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AutoZone... or Un-SafeZone

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On 11-30-2012 a man that had been dubbed the "fake-beard bandit" (that has hit more than 30 businesses on the Peninsula.) Struck at a AutoZone in York County, Va.

Devin McClean, an AutoZone Employee was exiting the restroom when he seen the man enter the store with gun in hand. Devin waited for the man to move towards the cashier at the front of the store while he slipped out un-noticed to retrieve his legally owned firearm from his vehicle. After retreving it he returned with his weapon trained on the Criminal and Ordered the man to drop his weapon. The man then raised his arms in the air (without dropping the weapon) and fled the store.

Devin's Mannager, fellow employees and store Patrons Credit Devin for Possibly saving many lives and thanking him. Can't say the same for the AutoZone Corp. headquarters, shortly after hearing of the incident the AutoZone Corp. Fired Devin for Violation of their Corp. No Weapons Policy.


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Boycott Demands

         1.For the AutoZone Corp. Headquarters to Publicly acknowledge the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution, and the Right to Self Defense.

      2. For the the AutoZone Corp. Headquarters to change their No Weapons Policy to allow legally owned weapons in their stores and allow for AutoZone employees and Patrons to defend themselves and others should the need arise.

     3. For the AutoZone Corp. Headquarters to Publicly issue an apology to Mr. Devin McClean and the AutoZone Employees and Patrons that were involved in this incident.

    4. For the AutoZone Corp. Headquarters to offer Mr. Devin McClean his job back, should Mr. Devin McClean want to return to his employment with AutoZone

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AutoZone=LawsuitZone - 2/1/13 8:35 AM

As a former business owner, I know that it is the law to create a safe work environment for employees. Thus, the AutoZone 'no guns allowed' policy. Right? Maybe that was the right policy up until the latest shooting sprees have proven that 'no gun zones' = big bullseye target for non-law abiding citizens. With that in mind, should anyone be hurt or killed on the job at AutoZone and another employee had a gun but refused to act fearing he/she will lose his/her job the following scenarios apply:

1. Employee who refused to assist / prevent injury or death may be just as culpable as the assailant and can be charged with a crime (see bystander culpable law) or sued in civil court for not assisting the victim.

2. Employers now know that 'gun free zone' means target practice for criminals with guns which in turn means employer not allowing employees to meet force with force (i.e. get your gun from your car) is creating an unsafe workplace and thus the employer can be sued by employee victim(s). A pair of scissors against a gun is not meeting force with force.

3. Think of the customer who walks in the door or happens to be in the store during a robbery.  If employees fail to act to defend customers, both employee AND employer can be sued by customer.

An employer is in a tough spot and should always refer to FEMA policy and start training employees. See FEMA's FREE online course: IS 907-Active Shooter: What You Can Do

Personally, I'll never walk into a store that has a 'gun free zone' policy - I will risk the consequences and conceal carry. The worst that can happen - I get tossed out of the store or as an employee I lose my job. That's a lot better than losing my life or have to live the rest of my life knowing that someone else was killed because I failed to, or was unable to act. We need to let the criminals know that we who conceal carry are going to continue to do so to defend ourselves and our fellow man. Otherwise, it will be open season on the innocent.



I am Appalled at your ignorance - 1/29/13 10:09 AM
I am Appalled at your ignorance

I have done business with AZ since their start and have spent thousands over the years. If this is the ignorance I can expect from the corporate office, then you can count on my business going elsewhere. America is in trouble, and we need more young men with the scrupples, morality, and bravery, this young man has shown. Devin is a hero, and should have been honored as such. You are losing a lot of business, until you change your policy, rehire Devin, and compensate him for his lost wages. He saved an employee from potentially being murdered. Let me pose this to you: Would you be happy that someone was wise enough to  have a weapon at hand, if someone broke into your corporate office and started gunning down all the personel?

Robert - 1/4/13 9:45 AM

Stock price of Autozone was $382/share Dec 1st, it is currently at $ 359.  I and three other friends have already switched their business to a local PepBoys store in our area.  The Liberal management at Autozone should be holding their heads down for what they have done.  I only wish one of the Board of Directors of Autozone would have been in the store when McLean stopped the robbery.  That BOD member would have been checking his shorts.

Looking for common sense - 1/4/13 8:31 AM
Looking for common sense

When are the very sincere but sadly mistaken people who would like to ban firearms going to discover that a 'gun free' zone or business for normal law abiding citizens means 'target practice for those who will not obey the law? I understand emotional arguments but in this case, as in others, rational, factual must prevail or more inocent children and adults will lose their lives by default.     John D. Larsen 

Getting Out of the Zone - 1/3/13 9:45 PM
Getting Out of the Zone

Well, I guess I'm through with patronizing them.  This policy is asinine.  Several years ago I had dealings with them and a district manager.....this is right in line with their behavior back then.  They will never have my business again.....I've had positive experiences with Advance...if I have to go to an auto parts chain store, they're my choice. 

Gun Toter 357 - 1/3/13 1:26 PM
Gun Toter 357

I know that most corperations have this policy including the one I work for.  The Boycot of one that enforced this idiotic policy might send a message to the others not to enforce it.

former zoner - 12/21/12 11:01 PM
former zoner

I worked for AutoZone for 12 years. While some of there policies may seem strange to some, they are the same for most large organizations. I have a concealed weapons permit and carry a 45 at all times. As an employee you are risking your job the minute you park on company property with your weapon in your vehicle. I always had my 45 in my car. If I was in this young mans position I would have done the same thing. He is licensed and trained to use his weapon. He is not an amature, however, you have to ask yourself if it's worth losing your job? Damn rights it is! Thats the choice you make by legally carrying a concealed weapon, you have to be ready to make a moral and instananeous decision. I'm sure if you asked this young man if he would change anything? His response would be no! That's the human spirit protecting the innocent. However, we still can't have people walking about with firearms. How could you tell the good guys from the bad. He made the right choice and paid the price. I'm sure he will have no problem finding work and I commend him for his actions.



Oren - 12/20/12 8:21 AM

Auto Zone corporate is a loser, this man is a hero. Fire corporate and replace them with this guy. Dumb move to have fired him.

O'Reilly has a no guns policy too.. - 12/18/12 12:21 PM
O'Reilly has a no guns policy too..

To everyone that's saying they're going to O'Reilly or already shop there - They also have a zero tolerance on guns in their store AND their parking lot. 

Most corporate stores are going to have this policy. So, please, do a fact check!

Take loyalty card and shove it. - 12/18/12 9:44 AM
Take loyalty card and shove it.

I USED TO BE a loyal customer of autozone.  I've spent thousands of dollars fixing up dozens of cars.  Not another dime!!!  By the way, I've carried my firearm in to your stores on most of most of my visits.  There are plenty of other auto parts stores in town.

NO MORE AUTOZONE - 12/18/12 6:12 AM

Boy I tell ya, I'm so fricken pissed to read about this. Who do I contact about getting information as to HOW I can demonstrate (( PEACFULLY OF COURSE )) at my local AZ?

No More - 12/17/12 9:30 PM
No More

This company won't get another dime from me.  This man saved the life of the manager of the store, and the company money. My friends won't ever spend a dime in their stores either.

Can't Fix Stupid! - 12/17/12 7:54 AM
Can't Fix Stupid!

Dear Aito-Zone,

Wake up and smell the coffee, your employee saved lives and your store's chash on hand with a gun. He protected people's lives and no one was hurt...see guns can be used for good!

Now that every robber who can read knows your stores are available for robbery with no armed employees inside, I pray for all your employees health.

Your firm is about as stupid as you can be!

Man's man - 12/17/12 7:12 AM
Man's man

I shop at O'Reilly's anyway, and now I'm even happier about that. John Wayne would stand and salute Mr. Devin McClean, and rightfully so. A real man's man, who deserves all our respect!! Hiss Boo to auto zone, what a bunch of gutless wimps...

Devin Mclean - 12/16/12 5:33 PM
Devin Mclean

I feel that it he should be rewarded back pay as well. Or compensation for his act of heroism.

boycott autozone - 12/16/12 9:03 AM
boycott autozone

Autozone, no more.

The work of a Patriot - 12/15/12 5:58 PM
The work of a Patriot

A clear case of a patriot obeying natural law to save his brother.  God Bless him.  Sometimes we must obey God rather than man. 

NRA Live Member - 12/15/12 5:42 PM
NRA Live Member

Auto Zone needs to reconsider it's un-American attitude toward a citizen and now former customer who cherish's the 2nd ammendment.

I join this boycott.

$53 at O'REILLY Auto Parts last weekend, how about you? - 12/12/12 3:23 PM
$53 at O'REILLY Auto Parts last weekend, how about you?

$53 at O'REILLY Auto Parts last weekend, how about you?

Reply to Oddbod - 12/12/12 7:23 AM

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Reply to Oddbod

Thank you for this info I will pass it to Web Admins.


Adam Turner


South Dakota Open Carry (SDOC)

Sioux Falls Chapter.

Oddbod - 12/11/12 7:45 PM

Note that links in emails from boycottowl are to a Continental Airlines boycott, rather than here.


Can someone please fix this?

*** Boycott Update*** - 12/11/12 5:32 PM

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*** Boycott Update***

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anonymous - 12/11/12 3:57 PM

I am returning parts purchased from Auto Zone and repurchasing from Advanced Auto. Self defence is every americans right.

I am done with Auto Zone - 12/11/12 10:32 AM
I am done with Auto Zone

My family and I will no longer use Auto Zone for any parts!! This is ridiculous!! You don't fire someone for saving another persons life!!!

Here's how you can help Devin - 12/11/12 9:24 AM
Here's how you can help Devin

I'm done with AutoZone - 12/10/12 7:51 PM
I'm done with AutoZone

I'm done with Auto Zone....I buy lots of items from them but not now. I will advise my congregation.

Chaplain A.

No Autozone for me! - 12/10/12 4:30 PM
No Autozone for me!

No Autozone for me!

Good bye good riddance. - 12/10/12 3:42 PM
Good bye good riddance.

I will never again spend a red cent in Auto Zone. A company foolish enough to institute a policy that stupid can't possibly deliver value to the customer.

Really.....?! - 12/10/12 11:41 AM

Auto Zone, I think you need to re-think what's more important to you. Your employees or letting crooks have their fun in your store. I'm appalled at the fact that you would fire someone for an act of bravery like this and a verteran at that. He's trained for goodness sake. Not to mention the fact that the gun was in his car to begin with. You won't be getting my business ever again for this reason and because I'm a big supporter of the 2nd ammendment.

Kate - 12/10/12 11:19 AM

Autozone's decision in this case is just plain wrong. I am changing my shopping habits accordingly.

You've lost this Grandma! - 12/10/12 9:27 AM
You've lost this Grandma!

I'm an Army Mom helping my teenaged grandson keep the family cars running while my son is overseas.  Guess where we WON'T be buying our auto parts from now on!

I haven't seen a problem - 12/10/12 6:36 AM
I haven't seen a problem

I've gone into Autozone many times open-carrying, and I've never been hassled. I didn't know about the prohibition until this incident. I'll be taking my business elsewhere until the company lifts the ban.

Law enforcement career? - 12/10/12 3:40 AM
Law enforcement career?

I would hope that there are other companies who would hire a hero like him. As a registered gun owner & business owner I will no longer shop atAutoZone 

This young man was inthe Air Force . he should look into a career in law inforcement, probably would have much better security, pay & benefits for his family than auto zone.

autozone anti 2nd Amendment - 12/9/12 9:58 PM
autozone anti 2nd Amendment

I will never set foot in an autozone store again!!!

AZ boycott - 12/9/12 9:06 PM
AZ boycott

 AZ is totally slammed. 'Please enter a valid comment' message wherever I comment.My comment is civil and to the point.


3PERCENT - 12/9/12 5:34 PM


A safe environment.. - 12/9/12 1:26 AM
A safe environment..

Its in my own opinion that this man could have just went out the door and not came back, If the store and other persons were in danger returning to defend patrons makes this man a hero! I always liked advanced auto parts anyways, will never step foot into an auto zone store again... Thank you for your act of selflessness.... 

AZ bad move - 12/8/12 7:47 PM
AZ bad move

I can not understand AZ's actions at all. The young man should have been rewarded for his actions, not fired from his job. I've never bought anything from Auto Zone before but now I'm sure I never will make a purchase from them. Just plain stupit on AZ's part.

Disappointed! - 12/8/12 6:11 PM

Having been an ex manager for this company I am not surprised by this action. Their Humans Relation people are not trained to understand exceptiions to rules that save lives, give respect, and show compassion. It's time upper management gets involved and gets rid of the stupid decision makers in their HR DEPT.

Enforcement - 12/8/12 6:05 PM

I see a lot of commentary about other companies having this same policy - while this may be true, I haven't seen any of them firing employees for defending themselves.  Just because you have a stupid policy doesn't mean you actually have to enforce it.  This is on the head of every "Zoner" from the top down.  I guess I'll be taking my business to Advance Auto from now on . . . .

contact AutoZone directly - 12/8/12 3:20 PM
contact AutoZone directly

You can send your opinion directly to AutoZone - use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this web page:
On the contact page there is an available link called something like "questions or comments."

No More AZ For Me! - 12/8/12 2:01 PM
No More AZ For Me!

This is disgusting. I am a mechanic and work for a pretty massive nation wide company (AAA) and I personally will be boycotting AZ forever. I do not reflect my companies thoughts or opinions.  Required to say that now to cover my own butt, and I will be passing this on to co-workers and letting them make the decision on their own! -Andrew Kalman (NOT on behalf of ANY AAA Clubs, Corporations, or Shops). 

To all stores with Zero Tolerance Polices - 12/8/12 1:55 PM
To all stores with Zero Tolerance Polices

I agree with all of the other people outraged by Autozones so called No Tolerance polices. If one of Autozones Owners or upper management people were in that store I would bet they hoped one of the employees had a cocealed Handgun Permit. But Autozone is not the only store with this No Tolerance policy. All other Autoparts stores, Convenient stores And any other store you can think of and go to have the same policy as Autozone. Shame on all stores that have this policy, of course the people that own these stores do not have to worry about some armed thug coming into their store. They are at home , or at some meeting that has armed guards in the buildings. To all of these owners, I hope you have to stere down the working end of a Handgun!!

AutoZone management should be ashamed of itself. - 12/8/12 1:28 PM
AutoZone management should be ashamed of itself.

I will forever boycott AutoZone and shop Pep Boys or anybody else from now on. This is disgusting.  I hope AutoZone gets what they deserve.

They should put a sign in their window, "Come in and rob us, we are not armed" and will fire anyone of our employees who is. We won't fight you, help yourself.

B Hart

Newark De

Who else ? - 12/8/12 10:29 AM
Who else ?

While autozone is the subject of this story, and I disagree with the policy, and I intend to boycott autozone, I would be willing to wager that O'Rielly's, NAPA, Carquest, and every other major parts distributor has the same policy, and would have done the same thing. I will NOT purchase anything from autozone until this situation is resolved with the terms of the boycott being met.

Un-American.......... - 12/8/12 9:48 AM

Very much dislike this story but ain't got a button for that. I perferred Auto Zone over Advance but that has now changed. A person should be able to defend his/herself and co-workers. I intend to voice my opinion to Auto Zone and their stupid corporate policy.........................................

stop the suits - 12/8/12 9:22 AM
stop the suits

The suits of Auto Zone who mead the decision to fire the hero should be maore than just ash;amed of themselves. They should fire themselves, for their ignorance.  Kind of like Congress, oh wait we tried that and they're still in Washington.

The US Military trains people to respect authority and respect their fellow man or woman.  Unfortunately, corporate clowns haveno respect for these things and follow company policy.  If Auto Zone loses market share from the fallout of this stupidity, good!  Maybe new suits will show respect for the average hard working American.  I hope that would be the case, but I doubt it.  Thoe only thing that matters to the suits that fired the hero is their own job security (aka their own butts).  Advance sells auto parts too.

The Great American - 12/8/12 8:59 AM
The Great American

I and my family and friends will not purchase anything at autozone until the employee that was fired for protecting his mgr. and the store is re-instated with possibility of reward and promotion. because of this employee, this robber will not be coming back to rob this store. - firing this employee sends a bad message, and encourages robbers to continue robbing stores. it is our constitutional right to bear arms to protect ourselves, other people and property. This employee represents what America used to be. He stood up against an evil and won. this  employee should not have been fired, but promoted! 

I'm in - 12/7/12 10:59 PM
I'm in

Boycotting. I understand the reasoning behind the 'go along with what the robbers say' policy but I also read a lot of headlines about victims who do just that and are executed as a reward for their good, sheeple behavior.

Devin stood up to an armed robber. He succeeded in ending the terror. Had he needed to use his gun to shoot the robber, I'm sure he would have.

Second guessing what could have happened is stupid. No one got hurt. No one got shot. One man got fired; the hero.

Screwed up!

Goodbye Autozone - 12/7/12 9:54 PM
Goodbye Autozone

I called Autozone and cancelled my rewards card and told them my business will now be taken elsewhere. I will be telling all my friends also. What a moronic position by this company.

Devin should be made Manager - 12/7/12 9:50 PM
Devin should be made Manager

There are usually exceptions to every policy - how can you fire someone without fully reviewing the case. He did more than save the company $2,000 - he saved lives. You are bound to lose more than the $2,000 (cash, I am assuming - not to mention store content) through customer loss.

Devin is a hero. Who made this decision is an a-hole.

You lose my business plus more, given that I will tell this story to anyone I speak with. Good luck with your bankruptcy!


Bonehead Decision - 12/7/12 8:54 PM
Bonehead Decision

There can be no zero tolerance position on anything. Yes you don't want employees to bring guns in to work. That is not what happened here, the situation determined the actions of the employee. Auto Zone is no longer on my list of local businesses to support.

Each action/decision must have some reasonoing behind it, in this case the employee was correct and the corporation was wrong and should be ashamed of itself for not looking at the particular situation as it should have.

I assume the CEO of the company would have run instead of doing the right thing.

Done with you - 12/7/12 5:14 PM
Done with you

More business for Pep Boys, Sears or anyone else but Autozone.


