's an awful awful company. I called the airlines directly and said our customers always have trouble with expedia.


People the $10 Expedia savings on a ticket is NOT worth it. It wil end up costing you a lot more. In my case, $700 down the drain.  

Holiday Inn 100% NO REFUND - 10/19/11 10:22 AM
Holiday Inn 100% NO REFUND

Reservations thru Expedia at Holiday Inn are 100% NON-REFUNDABLE

Calling the hotel direct on their 1-800 number and they are 100% refunable up until 6pm of the day of the reservation...!

Go figure.... I just closed my Expedia account and am using

SeamystAlphaOmega - 10/17/11 4:46 PM

This corporation is a scam I was to take a vacation to Seattle from Chicago but later found my wife was afraid to fly I spent 690 dollars for a round trip ticket and after hearing them tell me i could not get a refund because i did not pay for insurance i just hung up people this was our dream vacation our one chance to get away I was going to use that money and take a train but they just didn't care  they didn't even care that my wife was afraid to fly they just said sorry no refund cold and calculated we never had that vacation I took a loan out from hights finance to pay for it 1200 guess I paid 2500 for that loan our nation is just full of scams and expedia is the bottom of that barrel!

the prices went higher twice in 10 mins - 10/12/11 5:46 AM
the prices went higher twice in 10 mins

Bought a ticket in August 2011 (to travel in November), did it in rush because the price went up while I was putting my credit card numbers! But I bought it.
Yesterday (October) I decided to change this flight, both depature and arrival.

What's interesting : along with my ticket I bought an insurance for over $27, just in case, and this time I thought it might have been neccessary since I had to change my ticket.
First call to expedia: I was told that my insurance didn't cover nothing because I was NOT ELIGIBLE and they gave me a number to call to an insurance company (?!).
So I just bought the $27 insurance for nothing.

To the expedia representative I gave my new dates of flight, he told me that the difference I needed to pay was $91.10. I had to call my brother to synchronize with him so I told him I would have recalled him back in 2 minutes. He gave me my case number, so I hung out.

After TWO MINUTES I recalled expedia, this time a female representative responded, she looked at my case status and she said: ok, you have to pay $110.10 of the difference (?!?). I was surprised how after 2 minutes the price just could have jumped (and it was 8.57pm, I can't see any sense when the price could have changed at 8.56pm). I asked for a supervisor, was waiting a while and they HUNG OUT on me.

I recalled them right away and asked for a supervisor. After a while somebody responded, asked me for my cell number and hanged out. In a while they recalled me on my cellphone, it was a supervisor. We started talking details about my already changed trip and they have mistaken my dates (!). So I had to correct them on the fly. What's funny - the difference I had to pay this time was $117.10 !!!
I also know they have the "best price guarantee" and during a conversation with her I found cheaper (the same) ticket on - but she replied that it didn't work with exchanging the tickets.

Finally I had to pay $117.10 for changing my ticket's dates. I didn't have a choice. How in 10 minutes the ticket's price can change TWICE? (where they have "best price guarantee" and on that price was way lower).

It was like a late-night telephone but totally without a pleasure.
The more I was talking to them the price was going higher.

Expedia is a scam. I will never buy from them again, prefer pay more but be sure I won't get scammed.

I HATE THEM!!!!!!! - 8/27/11 8:09 PM
I HATE THEM!!!!!!!


Education - 6/24/11 9:03 AM

Actually you probably got banned from their wall because of Facebook's spamming policy. Facebook has a pretty extensive spamming policy that requires businesses (I own a business and have a wall on Facebook as well) to police their own walls to maintain their "business forum". 

Also, OLTA's (online travel agencies) don't just "change your flights". They receive schedule changes directly from the airlines (with a business as big as Expedia, I'm guessing somewhere about 50,000 schedule changes a day). They have pretty extensive computer systems in place to try and manage that many airlines bookings but sometimes things do get a bit mixed up.

At any rate, educating yourself about airline policies and procedures, how the airlines operate and your rights as a traveler is always a good idea. While Expedia may have been able to offer better options, I'd imagine that if you received a schedule change - there were probably 250 other people on your original flight that did as well and the airline (and Expedia) were struggling to find alternate flights for people.

