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Boycott All Dollar General Stores

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I am very upset by the fact that a Dollar General Market is being built by Deer Park Elementary and the entrance of Cypress Lakes.  There are vacant lots and buildings right around the corner on Little Road and at the opposite end of TroubleCreek where all other business are located.   As a resident in the neighborhood, we were not aware of the construction until it was too late. A small public notice sign was posted on the road which I am sure most people ignored.  I was told by some that attended the meeting expressed concerns about the safety of the school children, the migration species act, and the degrading values of our homes. No other notice was given to us regarding this construction next to subdivision of beautiful homes and an elementary school.   We were told an appeal would have to take place by June 10 but didn't find this information in time to stop the beginning of this nightmare.  We started a petition on but again too late.  On the night/early morning hours of June 14, cement mixing trucks were going in and out of the entrance that was made on Springside.  The workers were working in the wee hours pouring cement.  A phone call was made to the Pasco County Sheriff's Department which didn't help at all. I told the dispatcher I wanted a return phone call which I did  receive a few minutes later, however, the sheriff had no clue on whether or not they were breaking the noise oridinance. He kept asking me how many decibels.  I informed him that I am fairly sure there is a law where you can not do construction from 10PM-7AM but he wasn't sure. He told me that he would have to investigate it and would have someone go out there if they were breaking the law.  It happened again on the morning of (June 18) at 5AM where noise started to begin again when a semi truck sat outside the entrance that was made on Springside loading machinary.  Again with no respect for anyone in the neighborhood.  We are so distraught about all that is going on with this development and how it seems it was all done underhandedly.  Dollar General does not belong in a beautiful residential area next to an elementary school and it will sell alcohol which I thought could not be sold next to a school.  It is a trashy building that will bring all tyoes of people including the ones that will cause problems. I used to shop at Dollar General like many people, but now due to how I see stores are developed and placed in residential areas, I will never go back shopping at any Dollar General.  I hope others decide to boycott Dollar General and picket when it opens by the start of the school year.

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Boycott all Dollar General Stores immediatley. 
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Corporate Greed discrimate against Gays - 10/30/13 9:43 AM
Corporate Greed discrimate against Gays

Dollar General discriminates against gays and they do not promote them.  They were determined to be the top gay unfriendly businesses in the United States.  They have decimated our quiet residential neighborhood by tearing up the residential neighborhood when there are perfectly good empty storefronts across the street.  That is a form of corporate bullying.  When the economy goes bust they are not going to stick arround.  Pleast do not shop at the Waterloo Rd. Dollar General in Akron Ohio.  They are so loaded with money that they won't care, but we need to send a message.

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