Boycott Comment - 12/7/12 3:30 PM
Boycott Comment

While I understand and support the Autozone policy of not allowing firearms in the store, one the armed robbery started the situation changed. The employee went out to his vehicle where he kept his weapon locked. When the robber did not drop his weapopn he did not shoot him. He used the minimum amount of force necessary to stop the robbery. The store could have praised the employee and still reiterated its policy. Technicsally he did not violate the policy since it was only after the start of the robbery that he fetched his weapon. How about some common sense and gratitude to this guy.

+1 for not shopping at auto zone - 12/7/12 2:03 PM
+1 for not shopping at auto zone

I think it's flat out dispicable what they did.  They should have given him a raise and a medal.  No suprize that you don't see much about this on the news. 

V.W. BISHOP - 12/7/12 1:26 PM

I will not buy another thing from Auto Zone unit they comply with the request of the petition.  (apearently Auto Zone does not value the lives of their employees)

Give the man his job back and publicly apologize to him. 

Mr Carl Barnett - 12/7/12 12:39 PM
Mr Carl Barnett

I will no longer purchase anything from Autozone until the requirements of the boycott have been met.


Auto zone - 12/7/12 10:09 AM
Auto zone

I will not shop for parts at auto zone again ! There are a lot of other auto parts stores where I live in Henderson Nevada

Think About It - 12/7/12 9:04 AM
Think About It

Bank employee's are instructed to comply with would be robbers to save lives. USUALLY the perp will not shoot a compliant unarmed teller. Same thing I believe Auto Zone is trying to accomplish by implementing the NO TOLERANCE clause in their employee handbook.


Unfortunate? Yes. American Hero? Yes. But these rules were implemented prior to the robbery. Plain and simple, he doesn't have a leg to stand on with them as far as his employment. It's a shame that they didn't "turn the other cheek" instead of immeadiate termination. Here in Georgia, an employer doesn't need a reason to fire you. Unless you work for the Union or the Federal Govt.

patriot - 12/7/12 7:09 AM

I have purchased a large amount of parts from autozone over the years.  Being 74 years old, that was a lot, and I still work on auto's and boats.  From now on, I can truthfully say, "Autozone is off my map."  Unless this man is offered his job back, and back pay from time of dismissal.  There are far too many other parts stores around that I can spend my money in.

.357 Magnum - 12/7/12 6:15 AM
.357 Magnum

I onboard with this boycott! There are too many other competitors to spend my money at  a joint that doesn't support this mans' bravery! No more Auto Zone for this backyard grease monkey!

NEVER AGAIN - 12/7/12 3:57 AM

O'Reilly's is right next door here in Evansville, Im..Will never set foot in AutoZone again until this wrong is righted. Will let everyone know what kinda company AZ is.

Zero tolerance - 12/6/12 9:21 PM
Zero tolerance

What don't you men understand about zero tolerance?!? The policy existed for a reason; maybe something to do with digruntled employees shooting fellow employees? Maybe because the theif migh not have been so easily scared and people could hve died for some money? If there is a zero tolerance policy then the employee broek the rules and was therefor fired. Unfortunate but that is what zero tolerance means!

anonymous - 12/6/12 7:03 PM

Standard company guidelines from working at multiple retailers, do not interfere with a robbery. It puts the customers and employees at risk. What would have happened if the robber decided to shoot the manager? Or everyone else because of his actions? Been apart of 2 robberies, one at gun point, one with a knife, i own a gun and would never consider bringing into a situation like this. It is too unstable and my employees, customers are more important than money. IMO.

Long time AutoZone customer - 12/6/12 6:23 PM
Long time AutoZone customer

I have been a customer of AutoZone since my son worked at the W Mercury Blvd. store nearly 15 years ago. Recently I have been dealing with O'Reilly's since they opened up down the street. Other than the lifetime warantee items I have, I will not be going back to AutoZone.

R Smith - 12/6/12 5:11 PM
R Smith

I have purchased more automotive parts fro Autozone than any other company in the past twenty years !  No more (-:

SEARS and KMART - 12/6/12 5:06 PM

SEARS, KMART and AUTOZONE own by the same person. BOYCOTT them all.

Give the guy his job back. - 12/6/12 4:52 PM
Give the guy his job back.

I can understand a policy of not having guns in the store. In this instance though, the gun was in the car and Devin did the right thing. Actually, the thief was pretty lucky. I would have shot the SOB and not thought twice about it.

Give the guy his job back.

Opportunity Knocks - 12/6/12 3:43 PM
Opportunity Knocks

Wouldn't it be something if all the auto parts stores close to an Auto Zone held "Hero Sales" celebrating Devin's action with a portion of their proceeds going to local Crime Victims Funds?

Maybe then Auto Zone's corporate office would get it.

But I doubt it.

I'm out of the Zone ... for good - 12/6/12 3:30 PM
I'm out of the Zone ... for good

The good news for Devin McClean is that he lives to find a better job elsewhere.

The bad news for Auto Zone ... their corporate policy will probably cost them prospective employees & a whole bunch of business.

O'reilly's and - 12/6/12 12:46 PM
O'reilly's and

Bumper to Bumper are close by,,,will never set foot in AZ again

Darn Foolish Management - 12/6/12 11:14 AM
Darn Foolish Management

I'm quite sure that Auto Zone wrote their company policy under advice of some wimp of an attorney. I learned some 20 years ago that the U.S. has 75% of all the attorneys ON THE PLANET, practicing within its borders! (The statistic is probably worse by now.); I realized then that we were all in serious trouble! With 7 billion people on the planet, some 320 million people being here in the U.S. and 75% plus of all the attorneys residing (and most, conceivably practicing) HERE! (I might add that the vast majority of both houses of Congress are attorneys). Attorneys are trained to know the law and they like to think that they know best how the laws should be. But in my humble opinion, very few of them have what we call common sense. The same goes for many Boards of Directors and their executives. As it has been said so many times in these posts, this man is a hero and should have been treated like one. Sure the company may have their "Zero-tolerance Policy" but they can make an exception without encouraging their other employees to either "arm up" nor react in the same way that this man did. It is not well known, because for one thing the "drive-by media" doesn't like to report positive outcomes of citizens using firearms to stop crimes, but between 1 and 2 million times per year in this country, a crime is stopped dead in its tracks by a legally armed private citizen using a firearm. The reason the number can't be more accurate is that many of these incidents are never reported. A Mr. John R. Lott, Jr., has written the definitive works on this subject in two books entitled "The Bias Against Guns" and "More Guns, Less Crime". If anyone with half a brain were to read one or both of these books they would come away with a completely different understanding of how law-abiding, free civilian men and women can and do, make a difference everyday in this country helping to curb major crime. And that without them, things would be far worse. Although I usually do not participate in boycotts, I WILL BE IN THIS ONE! I have an Auto Zone store at just a little over a mile from me, and I have done business there. But this will stop. Also I will advise all of my family and friends to do the same. O'Reilly and NAPA both have stores about 2-3 miles from my home. While less convenient, they will not get my business until things are changed with this Auto Zone debacle!

Lost my business!! - 12/6/12 11:04 AM
Lost my business!!

As a long time cusomer of AutoZone and supporter of the Second Amendment, this really ticks me off.

This man did what any caring person would have done by saving the life of his manager.

Like others have said....there's a O'Reillys and also a NAPA nearby!

No more auto zone - 12/6/12 10:26 AM
No more auto zone

There many other places to shop and that is what I will do.

What are your priorities? - 12/6/12 10:20 AM
What are your priorities?

All right, Auto Zone. Are you saying you value that robber and your rules more than you do the lives of your employees? What ever happened to common sense?

Employee unfairly fired - 12/6/12 9:36 AM
Employee unfairly fired

Checker Auto is down the street. No more AutoZone for me. If they want to make a point about no fire arms, why not suspend the guy for a week to save face?

EMPLOYEE FIRING - 12/6/12 8:33 AM

Where I live there os pep boys and o'reillys..will never step into AUTO ZONE again....To me he is a hero....

Tail wagging the dog - 12/6/12 8:20 AM
Tail wagging the dog

It's no wonder this country is heading down the track to mediocrity with a "one rule fits all" mentality like this company obviously has. Whatever happened to critical thinking in this country? Yep, let's advertise to all crooks and theives that not only are your stores unarmed but people will loose their jobs if they stand up to a would be robber. Why even have a cash register - why not a bucket on the counter for all to grab from? Talk about the tail wagging the dog!! I'm on the board of directors for a very large car club (550+ members) and we will be talking about this at our next board meeting. If I have my way AutoZone will be excluded when our members shop for parts. This is inexcusable.  

Really?? - 12/6/12 8:09 AM

I'll bet that if the Moron(s) that made up this policy had been there, staring down the barrel of that gun, they might realize what a pin headed policy it is! But he (they) weren't :-(   Crime will never cease so I can only hope that when it does occur that the victims are these kinds of arrogant people. I can tell you this.. if i broke down in front of Autozone and they offered me the part for free I'd tell them to stick it and call a tow truck first! 

Stopped shopping there after this... - 12/6/12 8:03 AM
Stopped shopping there after this...

A lot of companies do this. It's bull... I think as long as you are not armed at work and your legal what's the problem. What if this guy would of kept running and then the robber put a bullet in his head? Then what.... Oh he'd be a coward and the company would have a dead manager for a whole $2,000. No that man was a hero and did the right thing. Wonder why this country is in such a ruckus these days. Because of these rich snobs that have zero common sense.

Chris Orange County, NY - 12/6/12 8:01 AM
Chris Orange County, NY

So would he have still been fired if he had instead strong armed the weapon out of the bearded bandit's hands?   Wouldn't physically harming a customer also be against policy?  Any rational person could make these distinctions for the need to make exceptions to policy under these extraordinary circumstances.  This country has lost its way and I will not use this store or any other that demonstrates this kind of liberal insanity.

Unbelieveable! - 12/6/12 7:37 AM

This is one reason why our country is heading in the direction it is..every time a bad guy does something wrong they go after the good guy! It's been proven time and time again that taking this approach does nothing but send a message that if you stand up against these types of people you will be crucified! For every law they come up with it creates a new oppourtunity for the criminal. Autozone didn't send a message to thier employees but to the criminals instead! What happened to "Common Sense".. Wake Up America!

This man is my hero - 12/6/12 7:34 AM
This man is my hero

Consider the alternative, Auto Zone: according to your policy, Devin should have just stood there and done nothing.  Meaning the manager could have possibly been shot and killed, and the robber would have run off with thousands in store money.  In your eyes, this would be a model employee.  For me, this is my hero.  Someone who, in the face of danger, thinks quickly and does the right thing.

No Autozone - 12/6/12 7:11 AM
No Autozone

This gentleman was trained to stay calm in tight situations as well as save lives. He also serves our country. He should be applauded, NOT FIRED!!! Now when he needs his job for his family, he gets the boot! I don't care if i have to pay 5 times the amount for the parts, I will NEVER patronize the store ever again. Although I may stop in from time to time to tell the tale to potential customers.

Done - 12/6/12 6:46 AM

I'm done with them!

Joe W. - 12/6/12 6:46 AM
Joe W.

Auto Zone has lost a customer for life.  I or my family or friends will never shop their again.

ZR1 - 12/6/12 6:45 AM

   Takiing to Car Club meeting where we will ALL Boycott this store.....Friends , Relatives all should join in!

Is Auto Zone inviting robberies? - 12/6/12 6:35 AM
Is Auto Zone inviting robberies?

So is auto zone trying to send a message to would be robbers that they would rather be robbed then have their employees protect the companies assets?  He did not have the gun on him during working hours, it was stowed away in his vehicle.  They should be thanking him and giving him a bonus.

Re-Hire the vet and change your policy - 12/6/12 6:34 AM
Re-Hire the vet and change your policy


I WILL NOT - 12/6/12 6:22 AM

EVER vist or patronize your business or any related businesses again.  Unless the employee is commended and rehired, my family is DONE with you.

GLMorgan - 12/6/12 6:18 AM

Don't know where your head is but it is obvious where your heart is and that tells me enough to go somewhere else in the future for my automotive needs.

Not smart, Auto Zone! - 12/6/12 5:23 AM
Not smart, Auto Zone!

Nothing in my concealed weapons permit states that I cannot carry a gun into Auto Zone, so Auto Zone is effectively saying that they do not want me to shop in their store.  A store that does not provide protection against gun-waving robbers.  In view of their actions against the employee and refusal to publically respond, I am more than glad to comply.  I am also a member in multiple car clubs and will see that all members get notification of this action.

never again - 12/6/12 4:44 AM
never again

I will not be buying anything from autozone again. I am a pro mechanic and willl be throwing the rewards card in the trash.

****Update**** - 12/6/12 3:48 AM

Member since:

Total Posts:


Wanted to let everyone know that I have recieved a reply from AutoZone. Right now I am trying to Verfiy that this reply is infact from the person who sent it and that they are Authorized to speak on behalf of AutoZone. As soon as I get this verification I will Post it.


Adam Turner


South Dakota Open Carry (SDOC)

Sioux Falls Chapter.



ANONYMOUS - 12/6/12 12:48 AM

A lot of words arent needed.  I shop in Pescott Valley, AZ.  Goodbye AUTO ZONE & Hello O'Reillys & I'll be letting friends know about this.

mogul264 - 12/5/12 9:05 PM

I've shopped Auto-Zone (now called the UN-SAFE Zone!) mainly since they bought out Chief Auto Parts, my local original supplier here in Dallas, Tx. Service has been OK, and many Chief workers were hired across. Now, however, I won't feel SAFE there, now, so I probably will shop other suppliers, one of whom is actually closer to me, anyway!

Robert Cowart - 12/5/12 8:45 PM
Robert Cowart

I am a mechanic for over 50 years and purchase supplies frequently from Autozone. I can tell you I am so incensed over this I will never purchase another thing from Autozone until this man gets his job back with an apology and backpay. Stop the stupidity Autozone!!!!!

AutoZone has no common sense. - 12/5/12 8:22 PM
AutoZone has no common sense.

Totally wrong to fire him. He should be made Employee of the Year. 

Vet encouraging other vets to blockade - 12/5/12 7:20 PM
Vet encouraging other vets to blockade

Autozone in Twilight Zone will get no more business from myself till the man gets his job back. Was headed there tomorrow to spend probably a couple hundred. Guess the compition will get my business. Think I will go to the Autozone on my free time and stand by the front door and let people know about this company. Being a disabled vet I have a lot of free time. I encourage every vet that reads this to do the same. There are more vets than Autozones. We can stand by every door. Enough of us band together he will get his job back. They aren't so big that a week of no one entering the store will hurt their back pocket.

Former loyal customer - 12/5/12 7:16 PM
Former loyal customer

I have been a loyal customer of Autozone for well over 20 years...but they will not see another penny of my business unless Devin Mclean is reinstated and a public apology is issued by the company.

Very Sad - 12/5/12 7:09 PM
Very Sad

What kind of company are you trying to run Auto Zone?  Fine, your policy is one that doesn't allow employees to have guns in the store.  He didn't until they were robbed. 

It seems your policy is one that puts the company over the safety of their employees.  This is why I won't be buying anything from you now or in the future.  I don't want to be in one of your stores while it might be robbed because your probably posting against CHL holders as well and I like to be able to defend myself. 

Do the right thing and give Devin his job back.

Devin McClean is a Heaven's Hhero! - 12/5/12 7:00 PM
Devin McClean is a Heaven's Hhero!

Mr. McClean did what any decent, true, real American citizen should do! We need to all take lessons from him and we also need to stop shopping at companies that are against our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms. The right to bear arms to defend yourself and to defend others is the 2nd Amendment and companies and countries that prohibit that are wicked!  Check out history...any country that has banned weapons was normally taken over by communists and annihilated shortly after! However, God even commands that we defend ourselves if you want to check out His best seller! Devin did a great deed that day and what he did just proves what a great man once said, "Heaven's hero's are the world's zeros and the world's heroes are Heaven's zeros!"  So right on Devin! You are too good to work at Autozone and I hope and pray that your Heavenly Father and the maker of the universe who made you and protected you will bless and help you find a job a million times better than the one you had, since He is your provider, keeper, sustainer and hopefully your Saviour and your Lord! Jeremiah 29:11

I hope Autozone reaps the fruit of their evil behavior and decision to fire Mr. McClean and I hope it hits their bottom line so hard that they feel the impact and weight of their decisions! Human life comes before any stupid policy! Autozone-SHAME ON YOU!

By the way, check out Alex Jones and Infowars if you want to learn the truth about "American" government buying up millions of dollars worth of ammunition and guns....and some of their heinous plans against the American public they are planning!

MR. J.D.V. - 12/5/12 6:51 PM
MR. J.D.V.


Mc Clean....awesome name! - 12/5/12 6:25 PM
Mc Clean....awesome name!

Mr. McClean has cleaned the streets of Virginia!  What a great guy!

a great person with convictions and values, as he said in his interview, he will ALWAYS put people's life and safety above any company policy!  That is the kind of person you WANT to be next to you in a SHTF situation like this one

McClean is my family's hero and my wife does not even like guns but even she is very happy about what he did and very mad at the AZ decision to let him go.

I hope he finds a better paying job with some security or law enforcement firm!  Imagine him inside a Brinks Truck?   He will stand and defend it, what else could we ask for in a real man? 

Those spineless pu****s in the AZ management can learn a thing or two.  Where is the CEO or spokesman of that company when you need them to speak up and make a better decision?  Oh yeah, they're probably playing Golf or are hanging out in some sleezy bar now.

from the movie "The Professional", a very young Natalie Portman asking her neighbor:  "what are you doing for a living Mister"? .... " I am a cleaner" (hitman) - LOL!

A really great movie by the way, very heartwarming and always on my Christmas holiday TV watch list!

Policy enforcement - 12/5/12 6:16 PM
Policy enforcement

I wonder (actually I doubt that) if 100% of Autozone's workforce is complete aware of their zero gun tolerance policy.  It's easy to hand a new hire the 85-page employee handbook and ask them to read it, then sign and retun in original by the end of the day.  Honestly, how many people have "read and understood" (and memorized) all the company policies of their employers?  If, in fact a zero gun policy is enforced in all Autozone stores then the proper signs must be posted near their entrances (I will check my local AZ store tomorrow for compliance and take pictures of their entrance doors).  I mean, this is such an important policy and if the company is so utterly against it, then it MUST be posted somewhere....right!?!?!?