Remember - without customer's, businesses don't go very far. You know this and they know this!  As such, most business including PriceLine, Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz or whoever will do all they can but there are just some circumstances that cannot be helped, especially in the world of travel.

Silenced by Expedia - 5/31/11 1:18 PM
Silenced by Expedia

i had a huge problem with Expedia, they changed flights on me, in fact they even changed the departure city of my flight from San Francisco to LAX!!!! When i voiced my displeasure on their facebook site i was promised that my complaint would be dealt with swiftly and the matter wasnt and because i grew more vocal of their service they banned me from being able to post comments on their facebook page. I had recently had it confirmed by their corporate office that indeed i have been permanantley banned from posting on their wall, pathetic, they cant take criticism

First and Last Time Expedia User - 5/16/11 2:37 PM
First and Last Time Expedia User

Spent the last 2 days and countless hours on hold trying to get a refund for a mistake Expedia made. Customer service is worthless. Every "supervisor" has to put me on hold - at which point I put the phone on speaker and wait for 30-40 minutes until the next "supervisor" picks up and does the same thing. I'm a frequent traveler who just wanted to try them out. First and last time Expedia user.

Don't book your flights throug Expedia - 3/19/11 9:58 AM
Don't book your flights throug Expedia

I booked my flight in January of this year with and from there it was a nightmare!  I learned a few days later that the airlines had a problem with my connecting flight and they needed to change my existing reservations.  I agreed to a new flight the evening prior to my original departure date.  I received an e-mail with a confirmation number and the flights i had chosen.  Six weeks later (about 10 days before my flight) I checked my reservations with and found that they were cancelled!!!  I called them and was told that they could not contact me regarding the flight i was confirmed on and that the airlines once again changed the flight time (by 2 minutes) and because they could not contact me they cancelled the reservation.  It took me a week of almost 20 hours on the phone with them and they would not rebook my reservations.  They instead put me on the only flight that was available for my vacation plans.  After horrible customer service, disconnected or dropped calls when placed on hold i was finally told that they were following the RULES and could not accomodate my request to put me back on the original flight i had booked (i even went to the airlines website while on the phone with them and saw that my original flight was available).  I filed e-mail complaints with them and got nowhere with that.  My last attempt was to call the airlines directly and see what they could do for me.  I found out from the customer service person there that they told Expedia they would change my flight as a one time courtesy at no extra charge.  Thank god for the airlines as I was able to leave as planned.  I will never book with Expedia again and have told all my family, friends and co-workers about the horrible experience i had.

Teribble customer service - 2/5/11 9:50 AM
Teribble customer service

I booked a 2.5 star hotel in orlando FL. When I got there it was nothing what I expected. A 2.5 star hotel according to them is a Holiday inn and suites or a conutry inn and suites. I was booked at a QUALITY INN That was far from Quality. Room smelled,Tower rack rusted Ants everywhere.Called Expedia and they told me there was nothing they could do. I would never use them again.......Had to pay another hotel...

Expedia, what a ripoff - 1/25/11 9:40 PM
Expedia, what a ripoff

Expedia acts as an agent between a consumer and an airline but does absolutely nothing to help a consumer when an airline makes a change or a better deal becomes available. The 24 hour guarantee they offer is no better then what any airline or hotel offers. Try to make a change in 72 hours and you are totally out of luck. I will never ever, ever, ever again spend one cent with Expedia. They shield themselves quoting airline rules, might as well get the 747 up the you know what from the airline. Do not spend money with Expedia.

Waste of Money - 1/9/11 5:30 PM
Waste of Money

I'm a hotel manager and here's the deal folks, as soon as you book through Expedia, you become their customer not ours. Many times I've had problems with Expedia selling rooms that don't exsist or misrepresenting the hotel in some way. The bad part is that there is NOTHING I can do to help that guest. I can't give them a credit or comp them a room or anything because their transaction is with Expedia. As far as savings go, forget it, Expedia guests are always paying more than our guests that call or book directly with the hotel. We are discussing dropping them because of the headaches they cause.

