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This company sells junk. Purchased an HDTV Antenna, Model 2011, AX906G2 and when I opened the box I found that the power supply unit that plugs into the AC line has a very large crack across the bottom of it. It would be unsafe to plug it in. There is also one missing part. The antenna elements and other parts were just thrown inside the box with no packaging to protect them. Several elements were bent and when I bent them to straighten them out, they nearly broke. They are made of paper thin alumium This antenna would not survive very long outside in the weather of any state.

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I would like to return this antenna and get a refund, but no one will answer my emails or phone calls. I ordered it from DigitalHDSouce, but it came from a company in CA called Titan Imports, another company that should be boycotted.
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No problems-yet! - 2/5/14 2:30 PM
No problems-yet!

No problems contacting co. by phone and email. 

No support - 7/29/13 1:51 PM
No support

This company offers no support will not respond to email chat or phone i am going to list this in rip off report.

100% return policy - 2/3/12 6:17 PM
100% return policy

Damage can happen during shipping there is nothing we an do.  We do offer full warranty even damage in shipping.  All you need to do is follow our return policy page online.  Some times we can be on other line with other customers but we offer more then one way to get hold of us from phone to email to live chat on site.  I am almost 100% sure this problem has already been taken care of, just customer did not wait for that to heppen before and post first.

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