Dear AZ management, do us all a favor and talk among each other, then invite Mr. McClean to your office and "slap his wrist" for violating one of your company policies which resulted is him saving a few lifes.  He is a hero but if you are so hell bent on enforcing that weak policy then go ahead with your conscience.  Happy holidays!  No wait....MERRY CHRISTMAS!


never again - 12/5/12 5:59 PM
never again

WIll any of  my family, friends, or co-workers shop at autozone. They have proven themselves to be a corporate pig that cares more about profits than their employees' lives. Today, I spread the word and personally stopped at least 50 people from shopping there, and will continue to spread the word. American companies will not submit to robbers or terrorists, and we will insist that store employees' lawfully owned weapons to protect us in case of a robbery.

Last Auto Zone Purchase - 12/5/12 5:59 PM
Last Auto Zone Purchase

O'Riley's is right across the street.............To make it in life we have to work in the grey area..........not always black and white.

AutoZone sdould REWARD Mr. McCLean - 12/5/12 5:44 PM
AutoZone sdould REWARD Mr. McCLean

The bozos at AutoZone should give Mr. McClean a NICE severance package for his trouble and then offer him a better position with the company. CEO would be a start... the guy seem to have a better head on his shoulders and better adjusted priorities than the idiots that wrote the rule.

lynncard - 12/5/12 5:41 PM

I will not shop at Autozone until this wrong is right.  Firing a brave employee who protected his fellow employee and company property is wrong.  And I don't care what excuse Autozone comes up with regarding their company policies.  This is just plain wrong.

No more Autozone for me - 12/5/12 5:38 PM
No more Autozone for me

I am a CPL holder and so is my wife we both shop at autozone atleast twice aweek for car parts while i'm working out of my home.  Not no more i'll drive the extra two minutes and shop with Advanced Auto now.  I'm very disgusted by Autozone fireing Devin McClean for trying to keep people safe and himself and the store.

anoymous - 12/5/12 5:37 PM

I will never purchase from this pathetic corporation again until I hear that this brave young man is either rehired or compensated justly for saving his managers life.

You guys should be ashamed of yourself and I hope one day you find yourself in the managers position wishing someone would save you.

anonymous - 12/5/12 5:24 PM

I have often purchased parts and suplies from AutoZone, but I will shop elsewhere untill they make amends to Devin who is in my book a HERO and a PATRIOT! Thank the LORD for outstanding young men who love their famillies, friends and country!




Utterly Ridiculous - 12/5/12 5:06 PM
Utterly Ridiculous

The man is a veteran, trained in the use of firearms. He stopped an armed robbery inside the store, and was fired for it, because candy @ss liberal pecker-head thinks guns shouldn't be in one of their stores. I'm sorry; would the powers that ordered him fired prefered for he and the manager to have been shot and killed? Would that make them feel better? It obvious that they sit in their safe little office, someplace far from where their decisions impact their employees, more than likely with security at the front door.

Get a life, get a set of balls, admit you and the policy were wrong, and give the man back his job!!

Devin McClean is a hero and did everything right - 12/5/12 4:48 PM
Devin McClean is a hero and did everything right

he defeated the Black fake bearded bandit but instead of getting his own gun from his car and then re-entering the store he should have grabbed some large tool such as a 24 inch steel crowbar or a pick axe from the stores shelves, smash the robbers head in, clean up the tools and then hang them back on the shelves while making sure that the original tags and UPC codes are still intact of course.

what a ridiculous store and executive management!  I hope for Devin McClean that he will be hired by one of the reputable security companies because here we have a guy who does not crack under pressure but becomes a real man and takes action, the way we all should do!

Boycott? really? - 12/5/12 4:42 PM
Boycott? really?

I hate "Boycotts" because they tend to hurt the working folks more than the Corporations. That said, even though AUTOZONE is my favorite local store for various reasons, However I will join this one because this is serious and even if the business is not severly impacted, the Big Wigs need to see the public outcry for what is right.

I am a legal gun owner... - 12/5/12 4:36 PM
I am a legal gun owner...

...will they allow me to enter their stores with a gun.  I don't think they have a sign at the door.

So much for "ZERO" tolerance!!!

I carry all the time (in Florida that is permitted with proper license which I obviously have) and if I ever see one of their stores being robbed I will make sure  N O T  to help them!

Boycott - 12/5/12 4:32 PM

Corporate obviously failed Decision Making 101. You must feel really proud of yourselves. Devin McClean deserves to be offered his job back. Having a No Weapon Policy works for the bad guys. You are so narrow minded. I will not step back into any one of your stores again. 

Zero Tolerance Policy update - 12/5/12 4:31 PM
Zero Tolerance Policy update

...I have zero tolerance for overpaid, ignorant company executives who hire employees on low wages and mediocre benefits while selling us all the cheap, Chinese made crap and lining their own pockets in the process!

Now that all the robbers out there know that the Autozone top management works hard to provide a safe "shopping/robbing" environment for them, they should logically continue to hit them up.  I hope the robbers continue their shopping sprees at this chain, cleans out all their stores and wish that AZ management realizes that they forgot to extend their insurance policy that covers losses from theft, HAR HAR HARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

As I said:  I have zero tolerance for AZ's decisions.

zero gun tolerance only works in favor of the bad guys! - 12/5/12 4:18 PM
zero gun tolerance only works in favor of the bad guys!

Autozone and the general public need to understand that banning guns from stores will not stop the bad guys from entering the stores.  How about their anti-crowbar, machete, sword, long knife, pepper spray and taser policy?  I hope they included those weapons just to be on the "safe" side.....wait....they even sell items that could be used to hold up a store!

The only guns they keep out of their store by posting a sign on the door are the guns of rightful gun owners and law abiding citizens.

I understand that the company does not want their employees to be armed, based on that philosophy of theirs the story should have gone like this:

Maybe the robber should have killed a couple or all of the store clerks plus some innocent by-standers and customers, empty the vault and cash registers before disappearing with his loot! Not to worry though because the police would arrive at the scene only minutes later and clean up the mess - LOL!  Remember: when you need help right away, the police is only minutes away :-)

Had the story gone more like that, I am quite sure that some executive's heads at Autozone would be rolling instead this poor guy who is about to have a baby.  If I owned a company, I'd hire him myself - that's a good guy right there!!!


If I see a Sign - 12/5/12 4:11 PM
If I see a Sign

Maybe I will patranize an AutoZone if I see a big sign in the window saying they support Devin, but then again do they O'Reilly mean it? I hope they Advance Devins career if he wants his job back or Not After Policy Adjustment.

These comments just may give AZ managent Boys some Pep to do the right thing

Fire the Policy - 12/5/12 4:00 PM
Fire the Policy

He left the building as an employee, he returned as a citizen hero defending the manager. AZ, use that as a loophole in your policy, then change your policy to be "examine the circumstances and us judgment" as you can see from these responses, I as many other are expressing a zero tolerance for stupidity. Would it not have been easier to fire a "policy" than an above and beyond employee?

Goodbye AutoZone, Hello O'Reillys - 12/5/12 3:52 PM
Goodbye AutoZone, Hello O'Reillys

I'm taking my business elsewhere, and returning my rewards card to AutoZone.

THE NO-ZONE - 12/5/12 3:19 PM

autozone will now be the NO-ZONE!!!

From A Navy Veteran PT 2. - 12/5/12 3:06 PM
From A Navy Veteran PT 2.

I forgot to add. I play a MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game called Eve Online. Ill be spreading this link all over the place in that game to day. Currently there are about 200k players there. I wonder how many will stop doing business with you once they read this news article. I hope the people that play MMO's do likewise too.

From a Navy Veteran - 12/5/12 3:01 PM
From a Navy Veteran

What Veteran Devin McClean did was an awesome act to be commended. People like that are too few and far between. I am also baffeled that he didnt shoot that turd. Since Auto Zone has decided to fire instead of reward Mr. McClean, I will no longer be a patron of Auto Zone. This act has ended a 30+ year relationship. Should Auto Zone reconsider their insidous acts against Mr. McClean, I will revisit my decission to I have made regarding Auto Zone. I have also sent this news article to my friends on face book. Most of which are Veterans themselves. Some are related to or have friends that are Vets. Im glad I saw this article before ordering $1,000.00 in needed parts. I hope you change your mind soon Auto Zone. Until then it was great doing business with you. Bye.

dead employee or dead robber? - 12/5/12 2:56 PM
dead employee or dead robber?

It is better to have a dead robber than a dead employee, especially one that is about to be a father.

REHIRE HIM NOW!!! - 12/5/12 2:46 PM

Until this mistake has been corrected. I will NOT step a foot inside any Auto Zone again. You can have all the zero tolerance you want, without my money. Ill be going to Oriley's form this point on.


Problems - 12/5/12 2:46 PM

The damn thing isn't accepting the 4 letter code. Otherwise I'd sign it.

Fire that hero - 12/5/12 2:34 PM
Fire that hero

Well, you really messed this up. Not only did you fire the hero who saved the day, but you also sent a message giving all the robbers out there the green light to rob your stores.

NO more Autozone - 12/5/12 2:14 PM
NO more Autozone

NO more Autozone for me, until the Boycott Demands are met!!! Too bad, because I have shopped at Autozone!!!

RealAmerican - 12/5/12 2:07 PM

Forget you, Auto Zone.

Put AutoZone out of business - 12/5/12 1:40 PM
Put AutoZone out of business

Autozone's response is absurd! I will no longer shop there and unless they make Devin the store manager I hope they go bankrupt!

Washington State - 12/5/12 1:36 PM
Washington State

There is a new building being built in my town for an Autozone to move into the neighborhood but I now refuse to even step one foot into that business when it opens.

WHAT: - 12/5/12 1:36 PM

Not one more cent........

Michigan - 12/5/12 1:32 PM

I'm a CPL holder and have done all my fleet business through Autozone....until now.

No more of my money - 12/5/12 1:19 PM
No more of my money

I am a veteran and I carry a legally concealed firearm. I will respect their opinion by not bringing my gun, or myself, or my money into their store. They will not get another cent from me, and I've spent a lot there over the years. They don't have anything that O'reilly's or NAPA don't have.

Another one votes with his money - 12/5/12 12:55 PM
Another one votes with his money

Auto zone loses my business from now on.   I can buy my parts and accessories elsewhere.

Employees are still alive due to Devon's actions. Good man. He deserves to work for a better company and Autozone isn't it.  

I will not buy parts from Autozone - 12/5/12 12:27 PM
I will not buy parts from Autozone

I will not buy any thing from Autozone for firing you   employee Devin McClean for getting his gun and stopping aarmed robber. 

Shame on you Autozone. By having a no gun ban you have put up a sign that reads please come and Rob my stores and kill my employees and anyone in the store.

I do not spend my money in a store that is a a gun free store . Why? it's unsafe for me or any of my family.

I will boycott until Autozone makes it right. - 12/5/12 12:15 PM
I will boycott until Autozone makes it right.

I am a retired auto mechanic and a disabled veteran. I have bought at autozone many parts and supplies but no more, at least until they make this right.

A GREATEFUL VETERAN - 12/5/12 12:10 PM






Automotive Repair Facility - 12/5/12 12:01 PM
Automotive Repair Facility

My business with three Indiana locations repair approximately 120 vehicles each day, 6 days a week.  Auto Zone, Advance Auto Parts, and O'Rileys are all within 3 blocks from our shops, with NAPA about 6 blocks away.  We have a choice of where we purchase our parts, and will certainly use that choice to buy from someone other than Auto Zone.

Not Until They Rehire the Hero - 12/5/12 11:57 AM
Not Until They Rehire the Hero

I've been a faithful and happy customer of AutoZone... but no more... not until they rehire the hero.

Anonymous - 12/5/12 11:52 AM

AutoZone, I have been a RewardsZone member for years and have enjoyed the low prices and excellent service your company offers. Upon hearing this hard line stance on a course of action that ultimately protected employees, I am both shocked and saddened. The only chance of ever receiving my business again will be when I hear about a reconsideration of this appalling decision. Please be advised ALL my military family members will hear about this

Get OUT of the zone, go to Advances Auto Parts - 12/5/12 11:51 AM
Get OUT of the zone, go to Advances Auto Parts

Autozone... you lost yet another another customer.  I will no longer shop at any of you stores... at least not until this man's job is reinstated, with back pay, a public apology, and a public acknowledgement that he is a hero.

boycott - 12/5/12 11:49 AM

my ten trucks will now be getting replacement parts from napa

Think It Through - 12/5/12 11:15 AM
Think It Through

AutoZone Management - How can you  be so utterly stupid and callous toward one of your employees just before Thanksgiving. This young man risked his life to help his coworkers and you fired him for it.

Do you have any idea what your consumer base is? It's hard working middle class folks who work on their own cars and protect their own families. How incredibly stupid can you be!

Unless and until you re-hire this man with back pay and a nice bonus as an apology, neither I nor anyone I can persuade will spend another cent in one of your stores.

Let AZ Know Directly - 12/5/12 10:31 AM
Let AZ Know Directly

MY poting on their Comments Page at:


To AZ Management:

My rewards/loyalty card is going into the shredder as soon as I finish this comment about your firing Mr. McClean, the hero who intervened to prevent possible injury or loss of life in your Yorktown, Va store. The INCREDIBLE stupidity and bias of such action by AZ Management is beyond description.

AZ has been my auto parts store of choice for many years, but I will forever more go out of my way to shop elsewhere.

Your Management Staff are COWARDS and Politically Correct Dupes.

How would any of you feel if one of your relatives had been in that store, with Mr. McClean standing idly by while they were slaughtered by a dereanged thief?????

UNBELIEVABLE and PATHETIC behavior by supposed mature adults in charge of a major US company. No Wonder the US is in such horrible shape these days.

advance auto parts - 12/5/12 10:25 AM
advance auto parts

good reason to go here

Ca. business owner - 12/5/12 10:18 AM
Ca. business owner

They are just a block from my business, but I will send my guys the extra distance to a different auto parts store. I would love to have an employee like this guy.

Warren - 12/5/12 9:45 AM

I live in a military town and until now have used AutoZone. Thank goodness O'Reillys and Advance have built stores in Radcliff, that's where I'll go now and I'll be sure to share this story on Ft Knox.

Firing a hero; pretty sad - 12/5/12 9:41 AM
Firing a hero; pretty sad

Autozone just opened a new store in our area.  They are competing with Napa, who had all my business prior to the Autozone opening.  I suspect they will have all of my future business, as I cannot support a company who hides behind a zero tolerance policy instead of honoring someone who risked their own life to save a co-worker.

Air Filters & Air heads - 12/5/12 9:35 AM
Air Filters & Air heads

At AutoZone for years because of it’s great customer service, straight forward answers from employees.  I love the rewards program  and buy items from AutoZone I may not necessarily need if I’m close to a earning reward points.  However, this recent even of firing Devin McClean is unjustified and inexcusable AutoZone!  This is a good example of why “zero tolerance” policies don’t always make sense and why common sense & good judgment should have been exercised in this case.  As a loyal customer I’m infuriated with your brand name right now. I’ve made a conscious decision to no longer shop at AutoZone until this policy is changed to support a more modern approach.  Farewell AutoZone………….

PANHEAD56 - 12/5/12 9:08 AM

I've shopped at Autozone for a long time. But as of today they will no longer be getting my business.. I will be giving it all to O'REILLY'S.....

Knee Jerk Reaction - By Autozone - 12/5/12 8:53 AM
Knee Jerk Reaction - By Autozone

Autozone could have placed an administrative reprimand in his personnel file and called it a day; but no, some HR weeney (probably on a HOA somewhere) wanted to abuse their power and crush this man's future (and his family).

I have a very long memory and it will be a very cold day before I set foot into an AutoZone store again.

Get real! - 12/5/12 8:51 AM
Get real!

Autozone is acting like a jerk in this case. They really need to reconsider their policy, rehire this hero, and drop the stupid "zero tolerance" approach.

O'Reilly's will get all my business - 12/5/12 8:24 AM
O'Reilly's will get all my business

Shame on them!  I WILL NEVER shop at Autozone again and will encourage every person I know to do the same.

Won't shop at Autozone anymore - 12/5/12 8:19 AM
Won't shop at Autozone anymore

Napa or Advanced Auto will have my business now.

Christmas Cheer - 12/5/12 7:59 AM
Christmas Cheer

I am listening to Neal Boortz online and a young lady just called in about this young man. She stated that he his wife are expecting and has lost his job over the icident. I'd like to get in touch with the young man or a family member to find out how I can help make his Christmas a little brighter. My husband and I do not have much, but I want to share what we can, even if it's just a Christmas meal. From one military family to another, let's make this happen!

Thank You, AutoZone - 12/5/12 7:57 AM
Thank You, AutoZone

Thanks for the notice, AutoZone.  We have a "zero tolerance" policy for stupid corporate mgmt.  On to Advanced Auto for this 5-car family.

Evil Corporation - 12/5/12 7:52 AM
Evil Corporation

Now here is an example of an "evil" corporation!

WE HAVE A Constituional RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS - 12/5/12 7:23 AM

Busineses are robbed at gunpoint ALL THE TIME!!  This man is a HERO------------AUTO ZONE executives are not above the Constitutional rights of others!!  It is time for a lot of these places to wise up and give credit to he Heros who keep others from getting killed!!  GIVE ME A BREAK AUTO ZONE!!!!!

Unbelievable! - 12/5/12 7:16 AM

This employee is a hero in my eyes!  I have an AutoZone and an O'Reilly's right next door to each other.  I have always driven into the AutoZone parking lot.  NO MORE.  O'Reilly's here I come!

Anon. - 12/5/12 7:12 AM

This man is a Hero! Auto Zone should be giving him a raise and promotion! Instead, they takethe stand with all the other yellow lilly-livered hypocrites in this country who love our freedoms but won't stand up and fight for Them!

Rehire this HERO! Auotzone is a ZERO - 12/5/12 7:10 AM
Rehire this HERO! Auotzone is a ZERO

You have lost my business. His actions were to defend your store, property & Management.

WAKE UP Aholes!!!

Shame shame autozone - 12/5/12 7:03 AM
Shame shame autozone

Shame on Auto Zone! Never again will I spend a dollar there. I wish I had a job to offer to this Brave person and gonna be new Daddy........