Lost $2,000 - Expedia Incompetent - 1/4/11 8:19 PM
Lost $2,000 - Expedia Incompetent

Expedia failed to notify us that we needed to confirm flights with American Airlines when Mexicana went bankrupt.  We received a confirmation from Expedia that we had flights on American with intinerary numbers, and their agent's assurance that everything was set for our 1/30/11 flights.  This week on went on-line using their itinerary numbers but the numbers no longer existed.  I called Expedia and was told by a supervisor that we lost our flights when Mexicana filed bankruptcy.  I asked about our American flights and was told I would have to check with American because Expedia was now "out of the picture".  RIGHT - they took their share of our money but weren't responsible for not confirming our reservations!?  Now we have lost over $2,000 in airline tickets and Expedia has basically told us to go screw ourselves.  NEVER do business with these idiots.  They have no scruples or business ethics.

honest booking mistake - charged for that ridiculously - never again - 12/11/10 10:58 AM
honest booking mistake - charged for that ridiculously - never again

So I booked an airline ticket and slipped in the return date by one month. I noticed two days later and called to correct. I talked to two agents. Agent #1 said they cannot, it's the airline's policy. Agent #2 put me on hold, sating he would talk to his mgr. when he came back he said it's the airline's fault. I know, he didn't even talk to his mgr, he probably put me just one hold and got coffee. Long story short, slipping the calendar by a month cost me a $250. It's not that I changed plans, delayed or cancelled the flight, I just slipped the month. Paying $250 for this is preposterous. As a heads-up to Expedia, they could solve this by just charging every customer a few dollars more as insurance and address such honest mistakes as booking errors, they do not have to honor every rebooking request. I will remember this as long nobody has brought that scum out of business.

Soooooooo Upset - 11/17/10 7:57 PM
Soooooooo Upset

I would never recommend anyone to go through expedia they are straight rip offs. they of course only in it to rob people pockects and give them bad customer support after it

They scam hotels too - 10/8/10 3:42 PM
They scam hotels too

I've been a hotel manager for many years, and the story is the same with any hotel company you pick - Expedia/ is corrupt. They consistently tell customers that the customer has booked a room type that...was not available at the hotel in the first place. That is, they lie to non smokers, lie to people needing two beds, etc. As well, they hold back payment from hotels in small increments (so as not to be noticeable) to credit themselves back for mistakes they have made. Use Orbitz, Priceline and Travelocity. Never us (the same company) Beware of This Monster! - 9/28/10 10:18 AM
Anonymous Beware of This Monster!

Buyer beware when booking travel plans through, they just took me for $1096.00. Here is how the monster sets it trap; early last winter I planned a family vacation that entailed flying to Phoenix to rent a car and drive southwest to beautiful San Carlos Mexico. In an effort to keep the travel expenses to a minimum the flight was booked months in advance. Of course as the day of departure approached news of violence in the Mexican border towns filled the media. It just didn't seem practical to put my wife and daughter in possible harm's way for a vacation, so we changed our destination to Florida. This was still weeks before our scheduled departure to Phoenix. We knew there would be expenses involved in changing our flight plans but we weren't ready for phase 1 of the monster trap. After hearing all about their terms of service and how there was nothing they could do because United Airlines was the real culprit, the cheapest fair they offered was FOUR TIMES the cost of booking new tickets through United Airlines. So we booked the tickets ourselves directly through United Airlines. explained that we now had a credit with them but it had to be used within the year.

So now I was setup for phase 2 of the plan to steal. As the deadline for our credit with came closer my family again decided to travel to Florida. A major part of the decision was based on having the travel expenses somewhat mitigated by the credit with What a mistake, here is how it worked out; for us to buy brand new tickets for my wife, daughter and I from Southwest Airlines directly (without Expedia involvement) cost right at $1000.00. To utilize my credit with I would have had to pony up an extra $2600.00. That is above the $1096.00 credit!

So that's how stole from me. I gave them $1096.00 in good faith but because of the deteriorating climate in Mexican border towns I felt it was absolutely prudent to change our plans. The dark and monstrous side of sits and waits for victims who need to make a change and when found it pounces without mercy. All the solutions they offered were at FOUR TIMES the fair market value for airline tickets. I gave $1096.00 and received nothing in return, legal or not in my opinion that is at best a very poor way to conduct business and at worst downright theft.

Beware of the monster, it's heart is filled with greed and it is patiently waiting to lure you into its trap.

I Hate Expedia - Facebook Group - 9/23/10 8:26 AM
I Hate Expedia - Facebook Group

Look us up on Facebook ("I Hate Expedia"), join our group and let's get rid of Expedia once and for all!

Expedia Stole My Money - 9/11/10 7:57 PM
Expedia Stole My Money

Expeida lied to us about a cancellation credit. When we wnt to rebook they claimed the credit had expired.

11 hours on the phone with an overseas "customer service" department was a joke. Disconnected multiple times, different stories each time, totally infuriating experience.

Buyer beware as they will keep your money without delivering any service. We will never deal with Expedia again (aka Ahmad somwhere in India).

Expedia SCAM - 9/3/10 6:32 AM
Expedia SCAM

9/3/2010: Expedia used my flight credit to rebook cheaper flight, would not use my extra credit to pay for $75 rebook fee, told me I would lose the additional credit and had to PAY AN ADDITIONAL $150 REBOOK FEE. I AM UNABLE TO BOOK THE FLIGHT THRU THE AIRLINE DIRECTLY - AND THE AIRLINE SAID I COULD USE THE CREDIT TO PAY THE FEE. I spent two days and 8 hours of holding on the phone to speak to 2 agents/2 supervisors in India. The Mgr refused to speak with me. I am now pursuing legal action and have a dispute on the additonal fee they are charging me.

expedia - 7/24/10 8:56 AM

we had problemssimilar to every one else

we got back to the states and contacted our credit card company they sent us a form to iniate dispute claim

our acct. was credit the full amount until it was resolved

we got back our disputed amt. so just call ur credit card co. and tell them to put a hold on that chrg.

Found out the Hard Way! - 7/19/10 9:35 PM
Found out the Hard Way!

Read and double check your flights when they send your confirmation by e-mail. My itinery number was correct, so three days befor trip, relized the return flight was wrong. Three hours earlier than scheduled. EX-Pedia refused to re-check their recording of my booking two months earlier, and wanted 450.00 more to change to my original request for three tickets. Another foreign scam company. Now I know. If they speak bad english, beware.

Heather - 7/6/10 9:18 AM

Plain and simple, Expedia stold my money and my time and I will do whatever I can to spread the word.  They don't deserve to be in business and I can't wait until the government steps in and shuts them down.

Expedia stranded me and my family in Mexico - 6/29/10 4:31 PM
Expedia stranded me and my family in Mexico

All I can say at this point is that I will never go through expedia again and don’t recommend that anyone else does either. Our is a cautionary tells of what happen when you use expedia when traveling outside the country.


This happen to me last week when I went Mexico with my family. There were five of us my boyfriend, my 18 years old sister, and my two cousins. I paid 5 adult airfare and hotel package through Expedia. Everything was going fine until we got the hotel where they said that expedia only booked for 4 adult and 1 infant child for us. If the 5th person were to stay with us we will need to pay $600 more. The hotel said that if we can get expedia to send them an update itinerary stating that we paid for 5 adults they will not make us pay the extra money.


So what did expedia do when we call them:


Call one, cost $38 usd, we were on hold for 30 minutes and expedia hang-up on us.


Call two, cost $62 usd, we were on hold for 1 hour and expedia hang up on us. Before she hang up on us, the rep promises to contact the hotel. We check with the hotel and they said expedia never got in contact with them.


Call three, cost $45 usd, we were on hold for 45 minutes and expedia hang up on us. He too before he hang up on us, the rep promises to contact the hotel. Once again we check with the hotel and they said expedia never got in contact with them.


Call four, cost $0.0, we call using Skype it took 10 minutes because the rep hang-up when we told him we were on Skype.


Email 1, we ask for expedia help they tell us they can’t help us that we need to call them.


Email 2, we tell expedia that every time calls the rep hang-up on us.  We got one of those we are sorry that this is happening to you but we can’t help you that goes something like:

“ goes to great lengths to supply our clients with the information and opportunity to make well-informed travel purchases, and we are more than willing to assist our clients in any way commercially possible. We at Expedia are dedicated to providing knowledgeable service and support to our clients, but we are constrained by the policies of the vendors whose services we provide on our website. When a flight itinerary or hotel itinerary is purchased on, we act as the agent between the client and the vendor. Any transactions are governed by the rules and restrictions put in place by the vendor providing the service.