Couldn't join? - 12/5/12 6:58 AM
Couldn't join?

I agree with this boycott 100%.  Their employees could have been killed and their money stolen and this man is FIRED for being a HERO???  Screw them.  HATE going back to Discount, tho.  :-(  And by the way, can't join the boycott, it's not working for some reason.  Keeps saying the code doesn't match but I know how to read, lol.

Really? - 12/5/12 6:38 AM

Unless and until Autozone makes good to this Hero, I'll be taking my business to Napa Autoparts and any other 2nd Amendent respecting stores.

Exceptions should be made - immediately - 12/5/12 6:16 AM
Exceptions should be made - immediately

My oldest son is also in the Air Force and I sent him the story.  His response was simple "I would have done the same thing.  It's what we are taught."   Personally, I hope they remember that the the man they fired is also one of the many that protect the very country that AutoZone is doing business within.  It's not just a slap in the face to Mr. Mclean, but a slap in the face to all those who serve and also work at local business within this country.  AutoZone made a bad choice - company policies have always had exceptions....this is one of them.

Autozone a very smart company - 12/5/12 6:01 AM
Autozone a very smart company

These guys have not been in business for as long as they have because they are a bunch of idiots.  I fully expect Autozone to compensate Mr. McClean or hire him back with back pay.

If they do not then there are plenty of other places for me to do my car parts shopping.

What are we becoming - 12/5/12 5:57 AM
What are we becoming

An American steps up to protect himself and his coworkers and is punished?  If corporations do not understand that this was a good thing then they can all go to hell.

AutoZone is Pathetic - 12/5/12 5:20 AM
AutoZone is Pathetic

This is the perfect example of "Throw your people under the bus to C.Y.A."  If the employee legally shot the robber, he could have sued.  That's why AutoZone chooses to allow their employees to risk thier lives instead of taking the chance that they may become involved in litigation and bad press.  There is clearly NO SUPPORT FOR EMPLOYEES here.  

The local sheriff is some what of a legend in this area.  Because of the way he does his job, he is continually re-elected and is on his 4th(?) consecutive term.  Bottom line is he does a great job and the people love him.  


I am a retired police officer.  Policing is a partnership between law enforcement officers and the citizens.  It doesn't work any other way.  I am very disappointed with AutoZone and have left my comments on their web site.  ALl my future business will go to Advance or Pep Boys.

Offer him his job back but... - 12/5/12 5:00 AM
Offer him his job back but...

I think the boycott goes too far. You cannot ask a private company to allow part time employees to have guns in the work place.

The same people that want this part of the boycott would be pretty unhappy if a part time autozone employee "went postal" and killed fellow workers.

The problem is that no business chain like that would be able to get insurance if they allowed part time workers to carry hand guns in the store.

Autozone needs to do the right thing and offer the guy his job back.

This guy knew the rules upon hire, no doubt it was plain as day on his application.

At least offer the guy his job back with a reprimand.

Give the job back to do the right thing, do the reprimand to satisfy the insurance companies.

I'm pro second ammendment. I think every law abiding citizen should carry. robberrys, rapes and murders would be down.

We need to by boycotting the insurance companies. They're the ones infirnging on our freedoms. They're the ones that keep us from being able to smoke in a bar, carry a gun in a movie theater.

Independence VA - 12/5/12 3:23 AM
Independence VA

Shame on Autozone!  Unbelieveable that this man risk his life to stop a dangerous robber...that no one else was able to catch or stop and you all reward him by firing him.

I would want a decidcated employee like Devin.  This young man's firearm was in his vechicle.  Which is totally legal. And by the sounds of it....we all need to have a means to protect ourself. 

I'm spreading Autozone's shameful actions with this case.

We need to boycot more stores - 12/5/12 3:08 AM
We need to boycot more stores

With millions of firearms owners in the US,  we collectively should identify and boycot all companies with such restrictive and dangerous corporate policies.   The only sure way to accomplish the return of our right to self defense (no matter where we happen to be) is by using the US Dollar to choke some sense into these idiots.

Auto out of the zone - 12/5/12 1:25 AM
Auto out of the zone

when this goes viral, and it look as if it will, the nationwide backlash from millions of gun owners will take its toll. when you interview for next job, you can say you fired a military veteran who defended others in danger with no regard for his own personal safety. in the military, that might just be worthy of a medal.

Shame on AutoZone! - 12/5/12 12:50 AM
Shame on AutoZone!

As a gun owner and NRA member, I'm disgusted with Autozone for  tfiring this man who courageously defended the lives of his manager and co-workers!  How dare they fire him over some stupid "anti-gun policy".  Mr. McClean did the right thing, what any one of us would have done (well, at least those of us who aren't liberal fools who are scared of owning firearms).  Until they remedy this situation, and give him his job back, we will NOT be shopping at Autozone.

Poster Child for Gun Safety - 12/5/12 12:28 AM
Poster Child for Gun Safety

This person is a poster child for how to responsibly use a fire arm...  Most people would have ran away and never came back; he came back, didn't shoot the criminal instead used the correct measures of escalation of force... Gave the criminal a chance to surrender, never shot.. the criminal ran away and didn't shoot him in the back, he did his part and saved his co-worker... He deserves much more than just his job back.

BS! - 12/5/12 12:26 AM

Pepboys from now on...

CPT GRRRR - 12/5/12 12:25 AM

Never will do business with Autozone again!  OH yes, "Join the Boycott" codes will not work on the form above so I could not join... but here is the message in words!

I am out - 12/4/12 11:46 PM
I am out

Autozone,  you say you support the vets, I will never, shop at your store again even with the 10% military discount. 

save the robbers - 12/4/12 11:37 PM
save the robbers

I too will no longer shop at Autozone.Any business that excludes the right to carry is on my no shopping list.How can we have " life, Liberty and the persuit of happiness" if we are dead???

NO More - 12/4/12 11:35 PM
NO More

I will NEVER patronize AutoZone again.  They are the epitomy of what is is WRONG with this country.  What would be the response from corporate HQ if their employees were killed??  

O'Reillys Auto Parts - 12/4/12 11:21 PM
O'Reillys Auto Parts

I have to drive past an O'Reillys Auto Parts store to get to the nearest Autozone.

Looks like I wont be doing that anymore.

Nix AutoZone - 12/4/12 11:20 PM
Nix AutoZone

Well...I WAS going to go to AutoZone to purchase something to use in my car...but now I'll go to PepBoys, even if it is farther !!!

Shame on Autozone - 12/4/12 10:51 PM
Shame on Autozone

Well they just built a second O'Reillys Auto Parts in our town of Lebanon, MO. Looks like were going to need it.

Common sense is dead! - 12/4/12 10:49 PM
Common sense is dead!

Extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary responses.  A little common sense dictates when a strict adherence to company policy may not be the wisest choice.

No autozone - 12/4/12 10:16 PM
No autozone

No more Auto Zone! Give this hard working man his job back!

Reward Mr. McClean - 12/4/12 10:16 PM
Reward Mr. McClean

AutoZone should reward Mr. McClean.  Apparently, they no longer need my business.

archer1 - 12/4/12 10:15 PM

Bye Autozone.  You're a real disappointment to Americans.  I'll take my business elsewhere.

Mr. Black - 12/4/12 10:12 PM
Mr. Black

Not another dime. Advanced auto for now on.

Do the right thing. - 12/4/12 10:09 PM
Do the right thing.

I will not be giving my money to such an organization until they do the right thing, plenty of other places to shop.

Never again will i darken their door - 12/4/12 9:58 PM
Never again will i darken their door

I always carry my .45 in the Autozone I "used" to shop at.  I always carry because thats my right under the constitution of this country and in Texas they give me a license to do so legally.  As a 22 year Army vet i find your treatment of this special man to be intolerable!  I will shop at O'Rileys, Advance, NAPA or hell, Wally World before I ever shop at your store again 

Anonymous - 12/4/12 9:53 PM

No good deed goes unpunished. Seconds count when the police are minutes away. We are no longer citizens but subjects. Thank the lawyers in this country ladies and gentlemen - they are responsible for this mess. The sad conclusion to this scenario is an honest veteran's activity is terminated and the criminal is allowed to continue. Does this seem backward to anyone? As for autozone, the same with walgreens - never again.

To a Vet? - 12/4/12 9:44 PM
To a Vet?

This is how you treat a veteran? Someone who has fought to protect your rights?  You are less then shameless AZ  I will not spend one red cent at your stores

Battlefield Autozone - 12/4/12 9:40 PM
Battlefield Autozone

Sorry just painted a bulls eye on your stores and I'm not going to be there when they show up for the easy pickings.

breaking a rule to save a life - 12/4/12 9:35 PM
breaking a rule to save a life

As a general rule shooting guns in a store is a bad idea, but threatening a crook to save a co-workers life is a noble act. The robbery justified breaking the rule, and the hero whose actions may have saved his friend's life should be reinstated. 

I like autozone but will not be back unless Mr. McClean is offered reinstatement.

rpavlock - 12/4/12 9:34 PM

Autozone is NOT getting another penny from my household, extended family, and many friends  until this wrong has been righted.

Injustice - 12/4/12 9:32 PM

I cannot believe this story!! In the process of enforcing their corporate policy, Auto Zone's common sense went right out the window handling this situation!  I say get

somebody into corporate that has some common sense

and then re-hire that vet!!  M. Kaldahl




Pansy Ass People - 12/4/12 9:24 PM
Pansy Ass People

So tired of pansy ass people in this world. They deserve to be enslaved. To HELL with AutoZone.

From Now On, It's NAPA or O'Reiley For Me - 12/4/12 9:19 PM
From Now On, It's NAPA or O'Reiley For Me

What an idiotic policy. Guess management are a bunch of Politically Correct passifists that don't believe in taking care of your own or the Second Amendment. What has become of modern America? From now on it's NAPA or O'Reiley for me. Word is spreading.

Let's focus on the right thing. - 12/4/12 9:18 PM
Let's focus on the right thing.

This should be about getting the employee his job back. Let's leave the rest of the issues out of it.

They will listen to this message long before they change their minds about the 2nd amendment.

Unreal! - 12/4/12 9:11 PM

This is B.S. you save human life and get fired for it. Well I just fired Auto Zone from my shopping needs.

Spineless Desk Jockeys - 12/4/12 9:10 PM
Spineless Desk Jockeys

Pathetic, You are what is wrong with this country.

Unreal! - 12/4/12 9:10 PM

This is B.S. you have human life and get fired. Well I just fired Auto Zone from my shopping needs. 

Disgusting ... - 12/4/12 9:10 PM
Disgusting ...

Auto Zone, you are a disgrace.

What you should have is a ZERO tolerance to thieves and robbers.  Your brave employee would not have felt the need to defend his nor his coworker's life had the robber not threatened them.  Yet, instead of cracking down and focusing on the problem, you fire the only one who stood up against the problem and solved it. I have zero tolerance for pansy-assed, politically altered companies such as you are demonstrating you are by firing your loyal employee.  Unless you totally rescind your actions, aplogize, and support the employee you fired, i will never purchase another item from your company and i will do everything i can to help run you out of my town, and out of business.  You are a disgrace.

What a shameful disgrace for AutoZone - 12/4/12 9:07 PM
What a shameful disgrace for AutoZone

You won't be getting anymore business from me.

Mr B - 12/4/12 9:06 PM
Mr B

UNBELEAVABLE!  You will not get a dime of my business until you reinstate Mr. McLean.

Anonymous - 12/4/12 9:06 PM

Only one person should be fired and that is the idiot who decided the employee firing was a good idea. Why would I do business with a company who has incompetents on their corp. staff.

Gone...from your business - 12/4/12 8:55 PM
Gone...from your business

Really!!! A man stands up against a coward, saves your corp ass, and you fire him.

I regularrly carry my Walther PPS in your store in Austin, Tx as a customer (cause of all the illiegals and thugs that shop there) and so I guess you can fire me too...Oh wait...I just did that for you...

I hope your company feels the heat and fails.


Sick and Twisted - 12/4/12 8:50 PM
Sick and Twisted

So when the choice for an employee is A) do nothing and let a co-worker be shot and killed, or B) do something that breaks company policy and saves the co-workers life - Autozone supports the decision that results in the co-worker dying? There are no words to describe how sick and twisred you people are. I'll be taking my business across the street to Discount. That guy is a hero and deserves nothing less than a public apology and thank you, back pay and reinstatement, and if you were anything resembling human beings, you'd give him a fat bonus for the trouble you've put him through by firing him!

Moral Cowards - 12/4/12 8:43 PM
Moral Cowards

Autozone you've lost my business and that of most of my friends as this information spreads.  Sniveling Moral Cowards.  Wonder how the stock is doing?  Sinking yet? 

Autozone's actions are why America is on the decline - 12/4/12 8:37 PM
Autozone's actions are why America is on the decline

I have made it a policy to shop in my town and support local business and local sales tax revenues.  I appreciate having an auto parts store her in my So. Calif town.  We have a NAPA and an Autozone.  After Autozone's response to this, I will go to NAPA exclusively.  Autozone should be catering to this veteran who did the right thing instead of catering to the robbers by sending letters to them asking them to come back.  This is ludicrous!  As an NHRA racer and member, I hope all NHRA racers boycott these idiots!  Quit punishing those who do right and rewarding those who do wrong.   

Stand Up, America! - 12/4/12 8:32 PM
Stand Up, America!

This needs to happen to EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS in America who has a "No Weapons" policy AND/OR sign on their front door!!  They either respect my 2nd amendment right or they don't get my business and/or talent or skills as an employee!

SHAME ON AUTO ZONE - 12/4/12 8:32 PM

Boycot Auto Zone, and anyone who chooses to still advertise with this company. There are plenty of other places to get auto parts and refuse to shop there again until the senior executives are suspended or terminated and the company changes their policies and apoligizes to this great hero that any company would be glad to have on board.

Typical - lawyers run the company - 12/4/12 8:19 PM
Typical - lawyers run the company

So, Autozone, you'd be perfectly fine with armed robbers coming into your stores, robbing and killing, as long as your evil employees don't bring a gun in to defend themselves?  Shame on the loss corporate common sense.  A policy of disarmed employees will not stop what they're afraid of - a disturbed or angry and vengeful employee running amok. Shame on Autozone. There are plenty of other auto parts places that haven't yet shown such callous disregard for the well-being and protection of and by employees.

Bye Bye - 12/4/12 8:18 PM
Bye Bye


You have lost me as a customer here in Southern California.  I am also asking friends and relatives to shop elsewhere.  I will be going to Pep Boys or Napa Auto Parts from now on.

I liked my local AutoZone, but as a consumer I choose to no longer support your establishment.

You made a foolish corporate decision that needs to be changed.  Absolutely no common sense!!!  You lose.


Too political - 12/4/12 8:17 PM
Too political

You should have only point 4 in the petition.  Your other points are political.

Used to love AutoZone - 12/4/12 8:14 PM
Used to love AutoZone

A raise, employee of the year, even just a thank you hand shake from the CEO. Lose your job for saving the manager's life?

Pepboys, O'Reilly's, even WalMart.

Never again, AutoZone. 

Start running your own company - 12/4/12 8:11 PM
Start running your own company

Autozone management needs to "grow a pair" and stop letting lawyers make company policy.

Don't shop at autozone!!! - 12/4/12 8:04 PM
Don't shop at autozone!!!

I pledge to never shop at autozone again unless they reverse their decision to fire this brave soul.

screw autozone - 12/4/12 8:00 PM
screw autozone

hey auto zone... go screw yourself. pepboys is right next door in my town

not a dime more - 12/4/12 7:53 PM
not a dime more

I'll not go back until he's rehired and given an official apology

I have ZERO TOLERANCE for stupidity - 12/4/12 7:51 PM
I have ZERO TOLERANCE for stupidity

I have no tolerance for this, Autozone. I really like the manager at my local Autozone. But O'Reily is usually right on top of things, so I will go there first.

Not a nickel more - 12/4/12 7:49 PM
Not a nickel more

Autozone won't get a nickel from me until they hire the employee back.

NO more business from me - 12/4/12 7:46 PM
NO more business from me

I can not support a company that treats people like this.  He saved a mans life, and he gets fired?  I will no longer give then my business.

Bad Decision - 12/4/12 7:37 PM
Bad Decision

Pep Boys will get my business until corporate sees the bad decision they made.  From Hanford, CA

Only in America - 12/4/12 7:33 PM
Only in America

Corporate idiots. Only in America. OJ, Casey Anthony, AutoZone.



Auto Zone SUCKS! - 12/4/12 7:29 PM
Auto Zone SUCKS!

What the hell is it going to for Auto Zone to wake up, the death of an employee during a damn robbery?!?

Former AutoZone Patron - 12/4/12 7:26 PM
Former AutoZone Patron

I have done almost all of my auto parts business through AutoZone in the past, but I have 3 other auto parts stores within the same driving distance.  I will not patronize AutoZone unless and until: 1.  AutoZone apologizes to Mr. McLean, 2. AutoZone offers him his job back, with back pay (no exceptions), and 3.  AutoZone gives Mr. McLean a big fatazz bonus for saving his manager's life and the stores receipts.  Good luck AutoZone, it was nice to know ya.

Auto Zone Stupid - 12/4/12 7:21 PM
Auto Zone Stupid

I guess he shouldn't care about the mangers life or the fact they were taken money from the store. I've pretty much stop buying from Auto Zone but from here on out I will never buy anything their for sure now and I'll spread the word. Would love to see them go under for being stupid. All I can say is your a very brave man. Good Jod!

Reallly? - 12/4/12 7:19 PM

I understand the corporate policy, truly I do.  However, he did not have the gun on him while he was working, he ran out to his truck to retrieve it to save a fellow co-worker.   I think Autozone has done this man a grave disservice and it would behoove them to reconsider his termination. 

Tom - 12/4/12 7:19 PM

Autozone has now lost my business

Discount Auto Parts benefits - 12/4/12 7:17 PM
Discount Auto Parts benefits

I'll go to Discount now for everything until this courageous young man is given his job back with back pay...assuming that he wants it.  I'd want nothing to do with a company that wouldn't allow me to defend myself and my co-workers.  What a namby-pamby society of politically correct thinkers we've become...this man should have received an award.

job - 12/4/12 7:15 PM

unfortunetly i no longer own a business anymore. but if i did he would have a job with me any time he asked.