 Nevertheless, please be assured that your complaints have been duly noted”


Does not help us much when you we were stranded in a foreign country do it now?

When we got back to the US we call expedia to tell them what happen, their executive rep tell us it’s our fault after I was hold for 2 hours to talk to her.  I told her, yes I should have read the itinerary more closely then I would have known that the hotel part was listing my sister as an infant child. I try to tell her that we paid for 5 adults that we flew down on Jet Blue with five adult why would be then turn one of the adult into an infant child.  If she only check she would see that we paid for 5 adults, but her respond was that the itinerary clearly state 5 adult flew down and 4 adult and one infant child for the hotel. If we were have five adult staying at the hotel then the hotel should charge us for the extra person. I told her to check here record again, we paid for five adult, and she follows with the itinerary said 4 adult and 1 infant child. You can see how this went right? A few round of this I got frustrated and hang-up on her.


Needless to say I have over eight hours of my life and paid $745 in addition to what I paid expedia for this trip.


Expedia uses false advertisement to get sales!! - 6/19/10 5:35 PM
Expedia uses false advertisement to get sales!!

I booked a room with expedia late one night with 3 other friends at a supposedly 3 star hotel in downtown Hollywood after finding roaches in the room we were staying. The travel agent, Carlos, who said it was company policy to not give out last names, gave us realy good rates for a 2 night stay, and told us he verified this with the hotel front desk when we were on hold and we could arrive at the hotel at any minute. When we arrived some 30 minutes later, the hotel front desk night manager had no idea who we were nor had recieved a phone call in the past hour (it was 3:00 AM at this point). This moron Carlos (probably not even his real name) also told us he had sent a fax confirmation. No fax either. It took us 1 hr to convince the hotel night manager that we had booked rooms with them so he let us stay that night. As 2 couples travelling together, we booked rooms with king size beds in each- never saw a single king size bed...we got stuck with two doubles in each! How is a couple supposed to sleep comfotably in a double bed? I didnt pay $250 to relive my college dorm life years. 2 days later my girlfriends debit card overdrafted and we got locked out of our rooms because the hotel charged us for the first night that was promised by Expedia! Expedia never paid for that first night and the hotel was forced to charge us $100 per room! Bottom line we booked 2 nights with 2 connecting rooms with a King size bed in each with Expedia, but only got 1 night with two NON-connecting rooms with double beds!! And we got charged 100.00 each of the rooms because expedia did not cover what they said they would! This guy CARLOS scammed us by telling us he was giving us one thing but in reality giving us much less. And he was out of the picture because they can't give out personal information--what kind of company has travel agents that don't give out their last names?? This just screams out that they don't want to take responsibility for thier unreliability! I called expedia over 5 more times, was put on hold for hours, hung up on, told I would recieve a refund, lied to again and never recieved any refund but was just faxed a receipt and told that "I was asking too much" by customer service "supervisors". No refund for the nights they told us were in the price we paid for. DO NOT WASTE TIME OR CELL PHONE MINUTES TRYING TO GET REIMBURSED BY CALLING EXPEDIA- THEY WILL GIVE YOU THE RUN AROUND AND HANG UP ON YOU! Instead go directly to your bank if you used a credit card or debit card- we were able to get a refund by the bank and the bank is directly handling the issue with SCAMPEDIA for us (Thank you Wells Fargo!!). Also- DO NOT USE A DEBIT CARD, USE A CREDIT CARD if you choose to use these worthless, sketchy middlemen travel agent sites because when something like this happens to you (oh and it will), you can deny payment to Expedia through your bank and not have to deal with any of the crap. Also report complaints to the Better Business Beaureu Bottom Line: NEVER USE EXPEDIA! THEY WILL RUIN YOUR TRIP JUST TO MAKE A DOLLAR!