This is how companies think - 12/4/12 7:10 PM
This is how companies think

Here's the situation:  You, as a corporation, say it's okay for your employees to use a firearm to thwart a robbery.  Robber comes in, points a gun, employee draws down on the guy, firefight ensues, a customer gets killed.  Guess who is getting sued for millions?  It won't be the robber...

I am through with AutoZone!!! - 12/4/12 7:08 PM
I am through with AutoZone!!!

“It may have been corporate policy to fire Devin McLean, but it’s also an injustice. He came to the aid of a fellow employee threatened by an armed robber and was canned. They should have named him employee of the year.”

The nation needs more people like McLean.

“He had the chance to run away but instead he chose to arm himself with his legally owned gun and save the life of his supervisor,” “Wouldn’t we all like to work with someone like Devin?”

Customers have launched a boycott against the company on Facebook and a petition has been started urging them to rehire McLean.

I am contacting Devin McLean and advising him to SUE AutoZone.  You people are a bunch of crap for firing him!!!!!

Just One More - 12/4/12 7:07 PM
Just One More

For the below comment: but doe they (O'Reilly and Advanced Auto Parts" have the same stupidity?

O'Reilly's and Advance - 12/4/12 7:01 PM
O'Reilly's and Advance

have the exact same policies, as do the rest of the major retailers in the industry.

Plenty of auto parts stores here - 12/4/12 7:00 PM
Plenty of auto parts stores here

We have PLENTY of auto parts stores here. What a stupid, politically-correct, and cowardly thing for you to do.

yall wont get my money in houston - 12/4/12 6:54 PM
yall wont get my money in houston

ya  losy my bizzzzzzzz

Napa - 12/4/12 6:49 PM

Thanks this is the last draw for AutoZone.

Just one more: - 12/4/12 6:45 PM
Just one more:

I was just to AutoZone getting a quote on parts needed for some comprehensive car PM. Haven't bought yet. I am very disturbed that Autozone terminated this employee under these circumstances. I am also military affiliated. Like AutoZone but I will take may business elswhere if needed.

Done - 12/4/12 6:45 PM

Like so many others have said, you'll not get another cent out of me. I'm self employed with six trucks. Guess who just made the other auto parts stores in the area happy?

C Beck - 12/4/12 6:43 PM
C Beck

I will not go into Auto Zone again until I have read where that young man gets his job back with full pay for time off. Except to go into my local store in the morning to tell them, "I'm not coming backl!"

Done with you - 12/4/12 6:39 PM
Done with you

No more AutoZone for me. Time to become true Americans.

Hope Autozone goes bankrupt - 12/4/12 6:33 PM
Hope Autozone goes bankrupt

Any company as stupid as Autozone, that mistreats heroic employees, deserves to go bankrupt. Devin can do much better than work for a company as idiotically operated as Autozone. IF I were an employee at Autozone I'd start looking for a new job now, before the company goes bankrupt.

Anonymoous - 12/4/12 6:32 PM

AutoZone or any other business that thinks this way won't get my business! From now on I'll be patronizing O'Reilly Auto Parts

Lost a Dedicated Customer - 12/4/12 6:32 PM
Lost a Dedicated Customer

How sad it is that a corportation would be so short-sighted in their decision-making.  Every weekend I am at my local Auto Zone where the guys who work there are top notch professionals who bend over backwards to help me keep all my vehicles up and running. Unfortunately, due to no fault of their own, I will be taking my business to Advance Auto. At least until the corporate clowns get their heads out of their asses.

They are idiots - 12/4/12 6:30 PM
They are idiots

We have an Advanced Auto within a quarter mile of Auto Zone. Guess where I will shop from now on.

Do the right thing - 12/4/12 6:29 PM
Do the right thing

What about CCW customers? do they violate your policy ?

If you don't make him employee of the year and hire him back with a $2000 bonus:

I'm going to Advance Auto right across the street even if I have to special order and wait.

Courage - 12/4/12 6:27 PM

This country needs more men like Mr. Devin.  He is a hero in my book.  Shove it AutoZone, I'm dumping your stock and will be taking my business to OReilly's.

Freedom - 12/4/12 6:21 PM

I will no longer be stepping into the Autozone.   I will also be encouraging my family and friends to avoid Autozone as well.   Autozone's policy simply makes victims of it's employees and denies them their 2nd Amendment rights.

Hire him back or lose me - 12/4/12 6:18 PM
Hire him back or lose me

I mean it.



Johnny Wheeler - 12/4/12 6:14 PM
Johnny Wheeler

I have been a loyal AutoZone customer for years but will never darken their doors again unless they correct this mistake. I bet O'Rielly would give him a promotion.

Corporate policy - 12/4/12 6:09 PM
Corporate policy

While having a policy is wise, it is wiser to know when toto abandon it situationally based and keep valued employees.

Go figure - 12/4/12 6:08 PM
Go figure

Well theres and advance auto, pep boys, and NAPA all right around the corner. This young man displayed courage and restraint and is being punished for saving a life. I hope York hires him as a deputy.

From Sleepy Gonzales - 12/4/12 6:07 PM
From Sleepy Gonzales

Auto Zone execs ere sounding like the US government! They'd rather fire a real hero than chenge their bureaucratic rules!

A Z - 12/4/12 6:03 PM

Shame on Auto Zone and the Corporate Dumm!e$ ..this is a case where this was the right thing to do..Well, so many other auto parts stores we can frequent. He should have gotten a " Promotion "  Hope you sleep well Corp. Military too boot...Shame, Shame on A Z

Too Bad - 12/4/12 6:00 PM
Too Bad

I used to use auto zone only.  I will be going to either Advanced or Robbins.

No more AZ - 12/4/12 5:59 PM
No more AZ

Easy to shop elsewhere in Santa Clarita CA. O Reilly's 5 minutes away.  No to anti gun control freaks. They want to control you and prevent your reaction to their policies. Autozones policy is a nudge toward loss of your second amendment rights. No Anonymous here. Lynn Beale

Thanks Auto Zone - 12/4/12 5:57 PM
Thanks Auto Zone

I live in Auburn, CA a town which has no Auto Zone. I drive 13 miles to purchase from Auto Zone in Rocklin, CA even though we have 2 local auto parts stores and an O'Reilly auto parts store in town.

I am a U.S. Navy Veteran and I understand the training your employee received in the U. S. Air Force and as such if Auto Zone does not rehire him with back pay your can be sure i will never shop Auto Zone again ( except to return the crankshaft core for credit ) I do make substantial purchases from Auto Zone ( chech my email address in your computer )


Bill Carpenter Sr.

Auburn, CA


JSCOTTIE - 12/4/12 5:55 PM

Forget my business ever again! Pep Boys, etc will be providing parts for my 3 trucks, farm tractor, 5 ton trailer and the other 2 vehicles at my house owned by farm hands!

Stick to the issue - 12/4/12 5:55 PM
Stick to the issue

You might get more support for the boycott without dragging the constitution into it. 

Den-O - 12/4/12 5:52 PM

Autozone just built a brand new store in our town. I had thought about checking it out.....nevermind.

Lost my respect - 12/4/12 5:51 PM
Lost my respect

I have lost all respect for Autozone for this idiotic act! Me and my husband has been a customer for years, but no more. It's Oreilly's and Advanced for us from now on!

That's why I buy at Advance Auto - 12/4/12 5:51 PM
That's why I buy at Advance Auto

It's a shame that you have so many idiots in one place. The Auto Zone corporate  office.

Delete online account, and tell them why! - 12/4/12 5:36 PM
Delete online account, and tell them why!

I just deleted my online account.

log in, click edit profile, at the very bottom there is "delete account" and in very fine print "tell us"

I told them to make things right with Devin Mclean, or they will NEVER see another penny from me.

You also can request you garage not to source parts for you vehicle repairs from the "Zone"


Advanced Auto here I come... - 12/4/12 5:26 PM
Advanced Auto here I come...

What does that say about the intelligence level of Autozone Management? I too will join the boycott of Autozone. I have not shopped at Best Buy since 1993, I honor boycotts completely!

Good Riddence - 12/4/12 5:24 PM
Good Riddence

How unfair and ridiculous to treat this brave man this way. What is this country turning into? This is exactly the kind of employee you WOULD WANT TO HAVE to Auto-fools! Shame on you. No more of my $$$ for you.

time to change - 12/4/12 5:23 PM
time to change

they have always been the FIRST place I go to...No More!

I am going web site to delete my vehicles now.

Corporate Policy - 12/4/12 5:22 PM
Corporate Policy

I also have had to deal with unwielding Corporate Policy.  I and an indpendent 1099 Vendor for a company that provides transportation for disabled workers.  I pick up the worker at home, transport them to a Doctor for an appointment, then transport them home.  These trips are sometimes as long as 10 hours from the time of pick up to the time of return.  Therefore stopping for lunch during the day plus Potty Breaks are essential. The Coporate Policy does not allow for any stops other than the Doctor's office without first obtaining permission by phone giving the time, place and location of each stop.  The company does not re-imburse for cell phone and we are in a remote area most of the time without coverage anyway therefore rendering it impossible to comply with their policy.  They refuse to budge on thier policy making no exception.  I therefore ignore the policy however the company '"quality control" snopes make phone calls to the injured worker and ask how they were treated.  They praise my attentiveness, consideration, and empathy and give me an A plus.  If they mention that I stopped several times for rest room breaks and we had lunch at a restaurant the Company sends me nasty letters admonshing me for not observing company policy.  It seems to me that, while these companies advertise one thing they are hypocrites when they practice something else. 

Good bye AutoZombie - 12/4/12 5:21 PM
Good bye AutoZombie

I own a fleet of 6 vehicles and will never shop there again. This is a message to all AutoZombie employees and customers that your life is of lessor value than profit. Those that cower in darkness serve humanity with no meaningful purpose.

What goes around comes around as I hope their sale go over a cliff. Given McLean's character, AutoZombie fumbled the ball and lost the game.


Robert Norton - 12/4/12 5:20 PM
Robert Norton

Only time I will go back into the zone is to claim a warranty on one of their lifetime warranted products. No more new business. SO LONG AUTOZONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to O'reilly's - 12/4/12 5:15 PM
I'm going to O'reilly's

O'reilly's is just up the road.  They have better customer service anyway.  I'm never going to Autozone again.

Boycott - 12/4/12 5:13 PM

So long AutoZone, what a mistake. I like Pep Boys better...besides, AutoZone has really crappy tools!

Auto Zone - 12/4/12 5:12 PM
Auto Zone

I will never shop there again unless they rehire this brave vet!!!

AutoZone "Auto" Know Better - 12/4/12 5:11 PM
AutoZone "Auto" Know Better

Goodbye, AutoZone. I will not be buying anything from you ever again. And, I'll tell two friends, and they'll tell two friends, and so on, and so on.....

Dime - 12/4/12 5:10 PM

Not one dime..ever

O'Reilly's - 12/4/12 5:08 PM

I'll take my business there after this. Or maybe NAPA.

AutoZone needs to have common sense - 12/4/12 5:07 PM
AutoZone needs to have common sense

AutoZone can make their decision to not allow guns in their business and I can make my decision to not go into their business ever again.

Some smart business should hire that hero and gain the good will that this act will garner them.

Autozone's Economic Error - 12/4/12 5:06 PM
Autozone's Economic Error

They made a hugh error judgement call by firing a Veteran over saving a life. They have the right to have a no gun policy, but not being wise enough to know the difference most likley will cause them not survive in business.

Forget Autozone - 12/4/12 5:04 PM
Forget Autozone

I will take my business elsewhere.

this is terrible - 12/4/12 5:01 PM
this is terrible

I am a police officer of 35 years so I've seen my share of robberies. I certainly do not advocate losing your life to a robber but this employee went above and beyond the call of duty. He could have easily kept running but in a selfless act he returned for his manager trapped inside. This was an act in which he was not seeking praise but a reaction from his training. As officers we are trained the same way and this employee reacted as he was trained. He didn't think because most people would have stopped and not gone back in but  he reacted in the way he was trained. He saved two lives, managers and bad guys. He is to be commended and Auto Zone has made a terrible mistake. This is the type of individual any business would be lucky to have. I promise that as long as Auto Zone keeps this employee as fired, I WILL NEVER SHOP THERE !!! and I will advise all my friends and anyone I work with in government not to shop there.

The real reason - 12/4/12 5:00 PM
The real reason

Should your store be robbed the most important thing to do is do whatever the robber wants. Ghent him or her out of the store ASAP. Should you fight back you could create a hostage situation or the death of someone. It's easier to replace money than someone's life, and no I don't work for AZ. 

Get in the Zone...not - 12/4/12 4:59 PM
Get in the Zone...not

Zero tolerance policies serve only to eliminate the opportunity to exercise common sense.

Lost my business! - 12/4/12 4:59 PM
Lost my business!

So long AutoZone!

Autozone Run by Clowns - 12/4/12 4:56 PM
Autozone Run by Clowns

Guess what...I have zero tolerance for losers like those at Autozone HQ. Any mindless policy that fails take the circumstances into account tells me it is lead by scared lawyers and spineless executives. So... I have looked at the circumstances of Autozone's ridiculous decision and found them wanting. Until they make it right, I will never, ever spend my money at that useless chain. |
Devin ROCKS...Autozone SUCKS!
Replace the autozone CEO with a real leader.

No more - 12/4/12 4:56 PM
No more

Autozone has lost my commercial account.

Boycott Response - 12/4/12 4:52 PM
Boycott Response

I choose to no longer do business with Autozone. The Managements response to this situation is outrageous. They should be thankful for his actions instead of firing him. NAPA! Get the Good Stuff!

Egg on face - 12/4/12 4:44 PM
Egg on face

The purpose of the company policy is not in question.  It is a reasonable policy for routine business.  This particular situation could not be considered routine business.  It was a life/death situation and was handled well by this young man.  He was well within his rights under federal law.  It is unfortunate that corporate minds cannot see that.  They have (rotten) egg on their faces.  

Here is how corporate shirts think - 12/4/12 4:44 PM
Here is how corporate shirts think

policy is in place for a reason. this is not the first time policy has been violated by someone, and they were also terminated. We may get our asses sued if we do not enforce our policy uniformly. (COVER MY BIG FAT DUMB ASS!!)

See Ya! - 12/4/12 4:44 PM
See Ya!

I also spent alot of money, but I'll be going to the advance store

BYE BYE - 12/4/12 4:41 PM

I used to spend at least $2000 a year at AZ....

Response to Autozone firing - 12/4/12 4:40 PM
Response to Autozone firing

Autozone will get no more of my busine$$.

What a hero!!! - 12/4/12 4:34 PM
What a hero!!!

I will not shop at AutoZone ever.

authentication system doesn't work - 12/4/12 4:34 PM
authentication system doesn't work

Your four-letter code system doesn't work - keeps giving me a new code to enter, even though I entered the previous one correctly.

Loyal No More - 12/4/12 4:33 PM
Loyal No More

I've been a loyal customer. No more!!!! Gutless, spineless, unthankful, extrardinarily foolish and uncaring Auto-Zone can kiss my dollars goodbye.

Ridiculous - 12/4/12 4:32 PM

I've been a long-time customer. I always open-carry ands they've never told me to leave the store!  I'll be going to O'Riley and make sure my friends do The same until the company retracts their decision.

Unbeliable left wing lunacy from a Business - 12/4/12 4:27 PM
Unbeliable left wing lunacy from a Business

What an outrage!!! This young man is a hero and should be rewarded, thanked and be given his job back.

We need more employees like this - 12/4/12 4:27 PM
We need more employees like this

Autozone needs to adjust this policy because this man has helped out you company and then they fire him for it. I am like the cops, why didn't he jsut shoot the guy because next time he might kill someone.

"Feel free to call in support of Devin and our second amendment rights: Devin's AutoZone D - 12/4/12 4:23 PM
"Feel free to call in support of Devin and our second amendment rights: Devin's AutoZone D

"Feel free to call in support of Devin and our second amendment rights: Devin's AutoZone District Manager: (757)-292-9839
Devin's Yorktown AutoZone Store: (757)-867-7925" -courtesey Jeremiah Daul

William - 12/4/12 4:22 PM

What has happened in our country when a man is fired for being a hero.I'll be shopping elsewhere

Zero tolerance for stupidity - 12/4/12 4:21 PM
Zero tolerance for stupidity

Typical "zero torerance" policy crap for Autozone management to hide behind instead of rewarding someone's true bravery. We the People can vote with our wallets, no more shopping at Autozone until they make this right.

If anyone out there needs a great employee, they know where one is now.

definition of a coward = Autozone management

Lack of common sense - 12/4/12 4:20 PM
Lack of common sense

Working in corporate security as I do, I can understand a company having a policy banning weapons in the workplace. The policy is intended to prevent accidents and workplace violence and my company has such a policy. Where I disagree, is where a company blindly applies such a policy as a blanket that covers every situation. This man did the right thing, and for AZ to apply the policy for this situation is utterly ridiculous. How about this...when the employee ran out the side door he was off the clock. Therefore when he ran back into the store he became a customer and this policy no longer applies.

WTF is wrong with AutoZone! - 12/4/12 4:16 PM
WTF is wrong with AutoZone!

I have shopped at Autozone on and off for year's now because they are closeby. Their parts are no better than anyone else's and prices are average. What they did to this employee for possibly saving a life and autozone's money was a dis-service to everyone. What they are telling the employee's and customer's is that they would rather see you take the chance of getting killed than to defend yourself and they're property. I take offence to that because I hold a permit for concealled carry, not just for my safety but the safety of other's around me. I was in the military(USMC) and also trained never to leave anyone behind, but also to be prepared for any situation/confrontation. I do carry and am proud to do so, wish more people did(legally that is) and if I am not allowed in somewhere because of it then I just find somewhere else to take my business. There would be less crime because the criminal's would not know who around them may be armed, what do you think a criminal would do if all the sudden there was four, five maybe six guns pointed at him? I'll be happy to drive a couple more miles to buy my merchandise because of autozone's unfortunate decision, so Autozone do the right thing and give him his job back! Then I would also look at revising Company Policy, after all it's for your proection too! Semper Fi!

Extremely Disappointed in AutoZone!!! - 12/4/12 4:15 PM
Extremely Disappointed in AutoZone!!!

I will no longer shop at AutoZone unless they do right by Mr. McClean.  This man is a HERO and the company rewards him by firing him.  AutoZone... rehire Mr. McClean and fire the idiot excutive that made the decision to fire him.  Do the right thing AutoZone!!! 

Heading To NAPA - 12/4/12 4:15 PM
Heading To NAPA

I will take my business To NAPA. By the way Walgrens has the same policy that rewards an employee that does the right thing with a push out thier door.

Very disappointing - 12/4/12 4:07 PM
Very disappointing

I was extremely disappointed to learn about your pro-robber, anti-employee, lay-down-and-die policy your over-priced, spineless lawyers came up with. You should make an exception for this brave mans actions to defend your employees, your store and himself: not fire him.

You should re-hire him with a bonus immediately.

Merry Christmas,



Advance Auto - 12/4/12 4:06 PM
Advance Auto

awesome they just finished building an Advance Auto store right across the street in my town. hmmm guess where i'll be shopping!

PC dolts at it again - 12/4/12 4:05 PM
PC dolts at it again

Progressive morons! You would have him run away like a little girl, would you? Nice move. Sayonara, AZ. You suck.

pinHEADS - 12/4/12 4:03 PM

Autozone management are pinheads!: )

Actions Have Consequences - 12/4/12 4:02 PM
Actions Have Consequences

The Robber acted badly and should have been shot. Devin McClean acted bravely and should be rewarded for good actions. AutoZone is as bad as the Robber and they're about to get a big fine and a long sentence. I will never, for the rest of my life, shop at AutoZone!!!

Shop Elsewhere! - 12/4/12 3:56 PM
Shop Elsewhere!

Buh-bye AZ.....

Semper Fi

Autozone No More - 12/4/12 3:51 PM
Autozone No More

I will never shop at autozone again.

Stupid policies - 12/4/12 3:50 PM
Stupid policies

Zero tolerence = zero sense once again!  I will no longer buy anything from Autozone

X loyal customer - 12/4/12 3:49 PM
X loyal customer

I have been a long time loyal customer of Your company. Purchased all my parts and fluids for my multipal vehicles .

  I will pay more and go out of my way to make sure your company is known as ANTI American.

 NAPA here i come.

heros - 12/4/12 3:48 PM

As troubled as this country is, we need our heros.

SCROOGE - 12/4/12 3:47 PM


SCROOGE - 12/4/12 3:45 PM


T. Clemons - 12/4/12 3:43 PM
T. Clemons

I will never buy from Auto Zone again.  It's amazing how stupid people are in this world.  This is another disgrace to a veteran who saved his manager and $2,000.00 but more the life.  They should be thanking him for this act heroism and if it wasn't for our vets you couldn't run your store the way you want.  I will be sure to email all my friends to not shop there anymore.

UNBELIEVABLE - 12/4/12 3:39 PM

autozone sucks anyway there prices are outrageous what a bunch of corporate pussies there part of the reason theres so much crime I'll never step foot in one again!


Your validation function doesn't work on the petition screen!

Former Customer - 12/4/12 3:35 PM
Former Customer

Stupidest decision some lawyer could have ever recommended for that company.  Pep Boys is where I will go now.

You're out of the zone - 12/4/12 3:33 PM
You're out of the zone

You just plain suck. I'm taking my business else where.

Well, I HAD been giving them all my business... - 12/4/12 3:31 PM
Well, I HAD been giving them all my business...

but no longer.  Unless they reconsider their position and re-hire him, I'll take my trade over to O'Reilly or one of the other parts stores in town.

Unsafe at any Zone - 12/4/12 3:29 PM
Unsafe at any Zone

As a regular customer, I will never shop at AutoZone again.

They did a huge diservice to their employyee who saved his own manager's life, never mind the money.


AutoZone's president should just go ahead now and change their name to to who they really are, the....."UNSAFE ZONE"

why,oh why! - 12/4/12 3:28 PM
why,oh why!

Why are we rewarding bad for good,in the case of Mr McLane doing the right thing?Are we growing that so anally challenged that anything good is thown down the toilet,and evil is rewarded.Like someone said,AutoZone is telling robbers,Hey come and rob me ,we don't care while telling heroes like Mr McLain,SCREW YOU.Heres what I have 2 say to the corporate fools at AutoZone,YOU HAVE NO INTEGRITY AND MAY GOD JUDGE YOU 4 YOUR FOOLISHNESS!!!

Hello, O'Reilly Auto Parts - 12/4/12 3:28 PM
Hello, O'Reilly Auto Parts

I have been a long time Auto Zone (and Auto Zone rewards) customer. Until this boycott has been acceptably respond to by AutoZone, I will take my business (and I have 4x vehicles and 4x ATV's) to O'Reilly's and/or NAPA.



Autozone Execs - 12/4/12 3:25 PM
Autozone Execs

How can any of you at the head office make such a judgement call when you all weren't there in the heat of the moment.

Only those who were at fear of their lives can do that, and it turns out he made the RIGHT decision. He saved a life and the cash to boot. Had it turned badly for his choice, then maybe they would be right in their corporte policy. Also he did not have the gun in the store initially he went to his car to get it. 

So the message you want people to know is you want your workers to be victims and not be able to help themselves from losing their lives.

Let see how the bosses would react with a gun to their head? You all would probally coward and be the victim that would not survive. I tell you I had stopped shopping for stuff at Autozone for 5 years cause the employees were not polite and very rude and just recently bought a battery in there I can see clearly that was a mistake I will never shop there again for anything and will stick to O'rielly's or some other auto parts store. 

Autozone do the right thing give the man his job back! You also need to really think if the shoe had been on the other foot die or a chance to live!!!!!!

My Feelings - 12/4/12 3:23 PM
My Feelings

Auto Zone is my favorite store for auto parts but a store that fired someone for doing what to me was heroic, is not a store where I want to spend my money.

You're FIRED! - 12/4/12 3:21 PM
You're FIRED!

Autozone, you are fired!

mr. cavallucci - 12/4/12 3:21 PM
mr. cavallucci

you politicly corect idiots can keep your products i will never come in your stors again.a once good costomer of yours.

Finished with Autozone - 12/4/12 3:18 PM
Finished with Autozone

No more will I shop at Autozone.

Corporate Bosses weren't there - 12/4/12 3:14 PM
Corporate Bosses weren't there

How can someone at the head office make such a judgement call when they weren't there in the heat of the moment.

Only those who were at fear of their lives can do that, and it turns out he made the RIGHT decision. He saved a life and the cash to boot. Had it turned badly for his choice, then maybe they would be right in their corporte policy.

Let see how the bosses would react with a gun to their head?

i'm done with autozone - 12/4/12 3:13 PM
i'm done with autozone

i used to buy all my parts there. but no more...

Bud - 12/4/12 3:09 PM

I've just emailed AZ on their corporate website and told them pretty much what everyone else is saying. No more of my money will be spent in their stores. They are COWARDS! If there is a fund raising site for Devin, someone please post it. I'll gladly donate to this brave veteran! Oh, and Auto Zone......again, BYE!

I Buy My Parts From Auto Zone in Lansing, Il - 12/4/12 3:06 PM
I Buy My Parts From Auto Zone in Lansing, Il

But if they cannot see the error of their ways, I've got plenty of other options available to me.  Check your records, you know it's true.  Screw the criminals, they need to be put in the ground.

Company contact knew nothing - 12/4/12 3:05 PM
Company contact knew nothing

Just after I read about this the other day, I contacted the company by phone to tell them that although I had been a customer of there's over many years and in different locales, that I could no longer support their business because of their actions.  Furthermore, I was a shareholder.  I immediately called my broker and sold my stock.  In this kind of injustice, you wallet is your vote.  Make it count.

Auto Zone should be ashamed of themselves by this - 12/4/12 2:56 PM
Auto Zone should be ashamed of themselves by this

I must say this is totally wrong to fire an employee who just saved a life and also from being robbed by this criminal. I am the owner of a store and I do not care if it's policy or not. The employee did not bring the weapon inside the store until being threatened. I must say after reading this topic in the news that I will not shop at Auto Zone ever again. They really need to be offering this guy a promotion. Shame on them.


I will stand by my comments to never shop with them and sure hope everyone feels the same way.

Olegoat - 12/4/12 2:56 PM

Auto Zone can forget about me EVER buying anything else from them unless/until they publicly apologise to this hero they fired, rehire him at a better salary and a bonus.

Nuts like Auto Zone are what put a looser in office for 4 more years of ruining our USA

Conservative - 12/4/12 2:52 PM

What's more important, a persons life or a stupid policy ?

Autozone kiss my arse - 12/4/12 2:52 PM
Autozone kiss my arse

I don't patronize establishments that basically invite robbers. And that's what these Autozone morons did.

Concerned Citizen - 12/4/12 2:51 PM
Concerned Citizen

I will be shopping at Pep Boys in the future, unless Autozone submits to this petition.

To Bad For You - 12/4/12 2:50 PM
To Bad For You

I will now take my needs to Orielly

LBKansas Mechanic - 12/4/12 2:47 PM
LBKansas Mechanic

Rehired or not.. I will never cross the threshold of any autozone store again.. "When seconds count the policed are only minutes away"

Concealed Carry Zealot - 12/4/12 2:43 PM
Concealed Carry Zealot

I was not aware that Autozone prohibits Concealed Carry. I never shop at any establishments that restrict CC. I will never frequent Autozone again for their ultra-liberal and socialistic views on Gun Control.

Dr. John - 12/4/12 2:42 PM
Dr. John

What if McClean had been just a customer and used a gun to save the manager's life?  Would AZ sue him for pulling a gun in the store?

PEP Boys here I come!

NO WAY AUTOZONE!!! - 12/4/12 2:40 PM

Your dismisal of an Employee is deplorable, one that risked his own life to try to save another from possible harm, and you reward him with being fired!!! You will not see my face darken your doors again. Your policy of no guns allows the theives to freely walk into to your stores and rob them. They see your policy of no guns posted, they know no one is going to defend themselves. Thus easy mark!!!! This man should be rewarded and given his job back . I am a NRA member and will not shop at your stores again until you make this right!!!!!

Stupid decision, AutoZone - 12/4/12 2:40 PM
Stupid decision, AutoZone

Your employee took a stand against illegal violence, he placed himself in harm's way to protect his store manager.  AutoZone is pretty stupid for firing him - he's a hero!  "Violating the store policy" probably saved one life if not two.  Have a big party for him or promote him - he's a hero!  AutoZone will lose more business from this boycott than the would-be-robber would have stolen in a year.    

Bad move - 12/4/12 2:37 PM
Bad move

Until I see full reversal and major effort to fix this injustice I will drive miles out of my way to shop elsewhere.  God bless you Devin.

grrrrrrr - 12/4/12 2:36 PM

I HAE Oreillys...but they get my dollars from now on unless AZ gets this cleared up!!!

pc gone stupid - 12/4/12 2:31 PM
pc gone stupid

autozone or Oreillys in Bonneylake Wa. it will now be Oreillys / customers and their employees safety first--more times this type of heroic was accomplished -the less events of this type would happen---Devin could of run but came back in and faced danger!!

AUTO ZONE NO MORE - 12/4/12 2:31 PM

I'll be emailing this articles to as many folks as I can and if someone can let me know how to donate to a Holiday Fund for Mr. McClean and his family I'd be honored to do so.

B. J. Holway

TEXAS - 12/4/12 2:30 PM

Sometimes common sense MUST override policcies - this is one of those times - Hire him back - he is a hero

that Dong Don't Hunt - 12/4/12 2:26 PM
that Dong Don't Hunt

How can you in good conscience fire an employee for protecting your employees and putting himslef at risk to do it?  You people are spineless and gutless.  This young man deserves your gratitude not punishment.  And especially not the loss of a job in this economy.  Until you correct this I will be taking my business elsewhere.  You need to remember as your customers we have options and you do have competitors. 

Going elsewhere - 12/4/12 2:19 PM
Going elsewhere

I spend alot of $$ @ AutoZone. That stops 2day until they rehire Devin back. AutoZone should be GRATEFUL to that Veteran for his quick response. I guess they don't care about their $$ or their employees. Well they will care when they LOSE buisness & go broke! Thank you Devin, for your service & your decency in protecting others!

Company Policy - 12/4/12 2:19 PM
Company Policy

It's no excuse. They made the policy, they can make an exception. Hopefully, there are better companies out there that will offer this veteran and future father a better job. Autozone, I have spent my last dollar in your store. NAPA it is!

Shop other companies - 12/4/12 2:18 PM
Shop other companies

I will take my business anyplace but Autozone, and ask others to do the same.

NAPA Gets All My Business Now - 12/4/12 2:15 PM
NAPA Gets All My Business Now

Say goodbye to another customer, AutoZone. 

He deserves better - 12/4/12 2:12 PM
He deserves better

Autozone- you don't deserve an employee like that. Zero Tollerance rules don't work in the human world. Don't you see other organizations getting rid of them for these very reasons? Please do the right thing- give him a great reference and let him go to a better job with a smarter company.

From a former customer... - 12/4/12 2:11 PM
From a former customer...

Dear Autozone,

 At times I have spent half of my paycheck at your stores. See, I have an old muddin' truck. and it breaks a lot (course I take off-road ALOT)! I am getting a little tired of all this P.C. crap. Your company will never again see my face on your video cameras. It will cost me some money, but I even made a deel with my brother, for him to buy all his parts somewhere else! He is going to buy his stuff from Advance, and bill me the difference. Probly cost me a couple thousand a year, but I will pay it, (just cut down on my muddin' a little)!!!

Thank You for all your past help, NOW YOUR FIRED!!!

self employeed mechanic..... - 12/4/12 2:09 PM
self employeed mechanic.....

Sorry Autozone, BIG mistake.....I'm am out, no more business

By the way, if one of your Sr Exec's or officers were in a store for any reason and put in the same scenario and an employee saved their life, do you think then you would have fired him??

You are wrong on so many levels and I hope you reap what you soe

BOYCOTT - 12/4/12 2:06 PM


BlueDog - 12/4/12 1:58 PM

This needs to be handled in the spirit of what it really is, an attack on the second amendment.  There is no room for moderation in this case because the anti gun culture is just getting started with the reelection of Mr. Obama.

This is total bull and AutoZone needs to feel the collective power of 80 million gun owners who are law abiding.

Autozone needs NAPA Knowhow - 12/4/12 1:55 PM
Autozone needs NAPA Knowhow

Question for Autozone:


If you were in Devin's shoes, would you have:

1. Fled the scene, possibly allowing the perpetrator to kill the manager who was unarmed and alone; or

2. Stayed in the Autozone location (even though you could have escaped) and risked being killed yourself, leaving behind a mother and newborn child.


If you answered #1 above, what would you have said to the manager's family if he had been killed by the perpetrator?  ("I could have saved his life, but it was more important not violate company policy than to save a man's life").


If you answered #2 above, why would you have kept yourself in harm's way--especially knowing you have a young family to support.

I strongly support American business, but you Autozone execs make it difficult to defend stupid moves.  Pray that you never have to depend on other people to defend you such as your executive security teams.  Are they allowed to carry guns or are they required to merely "issue stern warnings" to people who pose potential threats?

garage owner - 12/4/12 1:54 PM
garage owner

I will pull my business from them for the shops and our family as of now

thecaringsheepal - 12/4/12 1:53 PM

I am sure that most companies do not allow weapons on the property but after az goes under maybe the others will take notes and change their thinking. They need fewer lawyers on the payroll and more good men like the one that was fired. I also wonder how he is going to pay for the new baby that is on the way. I wish I had the money to help him out.

verification not working - 12/4/12 1:51 PM
verification not working

code verification to join boycot not working but i will be boycotting auto zone

Idiots - 12/4/12 1:50 PM

What in injustice to a hero. AutoZone has just enboldend criminals and made it a little more dangerous for all of us.  Good bye AutoZone.

Bye Bye AutoZone Hello Oreilly Auto - 12/4/12 1:50 PM
Bye Bye AutoZone Hello Oreilly Auto

After reading about firing of this Hero, I will not give Autozone any more business.

Contact AutoZone Headquarters - 12/4/12 1:42 PM
Contact AutoZone Headquarters

You can contact AutoZone's headquarters here:

Really?? - 12/4/12 1:39 PM

There needs to be more people like Devin McClean! He did what he was trained to do, DEFEND!

I will NEVER spend $1 @ Autozone again.

Pres and CEO also on Dollar General Board - 12/4/12 1:38 PM
Pres and CEO also on Dollar General Board

Help the cause...let Dollar General know the Pres and CEO of Autozone (on Board of Directors of Dollar General) what an idiot they have running Autozone for firing this vet!

RIP Autozone - 12/4/12 1:31 PM
RIP Autozone

i'm done with you and your "zero" policy!  EVERY company should be so luck to have someone like this man!  He is a hero in my eyes! 

Come work with me - 12/4/12 1:29 PM
Come work with me

Devin, if you come up to Washington I'll help you get a job. U can responed to this comment if you'd like

Code of Conduct - 12/4/12 1:28 PM
Code of Conduct

This is what I sent AutoZone... No reply...

I was shopping at AutoZone last night, went in to get my battery tested.  The staff at my local (San Diego) AutoZone were helpful and professional.  I found out that my battery was bad and needed to be replaced.  I thanked them for the test, and went to research additional places to purchase a battery (keeping AutoZone in my mind).


Unfortunately, today, I read the story about Devin McClean.  AutoZone lost my business today, due to the firing of Devin McClean for taking actions to protect the lives of his fellow employees and AutoZone assets.  AutoZone should be ashamed for their actions, regardless of your "Zero-tolerence" policy. 


I read up on your Code of Conduct FY2012 document.  I did not find anything about a zero-tolerence policy regarding weapons.  I noticed you have a non-violent workplace policy.  "AutoZone is committed to a safe and healthy work environment..".  Too bad that doesn't really hold true.  If anything, the person who fired Devin McClean is in violation of your expectations section of the Code of Conduct.  The employee that fired Devin McClean engaged in activity that was harmful to other AutoZoners, AutoZones business image, and will affect shareholders on some level.


Based on your direction (per AutoZone code of conduct) Mr.Devin McClean likely used the "Questions to ask when making decisions".  When looking down the list, I say the answer to every question, is a yes (But not to upper-management).