Do not trust expedia - 6/7/10 8:28 PM
Do not trust expedia

I booked my ticket via in Brish airways (chennai - london - san francisco).  But london-san francisco was cancelled due to cabin crew strike. So, i tried to cancel my itinerary via phone (as per their rule). But i was not connected to anyone in Again i booked my ticket via expedia in different airlines (etihad). I talked to them after a long stuggling and asked them to cancel and refund my money ($705). But, they said i have to get from british airways. British airways fellows were telling that i have to collect from this culprit (expedia). I don't know how to get my money back. Anyone knows the way to collect, plz suggest me.

My humble request, never trust this and never use this web site. 

Holy Scam Artists! - 4/16/10 7:17 AM
Holy Scam Artists!

Have been on the phone for alomost 20 hours trying to get a superviser or anyone that can put the $3000.00 dollars expedia took out of my acct. back in! Yes, I said $3000.00! What did I get for my 3 grand? Nothing! No plane ticket, hotel reservation, nothing! Not giving up! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!

Hey "anonymous" re: what a bunch of id*ots" - 3/2/10 1:38 PM
Hey "anonymous" re: what a bunch of id*ots"

You have a beef about the boycott originator not using their real name?

First off, Expedia has bullied and taken advantage of thousands of unsuspecting consumers - so this boycott belongs to everyone ever ripped off by this dishonest corporation. John Doe represents the masses.


Con Artists: Profit from Grieving Daughter - 2/22/10 9:08 AM
Con Artists: Profit from Grieving Daughter

DO NOT USE EXPEDIA.COM FOR ANYTHING!!!! I purchased airline tickets on 2/9/10 and learned that my father passed on 2/10/10. His funeral was in Ohio on 2/18/10. I call Expedia customer service to find out what I needed to do to cancel or change my flight itinerary to NY which was set for 2/19/10. I was told that I would be entitled to a refund because of the reason for the cancellation. All I needed to do was fax in the supporting information. Well the information wasfaxed to them on 2/16/10. I called on 2/18 to confirmed everything was received to find out that they had not cancelled the flights nor did they give me correct information. I talked with 5 customer service representative all gave me the run around. I called the Airline (Air Trans) who said under no circumstance do they give refunds. I am fighting this because I am out $400. If Expedia had given me the correct information, I would have paid to change my itinerary for a later date. I will be filing a lawsuit against both companies. Corpor

THEY COST ME AN EXTRA $500!!!! - 2/4/10 10:56 AM

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Expedia owed us credits just over $500, when we went to use them, OUT CAME THE HIDDEN FEES! When I raised a stink, they got a "supervisor" to help me who wound up charging an extra $375 to my card when they were supposed to give me credits. This put my account in the negative and I was charge with over $200 in fees from the bank due to Expedia and THEY DON'T CARE! The REFUSE to reverse the charges and say I am out of luck! You can NOT trust them! Go to Orbitz or someone else, they are horrible and will steal you blind!

Lindse Berlin
Justice for the Little Guys!
THEY COST ME AN EXTRA $500!!!! - 2/3/10 10:53 PM

Expedia owed us credits just over $500, when we went to use them, OUT CAME THE HIDDEN FEES! When I raised a stink, they got a "supervisor" to help me who wound up charging an extra $375 to my card when they were supposed to give me credits. This put my account in the negative and I was charge with over $200 in fees from the bank due to Expedia and THEY DON'T CARE! The REFUSE to reverse the charges and say I am out of luck! You can NOT trust them! Go to Orbitz or someone else, they are horrible and will steal you blind!

Will - 1/17/10 6:38 AM

Thanks for the information.  I was ready to make vacation reservations through Expedia. However, I will go through some other site.

Expedia promised to give 90 dollars coupon - 1/7/10 12:56 PM

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Expedia promised to give 90 dollars coupon

When i purchase ticket in december 09 there was a massage 90 dollars coupon for next flight purchase  i did not get and then i call customer service and lady said it would be available in january i also purchased another ticket in december so i would be total 180 dollars in my account i call again and they totally denied the offer these people are scam clearcut scam...what should we do.thanks.sherry

Who is the pathetic one? - 11/30/09 3:13 PM
Who is the pathetic one?

The real pathetic is Mr Dara Khosrowshahi (EXPEDIA's CEO) who is unable to stand behind EXPEDIA's services and defend his company. He cannot deal with a single customer like John Doe, instead, he coowardly hide behind a corporation that scam its own customers.

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