Devin McClean was also in-line with the code of conduct Protection and Proper Use of AutoZone Assets Policy.  "AutoZoners are responsible for protecting AutoZone's assets and for ensuring their efficient use for legitimate business purposes only".  Theft is part of the "Rationale".  "Protecting" implies the use of force, equal to or greater than the threat presented.  I also believe that the employee was eligible for a waiver regarding this incident, per the code of conduct Interpretations and Waivers policy.


Auto-zone should reconsider their actions, review the process used to fire Devin McClean, and should engage in a serious PR campaign to make this right.  I am not the only one who will no longer do business with AutoZone over this, and I will ensure my friends and family do the same if this is not rectified.  Devin McClean is due an apology from AutoZone, and whoever made the devision to terminate him needs to be reviewed.


Can you please cite the specific policy that was violated in this case, and provide me with the documentation that proves there is a "zero tolerence weapons policy" (as it is not in your code of conduct).

No Rant but What is wrong With People - 12/4/12 1:26 PM
No Rant but What is wrong With People

Total and complete bull-puck another Hero shot down because of political preasure to do the wrong thing!

Bye Bye Autozone - 12/4/12 1:20 PM
Bye Bye Autozone

Advance,  Pep-boys,  NAPA  ....  will all be getting my business instead of AutoZone ... 

Goodbye AutoZone...Hello PepBoys! - 12/4/12 1:20 PM
Goodbye AutoZone...Hello PepBoys!

I just love the self-righteous, politically correct response from AutoZone HQ. "A zero tolerance policy" is only an excuse for laziness and "a zero IQ"! I expect this kind of blind ignorance out of our government leaders, but it really saddens me to see this behavior adopted in the private sector. It is no wonder this country is in the horrible shape it is in! Poliitical correctness is the poison that is destroying us all from within. I will never, and I mean never shop at another AutoZone again. I could never allow myself to support any institution that is so ignorant and short sighted as to actually fire somebody for doing the right thing.

NO LONGER A PATRON - 12/4/12 1:19 PM

As a sometime patron of AutoZone I was floored to hear how they responded to the heroic actions of one of their own!

Deplorable and Shameful are the only words I can think of to describe their response!

AutoZone, you just permanently lost yourself a customer! 

Shame! Shame! Shame! - 12/4/12 1:18 PM
Shame! Shame! Shame!

Shame on you Auto Zone Corp. Headquarters. I too can

find somewhere else to get tuned up. Until you make

it right with Devin, I'll go out of my way to do business

with someone else. Shame on you!



Seems the norm these days - 12/4/12 1:17 PM
Seems the norm these days

It seems a lot of these type of chain stores have this zero tolerance policy today. The people that make these policies obviously were never on the wrong end of a gun, maybe if they'd felt that same fear then their ridiculous policies wouldn't exist. I am going to contact the headquarters of AutoZone and tell them what A-holes they really are. I'm a retired LEO and support the right to carry for self defense, anywhere. This young man is a victim of today's politically correct propaganda.

JW says, "Give me a break" - 12/4/12 1:13 PM
JW says, "Give me a break"

I did buy all my auto needs from our local AutoZone.  Now I will join the Boycott and buy elsewhere unless they change their stand on this issue.  I'm just asking then to rethink their stand as it will cause a lot of loss of customers.  This boycott page will be posted on MyFaceBook....  Nuff Said!!!

Auto Zone - 12/4/12 1:12 PM
Auto Zone

I'm a veteran and I will never set foot in another AutoZone.

RIP AUOZONE - 12/4/12 1:09 PM

RIP AutoZone!

It could happen to you ! - 12/4/12 1:00 PM
It could happen to you !

One day , anywhere , anyplace , and at anytime . Your wife , children , parents , friends , or just ( customers ) may be in this same position . And you would have wished someone would have come to their help / assistance .

It is people / companys like you , that allow this to happen and "do nothing" and punish those that do help . This is the reason we are in the state ( U.S. )  are currently in .


Deputy Program Manager - 12/4/12 1:00 PM
Deputy Program Manager

I work on Mustangs all the time and now I know that I need to take my business to someone else. I am partial to my fellow Airman as I am a retired Air Force Airman myself. This is uncalled for and AutoZone should suffered the blunt of losing sales from everyone to show how stupid they were for firing him. GO BLUE!!!

Buying Elsewhere for My Motorheads - 12/4/12 12:55 PM
Buying Elsewhere for My Motorheads

I have 4 motorheads who are going to get gift certificates for Christmas. They still will, but NOT from AutoZone!

Anonymous - 12/4/12 12:54 PM

Boycott is not nearly enough. Picket their stores. Thi sinjustice must be reversed !!

AutoZone is off my list - 12/4/12 12:51 PM
AutoZone is off my list

I do not agree with their corporate policy...The employee took the right action here and should not have been fired. I will not shop at AutoZone again until they apologize and rehire Devin McLean.

Anonymous - 12/4/12 12:49 PM

Thanks AutoZone for advertising to everyone that your store is unarmed and making an open invitation to criminals with weapons to come in and rob your stores.  I will have no part of that and will take my business elsewhere!  Please write off this very poor decision and hire Devin McClean back and become more positive for the future of your Company.

No More AZ - 12/4/12 12:49 PM
No More AZ

Rebuilding a classic.. will get my parts from Napa or another store from now on. 

Leon (Former USN)

I'm done too - 12/4/12 12:48 PM
I'm done too

These idiots do not need my money. NAPA will be my preference in the future.

AutoZone is also ORielly's - 12/4/12 12:47 PM
AutoZone is also ORielly's

Don't forget that!

Until you realize... - 12/4/12 12:47 PM
Until you realize...

This young man stuck his neck out not only for his manager but also your money and the thanks he gets is to be fired! Especially around the Holidays when he is expecting a newborn. DAMN, your policy about guns in the store! This could have gone horribly wrong if not for the quick and selfless act of this young man! I used to do a lot of business with you but until you realize and acknowledge and give this man his job back, I`ll take my business and that of my company to Advance Auto Parts! And, I will ask the same of all my business contacts!

NoZone4Me - 12/4/12 12:42 PM

AutoZone's corporate executives are idiots. I may have to live with idiots but I certainly do not have to patronize their business establishments. No more AutoZone for me!

Who knew? - 12/4/12 12:41 PM
Who knew?

Who woulda thunka zoomie would do that?


Good on him for defending his friend!!

I'm done with AZ until I see them reverse this travesty.

No more Atozone 4 me - 12/4/12 12:37 PM
No more Atozone 4 me

No more Atozone 4 me. I will shop elsewhere.

never heard of otto zone - 12/4/12 12:36 PM
never heard of otto zone

i will never set foot in any of rheir stores again.plenty of other auto parts stores around.



AUTOZONE IS WRONG - 12/4/12 12:34 PM



NO MORE AUTOZONE 4 ME - 12/4/12 12:28 PM

Well, I'll never shop at the Autozone again. O'Reilley's, NAPA and Pep Boys are just as easy for me.

Get a clue! - 12/4/12 12:26 PM
Get a clue!

I don't even own a gun and this pisses me off!!!!

No More Auto Zone - 12/4/12 12:25 PM
No More Auto Zone

From a retired Army SFC, good for this young man!  I have an Auto Zone 2 blocks from my house, a NAPA about a mile and a Pep Boys 2 miles from my house.  Guess where I'm NOT going.  I'd rather drive than patronize a cowardly company like Auto Zone.  Great support of vets, too I might add! 

A.H. - 12/4/12 12:24 PM

2nd Amendment rights are violated. Only theives are allowed guns?

I'm done with AutoZone - 12/4/12 12:24 PM
I'm done with AutoZone

This cannot be allowed to happen without reprocussions. I have always preferred AutoZone over O'Reillys for customer service but this cuts all ties. I would gladly return as a customer if they have a return to sanity and rehire this patriot and show respect for our Second Amendment rights.

way to go morons - 12/4/12 12:23 PM
way to go morons

smart move AutoZone to fire an employee who cares enough to put his life on the line for you. At a time when your stock is down it is easy to understand why when corporate hacks make decisions like this.  I have shopped there in the past, but NEVER AGAIN.  I will also tell others.

Advance Auto - 12/4/12 12:23 PM
Advance Auto

Was going to Auto Zone after work for parts.  Good thing is I don't have to ADVANCE AUTO carries the same parts.  Thanks Auto Zone for your respect of Veteran Hero's.

II won't go in AutoZone now ! - 12/4/12 12:19 PM
II won't go in AutoZone now !

I wouldn't step foot in an Autozone if yoo paid me !


Shame on AutoZone - 12/4/12 12:18 PM
Shame on AutoZone

There are many other auto part stores I will take my business to.

O O O ... O'Reilly - 12/4/12 12:16 PM
O O O ... O'Reilly

NRA Life Member here, but not a one issue voter.  I will no longer shop at Autozone until this injustice is addressed.  "Zero tolerance" of a constitutional right makes no sense to me.

I will never go to Autozone again. - 12/4/12 12:15 PM
I will never go to Autozone again.

It is sad that Autozone cares more about political image, rather than the safety of the lives of their customers and employees. A no gun policy risks the lives of everybody who enters their stores.

This robber has committed over 30 robberies. It is only a matter of time before he killssomeone.

BAD NEWS - 12/4/12 12:13 PM

I will buy from any other parts store from now on.

Taking my business to Advance Auto - 12/4/12 12:10 PM
Taking my business to Advance Auto

Autozone, you are pathetic.  I will take all my business to Advance Auto.

Dixie Chicks of auto parts - 12/4/12 12:08 PM
Dixie Chicks of auto parts

These fools don't remember the Dixie Chicks actions which left them losers.

Autozone - nomorezone - 12/4/12 12:07 PM
Autozone - nomorezone

Pep boys here i come.

Will Not Shop At Autozone - 12/4/12 12:04 PM
Will Not Shop At Autozone

What a bunch of rear echelon, corporate buffoons.  Autozone hires a guy who served our country, then fire this veteran who used his military training and ethic to defend their corprate interests and fellow employee.  They ought to promote him, but that would be common sense, which is evidently in short supply in the Autozone brass.  I will shop elsewhere until these mental midgets wise up.

FormerAutoZoneCustomer - 12/4/12 12:01 PM

I'll be definitely taking my business elsewhere. Advanced Auto Parts actually knows what they're talking about anyways

Never again - 12/4/12 12:00 PM
Never again

I've shopped at Autozone in Conway, Arkansas for 20 years.  I will never again purchase from any Autozone unless they change this idiotic corporate policy.

Hello O'reilly Auto Parts - 12/4/12 11:54 AM
Hello O'reilly Auto Parts

A real good idea would be to allow Autozone employees to permit conceal and carry in the stores. What a deterent it would be to have have 2 or 3 armed employee take aim at a would be robber as he announces the robbery and pulls his gun.

Boycott for their safety and yours - 12/4/12 11:53 AM
Boycott for their safety and yours


Not another dime - 12/4/12 11:52 AM
Not another dime

Will spend my money somewhere that believes in Americans rights.  It will be worth the extra drive...

anonymous - 12/4/12 11:50 AM

"just purchased from auotzone, going back for my refund".

Adios AutoZone - 12/4/12 11:49 AM
Adios AutoZone

I've been driving by Advance Auto and NAPA for years to shop at AutoZone.  Not again.  Hopefully the criminals are too dumb to read that the employees are unarmed and fair game.  Sounds like AZ just declared OPEN SEASON on their employees.

What a bunch of dopes!! - 12/4/12 11:47 AM
What a bunch of dopes!!

Does Auto Zone not realize that the folks that do auto repairs themselves are the same that believe in the second ammendent.

What is it with these idiots, this is a good way to see thier buisness go down the drain.

Do what is right, hire this hero back if he will be willing to work for these loosers again, if i d had a buisness i would definitly hire him.

Any place BUT autozone - 12/4/12 11:47 AM
Any place BUT autozone

PepBoy's, NAPA anyplace but autozone from now on.

Life Member of NRA and Law Enforcement Assocition of America

hi my name is jim - 12/4/12 11:45 AM
hi my name is jim

I will never spend another penny in AutoZone ever again, I am a member of the NRA and the proud owner of several, legally purchased firearms, apparently they do not want people like me in their stores, AutoZone can go pound sand up their asses, I will no go to NAPA!!

AUTO"deathl"ZONE - 12/4/12 11:43 AM

I bet if both employees were murdered in cold blood, AUTOZONE may have sent flowers. What a bunch of crap! i stand behind businesses that stand behind their employees and not treat them like sheep. A loyal AUTOZONE customer no more. There are plenty of competiors nearby that i will shop at.

See ya Autozone - 12/4/12 11:43 AM
See ya Autozone

I'm informing my entire social network to avoid a corporation that does something as idiotic as this. Devin should be rewarded and praised for his heroic actions!

BS - 12/4/12 11:43 AM

More of the same BS. There is no logic or common sense left in authority. Bye Auto Zone

Autozone is wrong.... - 12/4/12 11:42 AM
Autozone is wrong....

No more Autozone! O'Reilley's and PepBoys from now on.

NAPA & O'Reilly here I come - 12/4/12 11:41 AM
NAPA & O'Reilly here I come

Last month I spend over $700 in parts at my local Autozone, I will be returning all the parts that I can and using O'Reilly (1/4mile one direction) and NAPA (1/4 the other direction) until a reasonable human decision is made.  Autozone, stop listening to your blood sucking lawyers and do the right thing.

Another lost customer... - 12/4/12 11:41 AM
Another lost customer...

I have maintained a fleet of 5+ cars including two race cars with tons of Autozone replacement parts over the years but will now frequent their rival Advance Auto for future purchases.   

I'll just drive across the street - 12/4/12 11:41 AM
I'll just drive across the street

It is a simple thing to go right over to O'Reilly's.  First, I'll make sure they honor our 2nd amendment rights!

No More AutoZone - 12/4/12 11:41 AM
No More AutoZone

Guess I'll be taking my business across the street to OReily's from now on.  Shame on AutoZone for this injustice.

see ya - 12/4/12 11:40 AM
see ya

I'm out. Hello to any of the other options available when I need auto parts.

This man is a hero, and should be treated as such.

Ron T. - 12/4/12 11:38 AM
Ron T.

I am done with Auto Zone.  Political correctness at the expense of common sense has got to stop.  Pep Boys here I come.

American Vet - 12/4/12 11:36 AM
American Vet

I for one will not give Auto Zone another dime of my hard earned American money. If it was one of the corprate rule makers family being held at gun point I bet the ruling would have been diffirent.

No longer a customer - 12/4/12 11:36 AM
No longer a customer

AutoZone has lost my business. I will now go to O'Reilly-Autozone needs to apologize to Mr. McClean but I hope someone in the community will step up and give him a FULL TIME job to support his family. He deserves it!!!


Just another corperate overreach into our right to defend ourselves, our friends, co-workers, and family by a hostile & illegal "policy". Devin McClean is a hero... plain and simple! As for Auto Zone? Your company is a jackass!!

See ya Autozone - 12/4/12 11:35 AM
See ya Autozone

Plenty of other options out there, in the same area, too. 

Another Loyal Customer GONE - 12/4/12 11:34 AM
Another Loyal Customer GONE

Long time loyal customer but now they most certainly lost my business along with my family, friends and anyone else I can get to join the boycott. Ridiculous!! WTF are you Auto Zone corporate idiots thinking?

Autozone - 12/4/12 11:33 AM

Goodbye autozone What a way to treat a vet.

THIS IS A GREAT INJUSTICE!! - 12/4/12 11:31 AM

This policy of firing someone like this MUST BE CHANGED IMMEDIATELY OR AS A CUSTOMER, I'M GONE!!

Terrible Policy - 12/4/12 11:31 AM
Terrible Policy

No more Auto-Zone for me until policy is changed and David McClean is offered his job back.

So long Auto Zone - 12/4/12 11:26 AM
So long Auto Zone

Never again will I visit any of your stores.  I hate it that your remaining employees (and customers for that matter) have just been declared fair game to the criminal element.  BTW, if you force a legally armed employee to disarm, you should be liable for failure to provide workplace security for that person.

United States of Obamaland - 12/4/12 11:26 AM
United States of Obamaland

f-u autozone, will not shop in your stores again.

Jim Crain - 12/4/12 11:24 AM
Jim Crain

Yup, From Beaumont, TX, I'm gone too.  Hello O'Reilly.

I will NEVER walk into an AutoZone, NOW - 12/4/12 11:23 AM
I will NEVER walk into an AutoZone, NOW

I tell you this, corporate America...If you continue to treat employees who individualy take initiative and prevent crime in your stores or company premise, you will lose business. Zero tolerance does NOT mean zero common sense. Why do you not try and ENCOURAGE employees to complete a training program that certifies that they are trained as 'first responders' to a lethal force situation. You already appoint first responders who have been trained in CPR. Certify first responders who can or are willing to engage a lethal threat. Try it, it will work, just as it does for CPR.

As for AutoZone. I have now, Zoned them OUT.....

anonymous - 12/4/12 11:22 AM

Some corporate bean counter is going to look very stupid very soon.  Autozone should reinstate this man and issue an apologoy. Only then will I return to our local store.

Pepboys here I come - 12/4/12 11:20 AM
Pepboys here I come

Yup, I have been a customer since I was old enough to drive, and now I'm gone.  Bye Bye Auto-Zone!!!!

I'll go to advanced auto - 12/4/12 11:18 AM
I'll go to advanced auto

I will no longer support autozone and will no longer spend my money there.  They have just lost a very long time customer and will be very pro-active in spreading the word to NOT shop at Autozone.  This man is a hero and should be rewarded.

BTW: Autozone says they have zero tolerence for "weapons" in the store.  Last time I checked they sell knives there.  Hypocrits.

O'Reilly right accross the street - 12/4/12 11:15 AM
O'Reilly right accross the street

O'Reilly is right across the street in my town.  And robbers don't know if they are armed or not - unlike Auto Zone - so I now feel safer there.

LAWSUIT VS. LIFE - 12/4/12 11:14 AM

possible lawsuits from employees shooting robbers is the agenda for Autozone. Customers' lives or employees lives are collateral damage for doing business.

BEKM - 12/4/12 11:14 AM

I will never shop at AUTO ZONE again


No more autozone - 12/4/12 11:09 AM
No more autozone

They certainly lost my business and anyone else I can convince

absolutly crazy - 12/4/12 11:05 AM
absolutly crazy

God bless every LAWFULLY ARMED CITIZEN, GOD BLESS the SECOND AMENDMENT...Less we forget where we came from and what made AMERICA great.  GOD, GUTS and GUNS


This guy is a hero. Autozone should not only rehire him but give him a huge corporate salary like the idiots who make these policies. The Autozone corporate execs don't have to live in the real world like most of us where self defense is common sense. God bless this man and his family. Boycott Autozone!!! 

No more AutoZone for me - 12/4/12 11:03 AM
No more AutoZone for me

No more AutoZone for me.......i'm done with them.

This Sucks - 12/4/12 11:03 AM
This Sucks

Looks like I won't be buying my parts from them until they hire him back with a raise. 

Auto Zone just lost my business - 12/4/12 11:01 AM
Auto Zone just lost my business

I just bought some headlights from Auto Zone, wish I heard of this 2 days ago, they will NOT get any more of my business, SHAME on them to fire and NOT reward a real hero.

Say no to Auto Zone - 12/4/12 11:00 AM
Say no to Auto Zone

Auto zone is less than half mile from my home but will now travel 2 miles to shop else where

Corporate Bums - 12/4/12 11:00 AM
Corporate Bums

I have spent my last dollar at AZ. It's O'Rielly from now on.

AZ has shown their corporate values and they are hideous!

This is what is wrong with America! - 12/4/12 10:58 AM
This is what is wrong with America!

They are trying to force us into becoming sheep...EVERYONE has a right to DEFEND themselves at ANYTIME if more people were to repeat these actions we would be a much more safer families blessing are with this gentleman and his familty!!!!

Leaders Must "Lead" - 12/4/12 10:58 AM
Leaders Must "Lead"

"Where have all the heroes gone?"  Simple:  the gutless, spineless, gonad-less, and morally bankrupt PC crowd has declared "zero tolerance" for them-- yet these same invertebrates want every possible social benefit for themselves. 

Not only should Devin McClean (whom I've never met, but I saw him interviewed in the video) be offered his job back (which I'm sure he will not want, since he has morals, and also because I'm sure he soon will have several other much better job offers), but HE SHOULD BE HANDED A COMPANY BONUS EQUAL TO AUTOZONE'S C.E.O.'S ANNUAL BONUS PLUS THE TOTAL ANNUAL PAY OF THE CORPORATE LAWYERS WHO CRAFTED AUTOZONE'S THOUGHTLESS POLICIES, in part as reward for his good deed (would have been better had he actually apprehended the criminal), and in part due to Autozone's horrific, social fabric destroying mis-deeds.

Obviously, no one who sees this news story will be shopping again at Autozone until Autozone corrects their literally anti-social behavior.



code verification Not Working - 12/4/12 10:58 AM
code verification Not Working

Your code verification for the petition is not working.

TexasBoy - 12/4/12 10:57 AM

So doing the right thing is now the wrong thing to do. If he would have kept running you could call him a coward. He'll have his job. Crazy!

Rick - 12/4/12 10:56 AM

Bet if it was a coporate office person, they would have been happy to have their zrz saved

no business - 12/4/12 10:50 AM
no business

Autozone has lost my business

from Texas - 12/4/12 10:50 AM
from Texas

I too have emailed autozone and they've lost my business until this guy is reinstated.

I'm not patronizing AutoZone - 12/4/12 10:49 AM
I'm not patronizing AutoZone

I will take my business to NAPA or Advanced Auto.  I have always preferred Auto Zone but will not buy from them again.  I believe in the 2nd amendment.

Auto Zone Wrong - 12/4/12 10:43 AM
Auto Zone Wrong

What's wrong with these Auto Zone Execs?

This will become a embarrassing National topic of discussion, and will greatly harm Auto Zones' future business.  Give the kid his job back with a raise and Bonus, and don't forget to thank him for his service!!! 

Verification code not working - 12/4/12 10:43 AM
Verification code not working

You verification cod is not working. I type in the correct code and it says it's wrong.

Apologize to all gunowners! - 12/4/12 10:41 AM
Apologize to all gunowners!

He should get abonus--instead you fire him! I used to get all my oil, filters, sparkplugs, etc. at an Autozone. Now I am going to Carquest. Anybody with a concealed carry permit will do the same. YOU threw away a lot of business that you can only recover if you publicly apologize  and re-hire this man you fired.

Randy - 12/4/12 10:40 AM

Maybe Autozone should have Bob Costas as their spokesman.There are plenty of other auto parts stores to take your business to.Best to shop elsewhere!

AutoZone has lost another customer - 12/4/12 10:36 AM
AutoZone has lost another customer

I have shopped at Auto Zone for over 15 years.  No more.
The fact that you FIRED an employee who risked his life to save another employee over a zero tolerance weapon policy.  To whoever made that decision; Would you have made the same decision if that man saved one of your family members?   I doubt you would have.  My area is surrounded by auto part stores, and all of them will get my business.  Not only that, but I'll be sure to make EVERYONE I know or don't know aware of what you cowards have done.

Mike Meadows
Crown Point Indiana

ase certified - 12/4/12 10:34 AM
ase certified

I will boycott autozone until they honor a true american.

Zoned Out! - 12/4/12 10:33 AM
Zoned Out!

Below is the e-mail I sent to Autozone after I read this story...

Good morning,

I just read a story detailing how a brave Autozone worker stopped an armed robbery, saved the company about $2k and may have saved the life of a store manager.  In return, he was fired for bringing a gun into the store.  

Do you understand the second amendment?  Do you understand that guns in the hands of law abiding citizens save lives and prevent crime?  Read the statistics!  Gun free zones do one thing and one thing only - invite armed criminals to rob and murder.

I purchase all of my auto parts at Autozone because of the service and prices.  Your stores are excellent!  However, after reading this story and learning that Autozone does not support our 2nd amendment rights and does not value the lives of its employees, but instead appears to support criminals and criminal activity I will no longer shop at autozone.  



No tolerance for hoplophobes - 12/4/12 10:33 AM
No tolerance for hoplophobes

There are plenty of other auto parts stores, maybe some have the smarts to not ban firearms.  They will if they want my money.

They lost my patronage.... - 12/4/12 10:32 AM
They lost my patronage....

Until AutoZone changes their policy and allows people to defend themselves, including their employees, any way they can INCLUDING the safe and proper use of firearms, I will no longer shop there. They used to be my favorite store to shop for auto parts. O'Reilly's will get all my business now, and they are even closer to where I live!

Goodbye AutoZone - 12/4/12 10:31 AM
Goodbye AutoZone

No more AutoZone for me.  After hearing about this, it really is a slap in the face of honest working US citizens.  Not to mention to one of our nation's defenders.  Shame on you AutoZone, Oreilly's is just an extra 2 mile drive that I will gladly make.

Bob Hunsicker - 12/4/12 10:29 AM
Bob Hunsicker

Bye bye AutoZone

Bye, Bye AutoZone - 12/4/12 10:25 AM
Bye, Bye AutoZone

I have been an AutoZone customer for years and years. This unjustified termination of a loyal employee, not to even mention a veteran,  by their corporate offices will make me reconsider where I shop for parts from now on.

Bye, Bye AutoZone!


I am an American of the USA - 12/4/12 10:24 AM
I am an American of the USA

.. Yep demacrats in acation. We were taught that the man by your side is your brother. Leave No Man Behind... Maybe next time one of Auto Zones snot nose CEO will be in the store and he will be left behind to kiss the robber so he will give up...  I am an American of the USA and I have a right and obligation te be prepaired to defend all from harm....


Anonymous - 12/4/12 10:19 AM

I used to always shop at AutoZone, but I know the O'Reilly's store will appreciate my business.

No Tolerance - 12/4/12 10:17 AM
No Tolerance

I will no longer shop at AutoZone. This is my "NO TOLERANCE POLICY"

Send comments to Autozone - 12/4/12 10:16 AM
Send comments to Autozone

On Autozone's website at the bottom, you can click on "contact us" and send an email to them. I let them know that I would not do business with a company that doesn't recognize the right to self defense.  

No longer a customer - 12/4/12 10:13 AM
No longer a customer

I will not support a company that has such a disregard for the right of anyone, including employees, to defend their own life and well-being, or that of others.

Company policy - 12/4/12 10:11 AM
Company policy

Autozone can kiss my meger few dollars goodbye for all time!

And as for thier policy, they can kiss my ass.

corporate america sucks - 12/4/12 10:11 AM
corporate america sucks

everybody should go to carquest from know on autozone you suck

Appalling.... - 12/4/12 10:11 AM

The Owners, Board of Directors and administration of Autozone will feel America's anger in weeks to come...

Your apology will not fix your stupidity!

Firearms training and small unit tactics for business owners and their employees... - 12/4/12 10:05 AM
Firearms training and small unit tactics for business owners and their employees...

Destructive Policy Needs Changing - 12/4/12 10:03 AM
Destructive Policy Needs Changing

My adult son and I shop at Auto Zone.  Not any more.  Not until Auto Zone repudiates and reverses it's ill-founded and socially destructive policy on guns, and compensates Mr. MaClean for his loss and rewards him for his heroism.

Zero Tolerance Policies fail - 12/4/12 9:59 AM
Zero Tolerance Policies fail

Zero tolerance policies never work.  Don't work for the military and don't work for anyone else.  There should always be exceptions to policy for this reason!  This employee put his life at risk to save his manager!  He is a hero!  You are idiots for firing him!!!

gun policy - 12/4/12 9:58 AM
gun policy

What good is a "no guns on premises" policy anyway?  If an employee is intent on killing another employee, do you think he'll adhere?  And when he doesn't, do you think he'll care if he loses his job?  This policy does nothing for safety of anyone.  Rather, it should be, "if you bring a gun and we see it when no one is in danger, you lose your job."

Advance Auto - 12/4/12 9:55 AM
Advance Auto

I will not go to Advance Auto, Auto Zone can kiss my A!!

Are they nuts? - 12/4/12 9:54 AM
Are they nuts?

The sheriff is right on.  They have told all would be thieves "Come on in, we cannot resist".  Auto zone has always been my preferred source, but no longer.

pissed_in_mi - 12/4/12 9:52 AM

i have shopped at autozone for years; no more....

PC su***.

He did the right thing, Autozone did the wrong thing - 12/4/12 9:51 AM
He did the right thing, Autozone did the wrong thing

Unless Autozone reconsiders their position and rehires this man with back pay, I will simply give my business to other auto parts stores.  This person did the right thing for the right reasons.  Autozone reacted by doing the wrong thing for the wrong reasons (concerns over liability) 

Mechanic - 12/4/12 9:50 AM

You will not see another dollar from me,NAPA is more expensive,but has more scruples.

ron - 12/4/12 9:49 AM

better fired than dead, the hero did the right thing think what auto zone d out would pay to widows if they were killed shame on a z

FOR SHAME AUTOZONE! - 12/4/12 9:48 AM

I always favored autozone over the competition, but as a proud CCW license holder, I will think twice before using them again.

Former Autozone Customer - 12/4/12 9:48 AM
Former Autozone Customer

Your counter people are the most helpful.  Stand behind them not against them !!!!!

Shame on you - 12/4/12 9:47 AM
Shame on you

I will not visit your store again.  I sill instead take my business to O'Reilly's

Bad Move on Auto Zone's Part!! - 12/4/12 9:45 AM
Bad Move on Auto Zone's Part!!

 I live less than 1 mile from an Auto Zone store, and will no longer stop there for auto needs.


Bad policy makes for poor business practice - 12/4/12 8:38 AM
Bad policy makes for poor business practice

You need to think things out before you make such policy. Youor actions punish a good worker and open the door to further troubles.

As a long time shopper at Auto Zone, I believe I will go back to NAPA

REHIRE or Never see me again! - 12/4/12 8:37 AM
REHIRE or Never see me again!

I always shop there usually in Chico,Ca.. But there are other places I will go to until this young man is re-instated WITH back pay for all of his time off since the incident . If they never do , they will never see me again and I will tell others about it and encourage all the locals I know to avoid doing business with them until they change their mind.

Basic human right - 12/3/12 5:36 PM
Basic human right

Self defense and the defense of the innocent is a basic human right (and guaranteed by the US 2nd Ammendment). This situation clearly shows the inhumanity of corporate America. I gladly join this boycott until company policy is changed and this valiant American is re-hired.

Company Response
If you are employed by AutoZone and are authorized to reply to this boycott, please click here.
AutoZone has not responded to this boycott yet.

Originator Notices
December 11th, 2012
Mr. Devin McClean to be awarded a citizens accommodation award by Local Sheriff's Department please see link below.
December 11th, 2012
*** Autozone Boycott Update***

On 12-5-2012 I recieved a Reply/Official Statement on behalf of Autozone to our boycott on the Website from a Mr. John Cazadero ([email protected]) This statement using very strong words againstgun owners and the 2nd Amendment in general. I decided to Contact Autozone corporate headquarters in Memphis, TN. I finally was able to speak with the secretary of Autozone CEO William Rhodes III after several days of getting the run-a-round and transfered to security several times. Mrs. Jean Stuckey was very helpful and put me in touch with Mr. Ray Pohlman head of Autozone Community Relations Dept. Mr. Pohlman checked their system and found No one working for Autozone with that name ither at Corporate or ANY store locations Nation wide, and that this person is not Authorized to speak on behalf of Autozone. I asked him if he would then like to take this opportunity to make a statement in reguards to our Boycott and Mr. Devin McClean. He said he would e-mail me an internal document that Corporate released to all Autozone management this past Friday on this incident with Mr. Devin McClean. I thanked him for his time and he did indeed send me this document thou it does not address any of the boycott demands. Attached is that Document txt.

From: Communications, Store
Sent: Friday, December 07, 2012 2:53 PM
Subject: Store Safety

Store Safety

To: Field Sales and Operations, District Managers, Store Management (Bcc’d)

Cc: Ray Pohlman, Trina Poquette (Bcc’d)

The safety of our AutoZoners and our customers is AutoZone’s first concern. That is why AutoZone, like most national retailers, forbids employees from bringing weapons into the workplace.

You may have heard about a recent incident in one of our stores where an AutoZoner was terminated for violating our company’s long- standing weapons policy. The outcome in this incident did not result in harm to either AutoZoners or customers. Unfortunately, there have been similar situations where employees have introduced weapons in the workplace and somebody was injured.

That is why most law enforcement officials and safety experts agree that confrontation of criminal suspects increases the risk of harm to employees and customers.

There is no amount of money in the cash register or merchandise in our stores that is worth more than your safety and the safety of our customers.

You have been trained on how to react should you find yourself in a robbery situation. Give the robbers what they want. Stay calm. Be observant of physical appearance, distinguishing marks and clothing -- anything that can help police identify and apprehend the suspect.

Our goal is to keep you safe at work and offer a safe shopping environment for our customers.

We understand you may have questions, so please don’t hesitate to ask your manager or district manager. In addition, you can always refer to the Handbook.


Store Communications

December 11th, 2012
*** Autozone Boycott Update***

On 12-5-2012 I recieved a Reply/Official Statement on behalf of Autozone to our boycott on the Website from a Mr. John Cazadero ([email protected]) This statement using very strong words againstgun owners and the 2nd Amendment in general. I decided to Contact Autozone corporate headquarters in Memphis, TN. I finally was able to speak with the secretary of Autozone CEO William Rhodes III after several days of getting the run-a-round and transfered to security several times. Mrs. Jean Stuckey was very helpful and put me in touch with Mr. Ray Pohlman head of Autozone Community Relations Dept. Mr. Pohlman checked their system and found No one working for Autozone with that name ither at Corporate or ANY store locations Nation wide, and that this person is not Authorized to speak on behalf of Autozone. I asked him if he would then like to take this opportunity to make a statement in reguards to our Boycott and Mr. Devin McClean. He said he would e-mail me an internal document that Corporate released to all Autozone management this past Friday on this incident with Mr. Devin McClean. I thanked him for his time and he did indeed send me this document thou it does not address any of the boycott demands. Attached is that Document txt.

From: Communications, Store
Sent: Friday, December 07, 2012 2:53 PM
Subject: Store Safety

Store Safety

To: Field Sales and Operations, District Managers, Store Management (Bcc’d)

Cc: Ray Pohlman, Trina Poquette (Bcc’d)

The safety of our AutoZoners and our customers is AutoZone’s first concern. That is why AutoZone, like most national retailers, forbids employees from bringing weapons into the workplace.

You may have heard about a recent incident in one of our stores where an AutoZoner was terminated for violating our company’s long- standing weapons policy. The outcome in this incident did not result in harm to either AutoZoners or customers. Unfortunately, there have been similar situations where employees have introduced weapons in the workplace and somebody was injured.

That is why most law enforcement officials and safety experts agree that confrontation of criminal suspects increases the risk of harm to employees and customers.

There is no amount of money in the cash register or merchandise in our stores that is worth more than your safety and the safety of our customers.

You have been trained on how to react should you find yourself in a robbery situation. Give the robbers what they want. Stay calm. Be observant of physical appearance, distinguishing marks and clothing -- anything that can help police identify and apprehend the suspect.

Our goal is to keep you safe at work and offer a safe shopping environment for our customers.

We understand you may have questions, so please don’t hesitate to ask your manager or district manager. In addition, you can always refer to the Handbook.


Store Communications

December 6th, 2012
Wanted to let everyone know that I have recieved a reply from AutoZone. Right now I am trying to Verfiy that this reply is infact from the person who sent it and that they are Authorized to speak on behalf of AutoZone. As soon as I get this verification I will Post it. If this is in fact from AutoZone, people are not going to be very happy.

Adam Turner


South Dakota Open Carry (SDOC)

Sioux Falls Chapter.

December 6th, 2012
Wanted to let everyone know that I have recieved a reply from AutoZone. Right now I am trying to Verfiy that this reply is infact from the person who sent it and that they are Authorized to speak on behalf of AutoZone. As soon as I get this verification I will Post it. If this is in fact from AutoZone, people are not going to be very happy.

Adam Turner


South Dakota Open Carry (SDOC)

Sioux Falls Chapter.

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